Brother AACOOLDRE : The Roman Circus & the Goddess Circe

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    THE ROMAN CIRCUS AND THE GODDESS CIRCE: Paul & the circus horse

    By Andre Austin

    I was reading some writing of early church historian Tertullian’s De Spectaculis stating that the first circus spectacle was produced by the black goddess Circe. It was derived from this enchantress name. Jordon Maxell says that the name of Church comes from the word Circe too. Now picture the flock in their pews, they be performing, dancing and carrying on like a circus up down the aisle acting a fool like some clowns in a circus. And also the word theatre is the shrine of Venus. Theatre is related to theology. So what we have here is a circus and play of entertainment going on. Circe had the power to transform a man into an animal. But the power of Isis-Venus could give you a rose to eat and transform you back to your natural state.

    When I discovered that two of the 4 horses in Revelation may have been related to Paul. The last two horses being Saturn and Mercury according to D.M. Murdock, I didn’t know if I was Hot or cold on the spot. I knew I would eventually find something related to Thoth/Hermes/Mercury being related to Horses. Joe Atwill book Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah p.291 thinks the 4 horses are dealing with 4 aspects of Domitian power. I think the last two was related to Paul. With Paul being a composite figure in part that included Thoth/Hermes/mercury I ran into Tertullian again:

    “Now as to the arts displayed in the circus games. Equestrian skill was simple thing in the past, mere horseback riding; in any case there was no guilt in the ordinary use of the horse. But when the horse was brought into the games, it passed from being God’s gift into the service of demons. So to Castor [famous horse tamer] and Pollux is dedicated this kind of exhibition, the pair to whom Stesichorus say horses were assigned by Mercury. But Neptune also has to do with horses; he is called Hippios among the Greeks. When they harness the horses, the four-horse chariot is consecrated to the sun, the two-horse to the moon” (De Spectaculis 9:1).

    A. Paul was thought to be linked with Hermes/Thoth/Mercury for his speaking skills or squealing like a man being sodomized or lost testicles? (Acts 14:12-15).

    B. He had the skills and knowledge of Thoth/Hermes/Mercury who wrote the names of those in the book of life (Philippians 4:3).

    C. In Acts 9:1-19 is typological linked to the Black Horse in Rev: 6 with measuring grain/food. We know Thoth/Hermes was called the eye of the moon. Thoth invented math. The components that comprise the eye of the moon were given a numerical value and were used when writing fractions. The symbols of the various fractions of the eye were called the hekat, which was also a unit of volume used when measuring grain. Thus, the hekat and Thoth both symbolized measurement.

    D. Thoth/Hermes/mercury are messengers of God. Paul claims he was treated as an angel (Galatians 4:14),from which Webster’s dictionary defines Angels as messengers. Paul states he has the ability to be all things to all men with tricks; and I take him at his word.

    This characteristic would give himself a broken wing with Satan’s angels in transforming in a mask (2 Cor 11:13-15). In ancient times actors wore masks.

    E. With Paul being castrated he could be also considered a transformed female. Hathor must be regarded as a female counterpart of Thoth. Hathor was down with music, the moon and messing around. The Egyptian emerged Hathor and absorbed Ashtoreth together. The Egyptian called Ashtoreth the “Lady of Horses”, lady of the chariot (Ancient Egyptian Myth and legends p.278 by Lewis Spence).

    F. According to the historian Suetonius “Domitian hated to exert himself. While in Rome he hardly ever went for a walk, and during campaigns and travels seldom rode a horse, but almost always used a litter” (Suetonius, Domitian 19). With this I see a competitive plausibility to associate Paul more with “the Black Horse” than Domitian but I’m always open.

    In the letter of James we see his disappointments with Paul and believes that he should be harnessed with a bit and bridle like a horse to tame his “Little Tongue”. Paul very name means little or tiny and Thoth in Egypt was called the “Divine Tongue” which Paul clearly perverts.

    By knowing the attributes, names and functions of some of the God’s in Greek, Egypt and Rome we can decode of the bible passages and characters they were being made a parody of. It helps unlock who the scribes were praising or lampooning. Clearly Paul was a foolish talking horse and was associated with Thoth, Venus and others. He can blame no one for he was doing all of his foolish tricks as if he was in a race in a circus (Circe), or theater play or something.

    Andre Austin is the author of Lukewarm: The temperature of Justice