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    The Rock and the Tree
    By Andre Austin

    The Objective in writing this report is to prove Christianity took a version of the Egyptian religion called “Waters of Fire/light”. Whoever went to heaven was declared “Waters of fire” and his soul was turned into a star. I’ve written about this matter elsewhere put this is an entirely new perspective.

    It finally came to me last night. Plato wondered if the Constution he was formulated came from rocks or trees. He was paraphrasing Homer who had said: “You were not born from any fabulous oak, or a boulder” –Odyssey 19:163

    The Bible said that Peter was the rock and from him the foundation of the Church. The Rock and Trees were all Egyptians symbol for like beginning from water. Paul even equated the Rock with drinking 1 Cor 10:4.

    The Rock is a reference to the River of life which Revelations 22:1 said was like Crystal. Pliny the Elder wrote Natural history “An opposite cause produces rock-crystal; for it is hardened by intence cold. At any rate, this mineral is found only where the winter snows freeze solid…Rock-crystal must therefore be derived from moisture from the sky in the form of pure snow.And used only for cold drinks” Book 37:23 “Osiris was the personification of the falling Nile or Nile in winter” Volume 2 p.123 of The Gods of the Egyptians by Budge. This water was considered Cyrstal according to Egyptian texts it states Horus was in a pool and “life, like crystal” see Egyptians ideas of the After life By Budge p.191. Water the Egyptians believed possessed life. The Egyptians also ate from a tree of life in their heaven. Its clear so far that the Egyptian and Christian Tree and river of life are exactly the same.

    How to further explain and prove The Rock and Tree are symbolism for water in the Egyptians “Water of Fire”?

    1. Rock =Water
    2. Tree = Canal/branches
    3. Pretend your in a helecopter high in the sky in Egypt during Herodotus time. You would see the Nile river as a stem tree with many brances or Canals extended out from it. Herodotus said there were so many canals built that a chariot would have a difficult time passing through (Book 2:108). The Egyptians felt their heaven would have numerous canals. See The Gods of the Egyptians Volume 2 p.165 By Budge.
    4. Jesus is like a one body of church/Rock/water or one tree and everybody else is like an extended branch/canal. In 1 Corinthians 12:1-27 it talks about.But in Matthew 13 and John 15 the body is talked about like a tree and the followers a branch. Jesus talks about providing water to these branches/canals and they will never thrist.
    5. Silver was considered to be like water because silver were made into mirrors. Before mirrors were made people used water to see their faces.
    6. According to Pliny the Elder (Book 37:56) reguarded Diamonds to be like Rock-crystal therefore resembling water. All brides wear gold with diamonds to signifly their union with God through their husbands as “Waters of fire”. Gold was considered to be Sun/fire and silver/diamonds was water. When Egypt united their country in union it was symbolized by gold and silver rings. They did not use diamonds because “Diamonds were unknown in Ancient Egypt” The secret History of Ancient Egypt By Herbie Brennan p.83. Electrum (Gold with 10% Silver) was in Egypt but silver by itself was rare. “Large quantities of Greek silver have turned up in Egyptian Treasuries between 2040-1674BC”. Black Spark White Fire By Richard Poe p.17. The Greeks paid for Egyptian grain with silver from their mines.
    7. Anaxagoras (500-428Bc) was a Greek philosopher executed for saying that the Sun was molten, metal. “Euripides, who was his student, in the Phaethon calls the sun itself a golden clod”. See Lives of Eminent Philosophers Volume 1 p.139. Anaxgoras went on to say “light like fire, held the region above, while water and air were intermediate in position”. This was nothing new Because the Egyptians viewed “ Whose heaven is of fire,…and the floor of whose house is a stream of water” See Egyptian Magic By Budge p.164. Anaxagoras had a perdiction that a stone meteoric would fall from the sun. I wonder if the ancients considered the sun to be like electrum? They already felt it was gold.
    8. The Catholics say St. Peter has the keys to heaven. Peter is their Rock too. The keys are Gold and Silver, or the sun and moon passed on to all Popes who take their thrones. But this is just another version of the Egyptian “Waters/silver of Fire/Sun/Gold”. You are all brothers in the city… Also these keys of Gold and Silver might just be another off shoot of Plato’s idea state/city, which gold and silver people rule. In Book 3 of Plato’s Republic (414A-415E) it states: While God moulded you, he mingled gold in the generation of some, and those are the ones fit to rule, who are therefore the most precious; he mingled silver in the assistants…sometimes a silver child may be born from a golden or a silver”.
    9. The Hollman Bible dictionary said that Cana meant the Nest and Canals meant a branch from the Nile river. These two clues allowed me to figure out that Nest was really Neith or Nestis who was a controller of canals and water.The Nest was a celstrial circle water center where people used to quench thirst in heaven.
    10. Getting water from hitting staff on a stone may be a reference devices used to lift dams that were made of stone. Must of use Staff as a lever or something. I know no one really believes the literal explanation.
    11. Osiris was also known as a tree god. But in heaven Egyptian would eat from the Tree of Hathor. Hathor was associated with wine. The Bible said the leaves from the Tree of life would heal. Hathor was healed of her sins with wine.

    Before an Egyptian went to heaven he/she had to go through a series of rituals. One of these rituals the intiate is asked:

    “What will they give thee?
    A fiery flame and a crystal tablet.

    What wilt thou do with the fiery flame and the crystal tablet?

    I will extinguish the fire, and I will break the tablet, and I will make a pool of water.

    Then come enter through the door of this Hall of Maat (Truth)

    After these remarkable prayers follows a dialogue.

    And who is he whose roof is of fire [The roof is on fire], whose walls are living uraei, and the floor of whose house is a stream of water?

    Who is he, I say?

    Deceased: “It is Osiris”