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    By Andre Austin

    “Are not you Israelite

    The same to me as the Cushites (Ethiopians)” Amos 9:7

    “Jews who are also Egyptian in origin” Strabo’s Geography 17

    According to J.A Rogers the most ancient lineage in the world is that of the Ethiopian royal family. The emperor Haile Selassi I ruler of Ethiopia traces his ancestry to King Solomon and Queen of Sheba (100 Amazing facts about the Negro p.4). back in the 1960’s haile was the only African leader to refuse to meet with Malcolm X.

    When King Solomon was building his Temple he contacted merchants in foreign lands to come to Jerusalem to bring him certain materials which were needed for that project. Among these traders was an Ethiopian merchant named Tamrin, from whom Solomon purchased gold, marble and exotic woods. When Tamrin returned home, Solomon sent him valuable presents for the Queen of Sheba. Tamrin told the queen that Solomon was very wise in poetry, handsome in looks and merciful in his judicial acts.

    The Queen was so impressed by the reports of Tamrin the merchant that she organized a large caravan, visited the court of King Solomon. A romance developed between the royal pair, which eventuated in the birth of a son to the queen, which was named Menelik. The Falashas (beta-Israel/the chosen people), black Jews of Ethiopia claim descent from Menelik and sons of Solomon’s officers and counselors. The imperial coat of arms of Christian Ethiopia consist of a combination of the Christian Cross and Jewish so-called star of David (See Introduction to African Civilization By John G. Jackson p.265). Some say the star of David is the Egyptian of Rempham or the Tuat/12 hours of the night in Egypt.And if Solomon was so wise why did he copy the proverbs of Pharoah Amenemope? The same question must be asked why we changed from Ra and Osiris to Jehovah or Allah? Solomon name was a title to three suns Sol, Om and On which links him to Egypt. His original name was Jedidiah meaning “Because of the lord or by the word of the lord”. I believe Solomon is linked with the Egyptian Ptah & Thoth who creates wisdom, magic. “May Thoth , lord of the words of God” can be found in Egypt according to E.A Wallis Budge book (The Mummy p.174). Ptah was god of masons in Egypt who put the fire/sun on top of sacred mound. We know from the writings of Josephus that Solomon did practice magic so well that the New Testament Jesus said he was better than Solomon (Antiquities of the Jews book 8 chap 2 & Matthew 12). I know I’m on the right track because Matthew 12 also talks about judgment of the Heart and words. Any cursory look at The Egyptian Book of the dead has not only the heart being weighed by also the weighing of words. The Egyptian origin of the Greek Makarious “blessed’ from True of voice, a title given to the dead who have passed the test of judgment. This is why Matthew 12 says your words can convict or acquit you. Thoth weighed the words in Egypt. Solomon knew from Egypt that “The tongue has power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit”( Proverbs 18:21). In Egypt the tongue was symbolized as a leaf and the heart as fruit.

    I can’t prove what the Jew was at first but I do know the word Jew was a title word for the Egyptian Thoth. Many of the figures from the bible are linked with the Osiris, Horus and Isis as motifs being recycled in their mythology. Also many figures in the bible death and birth records link directly with the Egyptian dynasty beginning and ending dates. The Jew appears to go through a metamorphic process and resemble the indigenous races with whom they happen to live with at the current time.

    Chancellor Williams who wrote The Destruction of Black Civilization stated: “The white Jews and white Arabs remain exactly what they always were white” p.337. The NOI published a most controversial book about the relationship of blacks and Jews and cited this book in it. However, they maintain the Jews were original black and the whites being impostors on the book of Revelations level of claiming to be Jews but are not.