Black Poetry : The Rise Of 100 Black Men

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    I stand before you with the with the tribal marks of my brothers, joining hands waiting for my brothers, to take hands, rising in the memory of DNA lives within my veins, I carry the scars of those who stood before you, I am here to take up where they left, as the brother Jesus who laid upon the cross, deny me , blasphemy, I have return, and will continue to come in the name of black pride, marks of the slave driver's whip, born in my abomination, that will go down with me to my grave; but, what is worse, I feel the scourge, treason of people, their loyalty is given to the devil of slavery itself piercing into my heart, crushing my feelings, my people refuse to relinquish the chains, I cry out loud in accordance with the righteous God, that lives upon the heavens, his words of freedom, was given when I came through my mothers womb, cutting the codes, the chains that link between my mother and I , the seed of black man that created a nation of ebony tribes, I stand before the altar, lord one time on my hand, my battle is not with the devil, but the roots that continue to hold the chains, and sinking me into the depths of moral and intellectual degradation. In the beginning word was law, I have returned through I, live the black Jesus son’s of the son’s.

    Slaves to the state, from the veins, incubation cursed, Oh beyond the retched pow’er of the blind, dignity stand de’ womb, I cry in silence as the lord pleads my cause, death in the bewildered who lives in the eyes of the slave of the state of hell, thy womb da’ ancestors cries, I shall not sleep until the curse is removed, the benefit shall not be from da’ milk of de’ breast, thy troubling heart shall not be disgrace, I shall benefit from the spirit of warriors, that broke the chains, Oh de lord stands by the courage of my tribe, nevertheless you steal the nutrients of my cradle, I shall fight from cradle to da’ grave. That lingers to live upon God’s house the soul of the soul son, de’ master Lord God.

    Image from the black sparring clay, black rivers that created the image I wear, Wraith of the slave trade, I claimed my freedom, from the envy of man, yet they continue to set traps, I shall not bow over, my legacy written in the script of gold, I drink from the golden cup of the trading rills; I am the soul of humble many don’t know my name,
    I sit in this darkness slave to the state, sinless slavery; of we shall over come, slave to the state call horror. As school leaving age arrives, my future prospects become clear. Within this 8/11 cage called mind, I lie in a shallow coffin, implant of dying roses, with the dignity of slaves, I cry out loud, I’ se waiting for the humble lord, he say trouble won’t last forever,
    The dignity of a slave shall stand in the mist of an hour, let not the servant confused his powers, yea, yea the surrender is not unto man, but the loyalty to the defense of I suffer upon the cross of my brother, I give sacrifice upon my self to the lord, I have felt my brooder pain, in the mist of de’ hour. Satan you have brought me to the other side of closure, I have benefit from my life labor.

    I await my 40 aches and a mule, I stand tall in the dignity of my lord, I'll benefit from my blood supplement of the lord.
    The deposit blood from my ancestors, plantation with my signature, heat of the sun, revolution, the golden script, my epithet speaks, my constitution governed by the lord, proclamation signed in blood, cries from the raging flag, oh say can you see, by the Christ early light,
    fear upon my Children eyes, lord the blessings becomes clear, a slave to the state, blind justice, deters the summary of dead minds, prospects become clear. I cry not for this blinded world, de servant will be the one who at de lords table, and the avenger will hold de’ door ancient ere slave master began.

    My instructions come de little black book. I shed no tears, I cry de pain of world, de lord say, I the black stallion of the skies.
    Rising above the slave state call hell, releasing the toxins of fear, under minding the liberties of de lord, lord said man, devil say slave, lord say I speak, slave shall be no more.
    I sit upon de 8/11 cage, blood dripping from my back, blood from the palms of my hands, lynching tree awaits my neck, Children surround my tree, but yet I write the proclamation of my Children, I shall return, the savior have laid upon the rotten tree, bonded hands and feet’s.
    I shall continue to come, until my proclamation is complete, the lord takes me to the fire, I feel no pain, Unity to I cry Children I prepare a place before the sky, the proclamation I write in my blood.
    My finial act I shall return, but unto thee my Children, I leave the proclamation of my death, I shall live upon the skies, I return within the spirit of your heart, I shall continue to be with you until the end, the lord almighty say faith within me. I sleep no more in de mist of dawn or in the midnight shade, Invoke ideal the black mask to my aid, de brother in black skin;
    He pleads for the bounty of my head, dignity stands, at greed, change hands, the hidden secret, the bounty ,de brother’s sold de; to the lynch man, I cry in secret, my people dignity, the hands of de brother’s, who sold me to the slave blocks, upper nigge’ry who sent my flesh to hell;

    To implement the code of darkness the slave master repeats the summary, and the black man who fell a sleep at his confinement, the whipping dis obedience to the human God, traceable, disobedience, if you were not whipped, you would be the informant to the slave director, and if you would bow down in the sunshine of your master's house, subservient to the laws of the devils house, exhort you to obedience. The black man stood up with the white cloak and said, repent you are the servant of the master house, and the black man looked up with tears upon his eyes, you have killed my brother, I have returned, I shall not die, I rise in the name of DNA retribution, the memory is locked in my blood, for the caucus has passed on, but the spirit lives within me.

    The Black Panthers movements, 100 black men, and the DNA of revolution has risen from beyond the grave, the body is dead, but the spirit lives within me, I have taken on a new form, the circle has turn, in the beginning word was law, I live within the summary of the end, and present to come, you have killed my brother, he has risen within the testimonial of my event.
    Traveling through the Universe before entering the light;
    The mighty God whispered into your ear. The sweet
    Smell of life, 3000 enzymes flowed through your veins.

    You then herd the winds as you flowed through the womb.
    God said go with love, I have planted the seed.
    Be not programmed with the tarnishing of the earth.
    I have given you great wisdom return the earth to me.
    You my son are the warrior that will lead.
    As the light became clear the words disappeared.
    I gave you power of chose.
    The greatest message in the world;
    Jesus summons; Let my spirit be within the soul of men.

    I gave you the power to rule.
    I gave you the power to love.
    I gave you the power to rejoice.
    I gave you the power of wisdom.
    I gave you the power to lead.
    I have given you the books of life.
    I command you to lead. Conscious, cosmic, the law of consciousness’,
    free among the free, power of the eliminations of thoughts,
    energy and power, actions and reactions, free among the free.
    Transforming power of mind, the hero of destiny,
    the reason for the universe loyalty to God.
    In the beginning what and why is man?
    The hidden secrets, spirits of formative, the power of choice.
    The temple of brotherhood., how mind rules the body.
    The voices of the soul. Uniting powers simple laws of life

    Greater thou than thee;
    greater, than peace;
    Greater thou than the world it self.
    Creation of thou own right hand.
    Let not treason be the words of my son.
    I take council and hear your cry.
    I stood at the gates of heaven welcoming
    you to come inside.
    The golden stroll that you may walk,
    The harps of the sky plays the march
    When you walk, the tears that set before the
    Palace, the loves that sit upon your feet.

    Earth will be your test of faith.
    Within the test of faith let thy
    Servant is the riches of thy path.
    I have taught you well let thy voice be herd.

    A bond in blood that the only words that would be taught, crying for the freedom of soul, when it was soul in the transcript, keep my people in ignorance, the devil man the thinking, and the black man to working, and the people to keep the constitution of genocide sign in blood. It is punishable by death, to teach a slave education, and many black children who runs from educations, and mama's and daddies refuse to search for knowledge, and darkness that lives upon their house, continue to generate a new breeds of slaves, slave was denied the privilege of learning, the culture refuse to bond together, the fathers and mothers abandon their children, the murder of family has been completed, now the extent of black children, are being deleted, and the stories ends, powerless tribes conquered by the hooded mask that lives within their veins, rehab is rejected, education deleted, and love has no supplementary in this order call black roots.

    Slavery with all its bloody paraphernalia, is upheld by the church of the country. The soul of black folks have become the trinity of darken souls.
    and slave-holders go hand in hand. The faceless traders, and the slave prison stand together; listen to the chanting of psalms in one, you hear the clanking of chains in the other. The man who cries revolution, with one hand in your pocket, and the next in the devils house of rejoice, treason hide during the week, fills the pulpit on Sunday, Under Satan Authority, have robbery and religion united devils dressed in angels' garments. The man who whipped me, and sold me to the devil, and stand on the pull pits trying to pimp the almighty God.

    The splendors of the silence that shadows,
    the surroundings of thy voice,
    I shall not hide within darkness,
    A voice to release the darkness that centers my universe.
    Oh thou eyes are filed with despair.
    I continue to flap my wings.
    A voice to cry a symbol of dignity;
    Oh say can you see by the inner depths of my realms,
    Shall I sit in humble,
    Itemized beyond the hand of clutch.

    Leadership and foundation; which is built, loyalty an self respect. Living through the eyes of a dictator who see only the seclusions of self; Before we can unite family, and man, we must have Fur filled the observations of who and reality to self. We have lied to our selves for too long. Accountability must Begin now, accepting the abuse of self, who knows only one concept Darkness only beyond one’s back door.
    Black women of liberation we are not the only
    Source of destructions, we black women have
    Laid on our back to long;

    There is no respect for righteousness only
    if the mind is supreme in the
    Words of the secret codes, hidden
    within the glossary of denial
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    another awesome deep write sis ya pen have much to say and teach
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    As you rise --like a phoenix bird,
    address the masses with unrelenting fervor my Nubian Queen,
    let your voice be heard. Teach on, Teach on................

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    blessings my brothers the time has come and you shall restore your rightful place.