Black People : The right to property

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    I don't understand this idea that humans have a fundamental "right" to property and to deny this is to disregard individual liberty. I don't see how anything in nature can be considered "rightfully owned" by any human. Modifying or discovering something that you do not own doesn't make it yours if it didn't belong to you prior to modification or discovery, this seems obvious to me (it's especially hard for me to justify the view that modification or labor entitles you to property from a determinist standpoint, since nobody chooses to work hard or to modify natural resources). I also think the idea of "collectivism" vs. "individualism" is a false dichotomy, a group is just a collection of individuals and one can advocate both social equality and individual rights. I would argue that they necessarily involve the other. So really, why do people have a "right" to private property?

    I still think it would be wrong to steal someone's car, not because they "own" the car but because you are depriving them of something that they use. I don't think that capitalists have any rightful claim to means of production that they themselves do not personally use. The idea of ownership (correlating with the development of agriculture) is what led to patriarchy, authoritarianism, class inequality and other social ills, if I'm not mistaken. In my view, the only thing that you rightfully own is your own body.
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    IMO, if no one else has a "right to property" in this country then the Native Americans and the African Americans do.

    The White man took it from them and then made us work it and develop it.

    Even when we worked to buy the land, they found a way to come back and steal it from us through a legal procedure>>>>>