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May 9, 2003
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Please understand that this law is not about illegal immigration. This law is about the fact that the police in Arizona now have the right to stop and harass anybody... ANYBODY for no reason whatsoever other than what they look like. This includes legal U.S. citizens AND IT INCLUDES BLACK PEOPLE.

Please don't fall for that "Oh this will only affect the illegal Mexicans" lie.
This law is an EXTREMELY slippery slope. Racial profiling is illegal right now. It is currently against the law for the police to pull you over and harass you for no reason whatsoever. But this law will make it legal. And once they make it legal to profile Hispanics, how long do you think it will take before they use that law as a basis for legally profiling us?

The ink won't even be dry on that legislation before the police are out there profiling US left and right, stopping US for no reason, asking US to prove who we are and demand that we prove that we have the right to be there.

This is purely a gateway law to legalizing racial profiling. Once Arizona passes it, other states will follow, then profiling will soon be legal nationwide. Thus having a reason to put more of us behind bars. And that is why so many black people are against it.

This law won't do jack to stop illegal aliens from coming here. The only REAL way to stop illegal immigration is to impose steep fines, prosecute, or even shut down the companies and corporations that hire illegal aliens, but the powers that be in Washington (especially the Republicans) aren't going to do that because many of those companies are major campaign contributors.

Again, don't believe the hype. African Americans are legal citizens, that never stopped them from using racist laws against us, now did it?

On point!


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Jun 18, 2004
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is Caraballo black?

I only have one point and it is illustrated by Mr. Caraballo's experience..
my understanding is that Caraballo is PR. this is a black site.
in all due respect, you need to take that issue to a PR site.
i am concerned with black people.


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Aug 9, 2003
There are people of african ancestry who wound up in the
Americas by chance and not always by choice everywhere else too...

Some of their descendants also wound up in the states:

More of them, who came here from Puerto Rico, wound up in NYC, maybe not so many in Philly:

I also have afro mexican american cousins, and though not disputing your loyalty to black people in general, I have mine to african descended folk in particular, as long as they do likewise....

After all, it hasn't been african descended people, i. e., who have been exploiting/oppressing/ad naseum the world's colored folk, and for over five centuries, etc.


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Aug 9, 2003
And that job would be..... grass cutting, selling oranges by the side of the road, and migrant farming?

In my neck-ode-woods, I ain't seen too many black people doing that, if any.

And for someone always blaming white supremacy for everything, it's weird to see you take the same stance on another minority that whites have taken (and still take) on us.

As for immigration, I not indifferent but undecided.
I really don't care if they come here. Hell if I were at the border I'd probably help them over. I remember taking a test to become a border patrol officer and before the test I was thinking 'this is probably gonna be a conflict of interest. They drop me a sob story and I might turn my back, avert an eye, and let'em cross.' But money trumps allegiances, and I wanted the money.

I'm for trying to solve the problem at root. We don't give a hoot about Canada, they walk across their border all day every day because Canada is on par if not surpassing America socially, politically, and economically is many ways... so Canada isn't a thread. But it's those poor 'down south' darkies that we worry about and that we want to keep out. I would love to see America try to work with Mexico and Central/South America help them became self-sufficient and support their own people. We might have to do that anyway if we are to become North American part of the New World Order. We caint have straggly-butt Mexico and central/southern America falling behind and not providing a proper alliance because their people is too weak and poor.

But in the meantime, I'm not sure if the border should be controlled or freely open or what.

Reminds of the movie 'The Day After Tomorrow.' It would be poetic justice for all of us to try to run to Mexico to escape some catastrophe and put a limit on the # of US citizens who can come in and then guard off the rest of from entering. That could happen some day. Remember how you treat those in need, for the situation become reverse. If we saw it from that POV, maybe then we (as in the government because I really ain't got nuthing to do with it) would see how to help them.
Mexicans do not "take" jobs.

Somebody is giving jobs to them?

...Who are those somebody's?

I agree with Full Speed, illegal is illegal.
However, if the powers that be won't enforce
the laws regarding immigration, then it doesn't
matter. Rules are only as strong, as they are

As a black man looking at the situation from an
economic perspective, I charge the mexican govt.
for creating conditions for keeping its citizens
wallowing in 3rd world muck when it has the natural
geographical and material resources to be economically
robust. Their govt. and the oligarchs who continues to
degrade that nation's potential, in order to keep their
own pockets fat and foreign/multi-national corporations happy.

In the spirit of survival, immagrants, mexicans in particular,
don't come here because they want to. They would prefer be,
like in the theme song from 'cheers', "where everybody knows
your name". Hard times and desperation will push
folks to do what they gotta do, right or wrong...

Our threat is not creating the economic infrastructure, for us, so
that we don't trip on immigrants, legal/illegal getting work.

Both posts were/are on point/on time...


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Aug 9, 2003
Some of our ancestors wound up by chance, aka the european backed slave trade, whereas their's wound up here by choice...

Our folk weren't the intruders ad adnaseum and let us not side with their descendants etc.

Facts are facts...


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Aug 9, 2003
Those who fail to learn from the lessons of history, are bound to make the same mistakes...


Apr 7, 2013
I saw Al on TV today opposing the new law in Arizona because of racial profiling.
Hmmmmmm???? It seems everyone wants to piggy back the success of those who made racism unacceptable and a political death blow. The gays are doing it, now the Mexicans are trying to make restricting their access to go and come into another nation and to gain access to that nations health care, and other resources paid for by the tax payers of that nation about racism.

IMO, if they are legal citizens, that law won't bother them. If they are illegal, it will.

What is your opinion on what is the right side of the immigration debate for Black people and other legal minority citizens?
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