Black Spirituality Religion : The Right Hand of The Sun Deity

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    The Right Hand of the Sun Deity

    As a left handed person this passage definitely spurred my interest. As a child I was repeatedly and continually told that because I was left handed, I owed the devil an extra days' work. Now, that I understand the full gravity of its arcane superstition meaning; I betterunderstand why its labeled as evil, bad and adverse.

    In the world of medical terminology the right eye and the right ear are coded as OD and AD, respectively. The left eye and ear are coded as OS and AS. OS stands for "oculus sinister"; and AS means "auris sinistra" -- both mean adverse, bad and evil -- relative to the left eye and left ear.

    How quaint, utterly superstitious and totally stupid. How can the left eye or ear be adverse or bad, unless of course there is a medical condition that needs correction -- and common sense tells me that in this case the origin is either acquired or genetic.

    I am silently going to have fun in my new career as I pull back the subliminally layered meanings of medical terms "still" in use today.

    "...Just as in the tradition of the ancient Chaldeans, the Celestial (left) hand was originally the emblem of the Mami Goddess. Ninhurang displayed on Babylonian pyramid at Borsippa, under African patriarchy, it was later changed to the right hand of the Sun deity Amon/ Anu, and renamed "The Temple of the Right Hand," or the "Hand of Anu." However, it was the nurturing and magic (left) hand of the African Mother, that led to hand emblems being placed atop homes from Morocco, Libya, to Palestine, to ward off evil.

    The Christians soon appropriated this symbol made famous as the "Hand of God" in the Mami Wata Voudoun,
    the left hand is still recognized as the most powerful..."

    "The Sibyls" by Vivian Hunter Hindrew, page 44