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    The Riddle of the SPHINX: S-Phinx...She-PHOENIX, vs
    Sekhmet--She-Khemet...the Lioness of Kemet

    Photo: “ The head of a queen from a sphinx made in the middle years of the Twelfth Dynasty. It was removed from Egypt in roman times to adorn an Imperial villa, probably that of Hadrian at Tivoli, and acquired in 1771 by Gavin Hamilton for Lord Shelburne.” pg 15.
    Cyril Aldred, The Egyptians, [New York: Thames and Hudson, 1984] 15.

    4022 BC------3500s---------2500---2000----------Roman Era----------AD 2000

    Most scholars date the sphinx to have been erected during the lifetime and reign of Chepren, the Fourth Dynasty [4th Dynasty] king around the 2500s B.C. but this would be wrong. The very name, SPHINX, becomes one major clue as to why there appears to be a discrepancy to the accuracy of history. The sphinx rest in front of the Giza pyramids and was carved in the image of a man wearing the royal Nemes [headgear] and most scholars say it resembles Chephren. But the name ‘SPHINX’ or ‘SHE-PHINIX’ completely contradicts the male image. On the other hand though, this contradiction may actually solve an old ancient riddle that at times surrounded the sphinx! Also, part of this riddle can be understood even by looking at the Bible but because of the slave yard teachings, many African American church people shun and rebuke Egyptian history with regards to idolatry and therefore, have become thwarted even in their understanding of the Bible. Perhaps, only a captive could understand the benefit of avatars and PASSOVER. Why would God permit the Israelites to become suppressed in the Egyptian system for 400 years if he did not want us to understand it!? Think about it!

    In the Book of Daniel [DANIEL 7], the prophet Daniel had a vision about certain animals with certain attributes such as ‘a lion with wings of an eagle’ and ‘a bear with three ribs in its mouth’ and etc. Although these images were not recorded in order to make into idols, they became used to define symbolisms with regards to the nature of mankind and governments and this is no different than the images used in Egypt and other ancient systems only, some actually made idols of their images and had people worship them. So even though the living God commanded mankind not to make or worship graven images, certain animals became used as symbolisms in order to define certain attributes of life with regards to the good and evil natures of mankind.

    The word-name ‘sphinx’ was written, phonetically in such a way that its origin became hidden. The root word ‘nix’ is also written in such a way so as not to understand its connection with the sphinx. Like many letters in our alphabet, ‘the letter x’ is ‘a replacement letter’ and vowels were many times omitted in ancient Egyptian script. So the word ‘nix’ should be written as ‘NIKS’ or ‘NIKE’ and this word connects to the very history of ‘the sphinx’. The Webster defines ‘a nike’ as a ‘A WINGED GODDESS OF VICTORY’. The root word ‘PHIN’ in ‘Sphinx’ [var. ‘Phene’, ‘Phon’, phainien; fantasy], usually apart of combinations, such as ‘Phineas’, ‘phenomena’, ‘Stephen’, ‘Phoenician’ and the main word ‘phoenix’ would be the most obvious phonetic spelling for the word-name ‘sphinx’ [s-phinx or, she-phoenix]. This very word ‘Phoenix’ became applied to the incredible massive civilizations known as ‘THE PHOENICIANS’ and was based upon the very word ‘PHOENIX’. The Phoenician civilization was said to begin as ‘a phoenix’ of which ‘rises from the ashes and regenerates’. The Webster defines ‘a phoenix’ [var. fenix, phoinix, ...dark red, deadly] as an Egyptian Myth of ‘a beautiful lone bird which lived in the Arabian desert for 500 or 600 years and then consumed itself in fire, rising renewed from the ashes to start another long life...’, hinting at the very connection of the Phoenician culture that became apart of the Egyptian system! This becomes another clue to the riddle of the sphinx. It certainly hints at the Biblical story of the fate of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah [Gomer-Amorites] of which was in Arabia. However, without a better understanding of history and without a timeline, there will continue to be confusion. Why would a phoenix be constructed in Egypt in the shape of a lion with the human head of a man and not be in the form of ‘a dark red bird with wings and the head of a female’? Perhaps, a deeper look at history could reveal the answer.

    Cephren [also known as Khafre] of the 4th Dynasty was noted to be the king who erected the sphinx and he lived in the pre-flood world, hundreds of years before the Phoenician civilizations ever started! The Phoenician civilization was thought of as one huge civilization that later became the foundation of the Roman Empire yet, there are two unique origins (the North Africans and the Middle Easterners). Even though these early people inter-related from their beginnings, the North Africans begins with Phut Ham [var. Put; the Phoenician Moors] and the origins of the Middle Easterners begins with Canaan Ham [the Amorites or, the Canaanite Phoenicians]. Furthermore, both civilizations began in the post flood era after 2356 B.C. [the global deluge] but the Sphinx situated in Egypt had been erected long before their time! Cephren had long since been laid to rest before these post-flood Phoenician civilizations organized but was not the Sphinx erected in Egypt before his reign as well!? Therefore, the relationship of the Sphinx to the Phoenicians has some connection to Egypt that must go way back to even before the time of Cephren. Indeed, its relation to ‘a female’ or ‘a Nike’ reveals that the sphinx must go back beyond Cephren’s time. And based upon the history and plight of Cephren, another clue to this origin of the sphinx arises!

    Based upon the archeology before the time of Cephren and the 4th Dynasty, it becomes clear that the sphinx matches a much earlier time than the 2500s B.C. when Cephren reigned. Indeed, this is the revelation. Hundreds of years and maybe even more than a thousand years before the 4th Dynasty, there were earlier civilizations and massive stone archeological structures had already been built. And like the sphinx, all the way over in the ancient lands of the Americas, today, there were found many ‘monoliths’ [massive stone heads each carved out of one huge block of stone] and this would be a clue. Based upon other evidences, such as the two-temple stone structures, these monoliths in the western lands of the Americas date back to the height of the late Naqada times [Nach-Ada; Chan-Adam in reverse script form] around the 3500s B.C. at least and, this would be about 1000 years before Cephren’s reign! Because the Sphinx was also carved out of a huge block of stone, it matches this time span. Finally now, by understanding the history of Cephren versus the female orientation of ‘the Sphinx’, a conclusion can be surmised. According to Egyptologist, Cephren assumed his kingship amidst scandal and conflict. Prior to Chephren’s elevation he followed the suppressive rule of Cheops in which the Seth populations later came to resent. Kawab was written to be the actual crown prince by Cheops [Khufu] but he died before his time. Cephren also became apart of a struggle with other half-brothers before he assumed his rightful place as king. Just as the Bible reveals, the presence of the Cainite government had encroached upon the Seth world [again] and their government always elevates a female image of the Earth Mother! This then could be the mystery of the Sphinx [She-Phoenix]!

    Because the image of the lion was the earliest symbolism of Seth people, the image of the Sphinx became linked to the idol ‘Sekhmet’ which would represent ‘a female lioness’ in regards to aboriginal the women of Kemet [Kemet or, black lands]. And later, the Sphinx became varied in many other ways. However, the riddle of the Sphinx* [See link] became applied to the Greek Theban civilizations. And although, it was interpreted in many ways, mainly in regards to (1) birth, (2) adulthood and (3) old age, it seems that the obvious interpretation would ultimately be with regards to (1) the birth of a government beginning with the control of the masses through devices such as trade, (2) then the control over aboriginal mankind through Black-on-black suppression and then, (3) the head of the old government is set and comprising ‘a triad system’, and the image of a white woman is elevated as ‘the winged goddess of victory’, the very image of the victorious government in Black lands. The building of White Supremacist systems in Black lands in the past has repetitively been tested and proven that it takes about 400 years [3-to-4 generations] to deceive and suppress most of its aboriginal populations into supporting such a system. Once this system has been set up in the past, the Creator God would throw it down and such was the fate of Egypt and the Roman Empire. In the days of Job, the Great Adversary described the Creator God as being ‘a bully’ but ignored the fact that he was given free reigns to go through the earth to prove his argument and take dominion over the whole world AS LONG AS HE DID NOT DECEIVE OR BLASPHEME THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH.

    The symbolism of the Sphinx that surrounds the plight of the Cainite government [known as the government of An or, Chanoch] becomes recognizable. The government of Cain thrives off of the south world and at the expense of Seth people! Therefore, the image of the Sphinx [She-Phoenix] in Egypt would be as such; The Cainites [Khety] and the later Gomers [Khety people] inter-mingled with the Sethites and eventually and through deceptive modes, their system as ‘policy makers’ RISES UP and OUT OF [THE LION] which would be the representation of THE BODY [masses] OF SETH PEOPLE to become THE HEAD over Seth lands and people. Therefore, the She-Phoenix [an Ashteroth image of a She-belle/Cybele] was their Statue of Liberty! She was their Corn goddess [or goddess of Grain]. So, the original head of the She-Phoenix was more than likely carved in the image of A NIKE [a winged goddess] and represented THE GOVERNMENT OF AN [Enoch-Cain; Chanoch, the Great An] while the body of the lion represented Seth [later Ham; Daniel 7:4]. The Cainites had deceived and conquered the Seth generations of people! This would be why this Sphinx became connected to the later post-flood Canaanite-Phoenicians of whom became An Worshipers as well and of whom became a dominant part of the later Egyptian systems! Lastly, back when Cephren overcame the oppressions of the Cainites for the time, he probably took the opportunity to change the image of the Nike [She-Phoenix] of which had more than likely been standing, for what seemed like time immemorial! And that would be why he became credited for the erection of the Sphinx as we know it this day. Cephren more than likely had the ‘straight’ hair of the Sphinx carved into the image of A ROYAL NEMES [a du rag] to change the female image to that of a male and he had the face carved to appear as himself with Seth features [Khnum]! This may be the reason behind so many well learned African Americans who passionately argue against the incorrect dating of the Sphinx.

    First Printed November 2008 [Edited]
    Sphinx - Wikipedia

    the dating of the Sphinx-- ""
    the riddle--

    And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: . . . But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full. . . . [GENESIS 15:13-18]
    Bible, King James Version
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    Sister...I don't know if you've seen this one or not, but here's another source for you; that image is of a booklet she put out as pre-release to an official larger one. I have the booklet (which I need to read), but seems as if I've waited forever for her to get the full version out.
    SUZAR: Contents: The Great BLAK MAMMA of Creation, by SuZar [The Great Mother, Great Goddess, Black Goddess, Great Black Mother, Black Madonna, Great Cosmic Mother, Mother Nature]


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