Black Poetry : The Return of King Kong

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    THE RETURN OF KING KONG: Kong in Palestine
    By Andre Austin

    To: The Israelites
    Dear Jacobites
    Will there be a cease fire of all their Airstrikes
    Ammunition from their war Gods taking on the image of Kong and Nike

    Why should a sludge Hammer be used to kill a fly
    Palestinian Guerrillas should refrain from shooting rockets in the sky
    Your artillery will get nowhere blasting a primitive Catapult
    Your fighting a nation of Bankers that’s Knee-deep in the Occult

    Feel the hidden beatings of the chest of King Kong
    The vibration is caving in underground tunnels; wicked sounds of his Song

    War factories in America save Armageddon for another Day
    The engines of the war machine chant USA, USA

    Ra, Ra, Ra
    It’s the United Snakes Taking up Arms
    Try using the Arts and culture (Hollywood hex branch) to sway our magical Charm
    Be not a War Monger; beat the Druid’s Oak paddle wood, fueling ammunitions of harm
    We can makes more friends by allowing the poor to feast from their farms
    The current president a tribe from the Benjamin Net-A- Yahoo
    He’s getting revenge for his brother’s death
    Palestinians fear his spirit and Ghost saying a Vampire’s Boo
    The refugees are terrified for their infants loosing their last breath
    Was it a Boo or a Bomb that explodes
    Armageddon, from that small strip of land is about to implode
    For those who try to fight like Christ
    Take another look at Titus’s Gospel’s News of Victory & his arms and Fist
    From their Dome they fire missiles while the Dead stack-piled gatherer
    Its their All-Fools-Day, A Black comedy of death and Laughter (Apuleius Golden *** Book 2)
    Like in the 1980’s the IAF dropped on the Saudi’s a payload of pigs
    black comedy of the Lampstands @ Gaza you should have sent a payload of Figs
    Hamas kills 53 Soldiers the Jews kill 1200 Civilians
    Truth vs Fiction which best fits the definition of Terrorism of a Villain
    The CIA or FBI have no sympathy for the killings out of proportion
    In the wilderness of North America they will fight for U to have Abortions
    We have human Demons that want your Clitoris & umbilical cords to bleed
    Money, sex and drugs are the products from which they feed
    I’m like the Swiss between the Villain and Vultures I’m taking no sides
    Because all suffer from the syndrome of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    After all Lucifer and the Morning Star are two heads of the same coin mint
    Like the Eagle has two wings: The Donkey and the Elephant in the same tent
    No freedom granted only an extension of economic embargo
    Can’t be freedom fighters and kidnap souls like their human cargo
    The Palestinian exiles live on hope, but it only bring woes
    Peace is running out from their feet to their soles
    So they just keep digging tunnels making many snake-holes
    Hope is lovely to look at, but it lives in the future it has no dole
    And doesn’t time clearly say hopes are vain
    Too many coffin boxes are filled with revenge and pain
    Here comes Captain America’s Kong complex and unbalanced diplomacy
    The lead tongue is speaking feels the vibes of necromancy
    Who is the Captain, another lend-lease of the 9-11 revenge Crew
    Their Mascot is King Kong attempting to rescue just the Jew
    However, the innocent will suffer for the guilty few
    What trophies can you dedicate to a Kong’s Stew?
    Mixed and subtract Good take an O you got a God
    Take away the D from Devil you got some evil food
    Add up all the letters and try to compare
    We realize this alphabet soup will get us nowhere
    Because the peace meal in it isn’t an edible Eucharist to eat
    You can’t mix a Goat in with some Lamb’s meat
    From this dinner your taste buds are gonna brave up or blow up
    You gonna barbeque or mildew
    But if you eat out with God you subjected to get spoiled
    Kong wants revenge too for losing his female Twin Towers escapade
    The Center of York-Rite; his blonde loving and international usury Trade
    Kong is the hero of America New York’s beloved Jack of Spades
    The contract is irrevocable since 1948 when the deal was Made
    Humanity is no more for it took its last fade
    Like I said before Ben has lost Time and his brother
    Kong has sympathy relating this to his twin incestuous Sister & Mother
    They can duplicate a building; but with flesh they can’t substitute Another
    And the birds of the same feather surely do flock together
    What was done to Judea they now do to others
    The sins of the father just leave it with his sins
    We can’t build pyramids, bridges and schools we just making coffins
    Lets make a Neck-Tie out of the crescent, a menorah, and Stars with Stripes
    Lets have Electricity, Food and water instead of bombs in pipes
    Conspiracies are stretched over time so the obvious does not appear
    Then they go for the jugular; Character assassination, punctured in the side with a spear
    Most are liberate can’t even read Roman numerals on the paper dollar
    In 1776 (MDCCLXXVI) the illuminati took its lion roar and started snatching collars
    For entrapment they string and stretched you over for a time
    Until you reach a snare of their border for a trumped up crime
    They are nothing but sons of perditions
    Trying to cage up some scams using political convictions
    A conference call is needed but they will never sincerely meet
    No more lies about the earth being bequeathed to the meek
    King Kong teams up with King David to crunch them under their feet
    Hope & Peace was at hand now its just bombs in Cheek
    Is it war or peace U trying to seek
    They do not want Peace just razing Gaza into a complete sand dune
    The media love the War Ratings; its their money entertainment so stay tuned
    Peace, Peace, Peace
    First the devil must Cease
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    This is a really smart and passionate poem. I really like it!

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    thank you very much