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    I’ve written about this extensively in the past years and hope to link my past writings and research on this incredible and paramount day. And as I have also stressed continually, without the consideration of the actual STAR OF BETHLEHEM that marks the birth and journey of Jesus Christ on earth, no history on this earth can be confirmed to perfection. It would be this awe-inspiring star that I used to develop the Biblical timelines and compare and contrast to the secular timelines and histories and confirm so dark and hidden truths, and this would absolutely include this amazing revelation of the actual day that Jesus Christ was born, crucified and resurrected. So I will briefly list some details that I have outlined in depth in my previous publications and hope to share much more about this miraculous day.

    Contrary to our holiday here in America during Spring Break, this would not be the time that Jesus Christ was crucified. Even though there has been some planetarium shows that do mention that the birth of Christ was in fact during the spring time, however, they also present a lot of confusion amidst the truth, and furthermore, no church that I have attended has ever professed the truth that is in the Holy Bible. Even though the Bible was ‘sealed’ by the prophets at times, however, today all of the mysteries of the Bible have been unsealed and so, through research the words and scriptures and etc., the truth can be revealed and confirmed.

    The Bible marked the time of Christ birth all throughout times and as far back as the time of Noah, Moses, Solomon and Daniel. And when the great star appeared, it became the confirmation that binds both the Old and New Covenants. One of the greatest confirmations too, was during the Exodus when the Children of Israel left Egypt. In fact, it was exactly a month after the Exodus and the very day that the MANNA fell from heaven. This day became the day that Christ died, and it was in fact about thirty-three years (about 33 years) after the first appearance of the star. This day was OCTOBER 15, and this day was also the very day that Solomon LAID THE FOUNDATION TO THE TEMPLE OF GOD. And so, in the third day, OCTOBER 17, Jesus Christ AROSE! Now, this occurrence was also marked by the ancient pagan festival as well that we know today as HALLOWEEN [i.e. Hallowed Owen]. But at some point after Christ was Crucified, this ancient Halloween festival that was also known as the SATURNALIA FESTIVAL was moved to occur at other times such as in December and at the end of October.

    This ancient Halloween festival was originally A LUNAR FESTIVAL and therefore, it always occurred during the middle of October during the time of a full moon, but after Jesus Christ came, it became observed during the solar calendar by some civilizations. But at the time of Christ, it was actually not ‘a full moon’ but ‘A NEW MOON’ that marked this PASSOVER LEAP YEAR and pagan moon festival. The Gospel details that at the time of Christ crucifixion, there was a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE and this would mean that it was the time of a new moon. Nevertheless, I hope to share more Biblical facts about this day, the day that Jesus Christ arose! It was Passover week for the Jews and then about thirty-three (33) years later, the temple was demolished and as the prophet Daniel did prophesy some four hundred years prior (400), the Daily Sacrifice was taken away!
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