Black People : The Religious Riddle

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    As I embark on this writing concerning the advent of Christianity, I already have several questions and problems that should boggle the mind of any rational thinking person claiming any level of humanity. As human beings we often speak about God/Creator as being humane, loving, forgiving, patient and as being a God of compassion who is merciful, kind and benevolent.

    These are the beliefs of not only so called Christian people but of all so called religious people. They believe not only in their spiritual books but in the lives and revelations that their concept of God delivered to the Prophets in their books.On this account I already have several problems. For those who believe in these books and the Prophets of these books, I have a very interesting question. Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Muhammad, Constantine and even King James just to name a few, all have the same thing in common. Every last one was a mass murderer and conqueror claiming to come in the name of God. Even the so called great Queen Elizebeth wrote; I have depopulated provinces in the name of Christ.

    I have heard every Christian, so called Jewish and Islamic justification for these things and yet the idea of mass killings and the shedding of blood in the name of God/Jesus/Allah/Elohim and every other name of God just does not add up to the first paragraph of this writing. Right now I could go out and literally slaughter a few hundred people and have in my possession some writings which I can equally claim were given to me in revelation by God himself. I would not only be deemed as crazy but anyone in society would be glad to pull the switch on the electric chair for what I did. I would be told how my acts were not acts of God but of Satan. I would be told how my actions go against everything God is about or that Islam is about or that Judaism is about. I would in essence be condemned as a servant of evil and not as a servant of God. Everyone reading this knows in their heart and minds that everything I've written is true.

    What puzzles me is how all of that would be applied to me and yet we never applied it to those we now call Prophets? Why would it apply to me but it was ok for them to do it and to do even worse? Was it because someone wrote that God gave them authority to do those mass killings, rapes, child molestations and to engage in homosexual behavior? If I were alive during the time of the so called Prophets I too would have converted and said that I believe in order to save my own life and the life of my family. I too would have confessed my love for and in Jesus Christ after watching the bodies burn on stakes and of witnessing the literal slaughter of the babies and children of those who were either too bold or stupid to not confess their love in Jesus or Allah or whatever.

    I wouldn't care what religious book they gave me....I too would have embraced it, taught it to my family and attended the services of those said beliefs in order to preserve my life.This has been the universal story of religion and of making believers out of those who dared think for themselves. We see that it was the priesthood that set up the first public school system in Germany. I need not inform you of what they were brainwashing and indoctrinating the school children with. We all have enough common sense to know what was going on and of how they upon getting older would in turn pass it on to their children from one generation to the next.The chances are extremely great that if my great grandmother were Christian and my grandmother was a Christian and my mama was a Christian...that I too would be Christian. Does it make it right or correct is the question?

    I have seen documentaries where I actually felt sorry for a white supremacist. I felt sorry for him because he was a victim of a philosophy and a doctrine that had been passed down to him for four generations and he in essence was a victim of what he was taught and what he believed. He too was a victim of literature and books that supported and enforced his teachings and beliefs. After a few generations a lie has a way of becoming a truth if not addressed and even then it will be difficult to destroy. It was Adolph Hitler who said; If you tell a lie big enough, loud enough and long enough, the masses will believe it. A study of history will confirm that Hitler's statement was 100% true.