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    The Warmongers Are Attacking The Red, Black, And Green, The flag Of The Black Afrikan Nation!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    Black people are more concerned in being political correct than to be Divinely Direct, and it take someone who know the Divine truth about the Black Afrikan life, to be able not to be so ignorantly in love with a country that wore a bandanna covering its evil face as a thief, telling lies and deceives, and wear the Blood of Two Nations in order to become what is referred to as the united States Of America.

    America wear the blood of the people referred to as the Native to the Land call America and America carries the blood of a Black Afrikan People Enslaved.

    Yet, it is the Black Afrikans in America, those who are the Descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors, that has developed a Blinding Love for America and choose to live a Black Life in America being political correct in Spirit, rather than to be Divinely Direct in declaring that which is Divinely Real and True, concerning the Black Body Life, in Relationship with America.

    The Honorable Marcus Garvey, The Black Afrika Afrikan Patriot, the Warrior who chose to be Divinely Direct, instead of being political correct, in assessing the spirit and action of America and its allies toward Afrika and the Black Afrikan People.

    A Flag of a Nation is what consecrate the presence of a Nation, and it is the Flag that generate loyalty and and protection of the Nation of which the Flag symbolize.

    Therefore, The Red Black And Green Fly over Afrika Libya, and based upon that fact, it is not only Afrika Libya and Qaddafi that is under attack, it is the Flag of the Black Nation that is under attack, and there can not be an expression of Disrespect of a people Nation so great, than to disrespect the Sovereignty that a Nation Flag represent.

    The Red Black, And Green, is the Flag of not a State in Afrika, but an Afrika Black Nation.

    There is a people who can not stoop no lower in cowardice than a people who choose to be political correct, rather than to be Divinely direct in protecting the sacredness and sovereignty of the Black Nation Flag, The Red, Black, and Green.

    A people who once were of the originality with their Divinity, they now choose prayer over Divine Meditation, being political correct, over being Divinely Direct, when Truth and Reality is the center of attention, needing to be applied to the Black Body Life Mind, when in need of knowing and understanding the self of that Black Body life.

    Those people referring to themselves as Black Afrikan Americans, and the Black People in Afrika that rather to be identified with the phony boundary lines drawn by Lucifer the Human Being, lines that divide the sacredness of Afrika Land and used to create false reference of a people concerning who they Truly and really are.

    There are those Black Afrika Afrikans in Afrika, they choosing to be referred to as being part of a fraction of a Land, rather than being a member of all of the Land, making way to be referred to as not Tribal people sitting on partial Land, rather than being one collective people, of all of the Land, having such a people to be Continental People, and that continent, is a Land Lucifer have us Black people referring to as Afrika, all full of division.

    Such a Black People have been made to be the most hypocritical people of Planet earth today, as we sit on our do nothing behind, justifying our action to allow the Black Nation to be attacked, and pretend it is just Qaddafi Libya being attacked, and such an attack you been made to believe, has nothing to do with your Black do not know who in this hellish world you are.

    As it has been stated, A Thousand Mile Journey begin with the first step, and Black Afrikans now pretend not to know what the First step required of us to take.

    We pretend not to know what we need to do to put into action such a journey that take us to Freedom for Afrika, to become A United Black Nation, and give Protection, which will show respect for our Black Nation Flag.

    Black Afrikans are the laughing stock of hypocrisy in the world today, having no respect for the Honorable Marcus Garvey and the Flag of the Black Afrikan Nation, The Glorious Red, Black, and Green.

    Black Afrikan today has no proud, know of no dignity, and show no self respect, but how can you, when you do not know who in the Hell you are, choosing to be political correct, which set upon the foundation of Racism, rather than to be Divinely Direct, when recognizing that which is profanely evil in pursuit of the Black Body Life and rendering no justice, when your Black behind is caught in the web of lies and deception.

    You Black people do not know the power you have the capability of projecting, when functioning in your Divine Mind, and because of the use by Black people of Lucifer Human Being Mind, you rather not to become active in taking the first step on a journey to Freedom, you choose to remain inactive, being political correct, rather than to be Divinely direct in the action needed to be performed by Black people to protect and show respect for the Red, Black, And Green.

    The Black Afrikan who are in America by way of the Middle Passage, you are responsible for carrying the scepter of Freedom for Afrika, and Unity of A Black Afrikan Nation.

    Yet, here you are, putting no Divine value on your Blackness, and is totally unaware of the power of a Divine Mind, placing no restriction on what the qualification is, in order to make claim to be Black.

    It is all because you know not the Divinity of Blackness, an Ethreal Mass that expand into Infinity, the space of eternity.

    That beloved, is what the Red, Black, And Green Represent and symbolize to all who value their Blackness, and is proud to be Black, which is Infinite Spatial Energy In Authority Over Light.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    I was thinking and just thinking ... dont take it "two" serious... but is it time to make a new flag maybe combining the Afrikan flag and Afrikan Americanz???

    Possibly with the beautiful colorz of Kemet of Green and Black and the color of white to show connection between the black people all over the planet...

    Just a thought that came to mind ... not trying to step upon any onez toes with the colorz or anything...

    It could be a group consciousness for dark skinned people all over the world ... no matter were they are located ... a universal ideal flag...

    I remember as a child in Germany the hundredz of Ethiopian people that live in the country and no one knew...

    I remember being angry with my self "I had no idea of the thousandz of dark skinned Brazilianz and how they are so poorly treated"... itz funny whenever I say thingz of that nature some one showz up showing me how happy dark skinned people are in Brazil... lol

    Excellent work upon your post .... " I would never expect less from some one of great knowledge as your self"

    I cant say I agree with every you say but I understand many of your intentionz...

    Much love and light...