Chief Elder Osiris : The Reason Why Reparation Is Not Taken Serious By Black People In America

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    The Reason Why Reparation Is Not Taken Serious By Black People In America

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, Reparation is an issue that get no respect from most Black people and there are various reasons as to why that is the fact of the matter concerning Reparation, now all is not unjustified for the way Black people are unable to identify with Reparation.

    Many, if not most of black people, we who really can make a difference in the way Reparation is not taken serious by certain class of black people, as well as not by the Government of America, and all others responsible for Black people having a right to Demand Reparation today.

    It is because of the rank and file Black of people, they who have not been shown enough respect by the Divine of mind, to educate that element of Black people about the cause and effect that give Black people the right to Demand Reparation and to be told what for, and who is responsible for us having a right to demand Reparation.

    There has got to be a Divine approach to Reparation by Black people, now all that mean is that the Mind of Black people Demanding Reparation, must be a Mind that is nowt renegade and not control by egomaniacs, but must be controlled by Minds that are in Harmony, Order, and Balance over the cause and effect that has given Black people the right to Demand Reparation and by whose effort it is that has given us cause to Demand Reparation and who it is that Reparation Honors and Represent.

    Beloved, there is no secret that there are certain Black people of an assigned social, economic, and education class in America capitalist system, they want nothing to do with Reparation and there are Black People who become down right embarrassed whenever the issue of Reparation is raised by Black people with a clear and Divine Mind, a Mind that know exactly the reason Reparation must be pursued by Black people and in whose behalf it must be pursued for.

    Now, over a span of Time you have witness me in the way I approach the problems that are crucifying the life of Black people and the approach used by me, is not the type Black people want (not need) to be used, because it paint to much of a vivid picture of the spirit Black people convey today and it show a reflection of a people when look into the Mirror, I serve to be to us black people, the mirror of your profane reflection.

    Certain mind level of black people, a level that is profane and deceptively hypocritical, a mind level that automatically go into a mental state of self denial, because with the mind we Black people now wear, it automatically send us in such a lowly state of mental belief, and such a mind belief guide you Black people to see only that which you want to look at, concerning our Black so call Afrikan self, today.

    So, with such a devilish Mind in Black people possession, it prevent Black people from wearing a Divine Mind in favor of such an artificial mind, which keep Black people from being able to identify with the Divine true Self of Black people, and because of being in such self denial, it prevent certain level of Black people from being able to identify with their Blackness, divinely , and when you can not Divinely identify with the Genetic aspect of your pigment, then you can not perform Divinely Mentally in life, because you are to distracted in attempting to become somebody you are not, beloved.

    So no, such injured Black Minds should not be allowed to carry any weight about what they believe about Reparation, because it is such a Mind that has already been programmed to despise the Blackness of your self, in and out.

    Yet, it is the type of Mind of Black people that Most Black people have allowed to determine what issues are to be important to the Mind of Black people and when we do, and continue to allow such mental deception to influence the majority of black Minds, then we reap what status black people are in today in America and in the world, Afrika included.

    Beloved, when dealing with Reparation respectfully, then you must not take the majority of Black people for granted, treating their mind just as the oppressors have conditioned your mind toward Reparation, you must, those who see the need to approach Reparation Divinely, you must see the need in educating black people about the cause and effect that demand Black people to demand Reparation.

    Because you must come to be able to see, it is Black people that must be educated to know that Reparation represent the Enslavement of our Enslaved Ancestors and not some civil rights violation but a black Divine Life violation that is guided by the Right that is afforded to Life , which is of a Universal verification to be treated divinely, which Lucifer did in fact violate the first chain that was locked around the physical and ethereal neck and mind of Black people.

    Therefore, Black people must be told the full story of that Enslaving event that attacked the Lives of our Black so call Afrikan Ancestors, even though the so call Black American carry a wish to not have anything of Race oppression of Black people to filter through their mind, as they proceed with the process of Mind replacement, exchange of the Black Divine Mind with the Profane human being mind, a mind that despise hearing the vibration of Reparation and of the time of the Enslavement of our Ancestors, a past that the Black Human Being American has blotted from having to deal with that era of our past reality and do so with an exchanged mind method of Thinking, to believing.

    The problem with Black people is that we have no Mental awareness as to what the power of the issue of Reparation will cause to be in the action of Black people Demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    You see, Reparation is not just another social Civil Rights issue, it is not a international issue, it is a Life Liberation issue, and with the possession of the Divine mind of black People, Reparation will be transformed to become the Ark of Black people Salvation and will serve as the motivation of Afrika and Black Afrikans redemption.

    Beloved, without Reparation, Afrika Perish completely and the Black Afrikans left with the caliber of Mind you now witness Black Afrikans being in use of today, a Mind that show no Divine Promise to the Life of black People, then woe is unto you who take pleasure in laboring with the Mind of Black people oppressors, Lucifer being the potentate of such evil Mind action..

    America is Transforming and black people do not know what is happening all around them in America, the drug of deceiving oppression happen to have you concentrating on what Lucifer is doing, as he dismantle America, you believing a defense against a Transforming America is to involve your Black selves in the transformation process, as if such a change is going to serve to the greater good for Black people.

    Not so beloved, only the Divine mind in Action under the control of Black people can cause the Life of the Black Afrikan to experience the greater good in the Black Life, and that Greater Good pass right through the Life passage way of your Enslaved Ancestors, and that way is the Reparation that they have earned for you.

    Yet you Black people prefer to allow power over your Black life to remain in the mind of Lucifer the oppressors, when in fact all Black people need to do in order to reclaim the power once included in the Divine mind of black people, is to raise the issue with Demand for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and Divinity will have its place in the Sun of Liberation for Afrika and the Black Afrikan Nation again.

    But oh no, there is not a thing that can be so Mighty in possession of Black People, we must remain to give all power over the Black dominion to Lucifer, therefore with such a Human Being Mind performance in the body Life of black people, to the Human Being believing Mind of Black People, to such a decayed mind, Reparation is an impossibility, because there are some Black people that have lost their Divine mind and now only function with the mind of Lucifer our oppressors.

    So they are those Black people who act as enablers to Lucifer, when being in opposition to the paying of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation so that we Children of the middle Passage with our Divine mind will go to Afrika as the next established State in Afrika and to serve as the sign and Time to reclaim the unity of a Divided Black Nation and Afrika Land.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    GREAT POST ELDER! I don't care if I ever get a penny from reparations, but my whole thing has always been:
    if orther Culturea have received REPRATIONS from crimes against humanity, then it is INSANE for some Black people not to want other Black people that really need help to receive it.
    Here is a list of other Cultures that received reprations, and they **** sure took it w/o hesitation!:fyi:

    WHY NOT US???
    C Freedom 4 All
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    Great read !!! However, It won't happen, Too many of us ( Black people ) have become just like them. With nothing else in sight to imitate. We actually turned into our own oppressors. There are 2 groups that have been and still are fighting that battle. Johnnie Cochren firm is still one of them. It's an uphill battle with our own people in lead against it.