Chief Elder Osiris : The Reason Why Afrikans Will Not Benefit From China Overture

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    The Reason Why Afrikans Will Not Benefit From China Overture

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    The reason why Afrika and the Black so call Afrikans will not be able to benefit from China Proposals and offer to assist in energizing the Living condition of Black Afrikans people, is that the so call Black Afrikans are not prepared Mentally to deal with what it is required for Afrika and Black people Afrikans to do in order to change the living condition of Black Afrikan people and regain control of all of Afrika and her Mineral resources.

    Now, why is it that I make such an unapologetic statement such as that, well it is because I know the True ailment of Black people on this planet, starting with Afrika and wherever we have migrated on this planet since we first arrived here and because Black so call Afrikans have lost such Divine Knowledge, we are not Mentally equipped to accept the fact that we Black people really did not evolve from the Ape as the Human Being has stated about us and is still lying in claiming and that such a claim about Black people is a discovered fact and Black people, because of the lost of our Divine Mind, can not entertain any other Claim about us, concerning our universal origin and not until we are capable of Knowing and Understanding with comprehension, the facts that surround the Universal Origin of Black Beings on this planet, we will always settle to accept the story given to us about us, by a Being calling themselves Human Beings and has a history of Lying and deceiving us strange appearing Black Beings.

    Beloved, it is the Lost of our ability to do Divine Thinking that have us contributing to our ignorance about us Black people, and the telling lies to us about us, by strangers.

    The reason we are the Beings that we are, and because of the lies and interference with our Divine Mind by those strangers, referring to themselves as Human Beings, those Beings that had gone through a process of Natural process of Mutation and from that process they became something other than what they once were and it is those people that were able to Confuse the Past Mind of Black people, which was Divine, with an action that took place by those Mutated Human Beings and at the presence of the Mutated Beings, coming into the life action of our Ancient Divine First Way Black Ancestors, the attitude, behavior, and Life living condition has been as a roller coaster for us so call Black Afrikans.

    Black so call Afrikans have a nasty habit of being able to divert and prevent ourselves away from the Divine Truth about Events of happening that shows us factually, how much we really do not know about that which is referred to as God, Universe, and our Black selves, and it is that Divine Knowledge that is required of Black so call Afrikans to know, before we become Spiritually and Sensual qualified to deal with our present Life condition, without us Black so call Afrikans faking our intelligent ability, that portray us Black people as if we are so concerned about the present condition of the Life of Black people, which is referred to as Afrikans in a place call Afrika and else where in the world.

    In a Life that is Divinely Based, and yet the Beings that descended out from that Divine Life base, became so disorient to the degree a lost of awareness of such a Divine status did their life once enjoyed, before the coming of the Human Being, such a lost of awareness is what now have Black so call Afrikans hating and distrusting ourselves and when there is such self skepticism, in no way will the Black Afrikan be able to recognize an act of friendship coming from China or anybody else that does not resemble the Mutated Human Beings, that have a history of attitude and behavior of oppressing and disrespecting Black so call Afrikans, and because of the lost of our Divine Mind base, action of evil appear to be an appropriate behavior and where there is A life with a base of evil, such a evil base prevent you from Knowing that which is Honorable with a desire to assist those with a Divine Base Life, enabling you to rise to enjoy the Greater Good in Life once again.

    Because of the present Mental condition of the Black so call Afrikans, we who are caught in a vice of living a life full of pretense, pretending to be what we want to be, but have not the Mental and physical qualities to verify our wants, a people so Mental disorient and physical self despising, will not be able to do what is required of us to do, in order to change our Life living status in this evil deceiving world.

    This is a world the Black so call Afrikans have an addiction of wanting to become a part of, as we now live a life full of lies and deception, concerning whom and what we are, in favor of who and what we want to be like, as we are hooked on pretending that the world is what it is not and that is a world is not Just, not Racialess, not without unjustified Prejudice, not compassionate, and not behaving Orderly, regarding its attitude and behavior toward each other, and to pretend that the world is other than what it is, which is evil and vainly selfish, is why the so call Black Afrikan will not be able to benefit from the overture of China or those that come sharing the Divine Truth with us, and as they do, they do so without having to use the oppressors Religion as a frame of reference, every time we attempt to explain the evil action of behavior in this world and the origin of all things..

    Beloved, regardless of who might come bearing gifts to Afrikan Black people and if by now, you do not know how to discriminate in choosing whom you will entertain such overture from and make profound Judgment about those that come, which should be based on your past experiences with all those that come to you today, you will remain as you are and then how can you be qualified to recognize the action that come and is approved by our First Way Ancestors, concerning those that come now, bearing gifts and an offer to assist you in Time of need.

    If a gift is given and the gift is not given to the Hands that need it, then the gift serve not for the Greater Good but for the advancing of Evil, so I ask, who is in Greater need of assistance in Afrika, other than the Black Afrikans that are on the Ground, being ignored by those that claim to be leading them and a Divine leader is the servant of the people being led.

    Beloved, when the leader cease to serve all of the people justly so, and the leader action is unjust, and is a danger to the life of the people , then it become the people obligation to revolt against such evil leadership and it become those Revolutionary leaders that China and all other of Good will for Afrika and the so call Black Afrikans, should assist if call upon.

    So the question is, when will Black Afrikans become desirous to be Free and self-determine, because in pursuit of Freedom, require organization, so that you may succeed in obtaining your desired goal.

    Beloved, america will never use Nuclear Weapons on Afrika, the Forces of the Universewill not allow such evil to dawn the Divine people of the Sun, so if the Black Afrikans rise to free themselves from the evil fetters now discharged against you by your own leaders. even though they may be agents of the Western and america united States world, the forces of the Universe will not allow such an evil act to go unpunished and it is the World power that is more aware of this Reality than the Black Afrikans themselves.

    Therefore, let not the weak deceiving Afrikans deceive you with such made up fear, because more than likely it be those that feed such fear, that is benefiting from the pain and suffering of the sisters and brothers on the ground in Afrika.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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