Black Poetry : The Realness


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May 11, 2006
The Realness

Stay not far from town,play drive my car around with
Baby moon hubcap girl in the room listen to thug rap lift
Her dress and sniff that mess her breast poking a nippled gift
In the club deft hating I’m left waiting for a passionate kiss
In my Lex love wind and gravel but had to suspend travel pissed
With two flat tires and fat desires of having sex now can’t reminisce
Strong might onsite to post hot but almost stop for no responses
From readers a bunch of dumb leaders with wrong grammar trounces
My rap game, my menu blocked go into docks just to fix ships
And mix scripts and come up with quotes that float got stripped
And panic flipped like a titanic after hitting and iceberg so
In nice words I sunk in the drunk funk of rap spice words flow
Feel I had to yield to reality and deal with fatality, my skills
Are dead can no long er fill heads with knowledge the thrill
Is gone like BB King an MC with a ring that won’t be kissed
Have thunder in my plan folks won’t understand just how brisk
These rhyme are like a divine star they shine like a shopping list
There’s food with rude attitude in this stuff it’ll leave your diet crisp
Just to survive have to describe how a tribe of emotions become
Live oceans of barriers deprived of carriers of truth to the slums


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