Chief Elder Osiris : The Reality That Is Relative to The Infinite Reality

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    The Reality That Is Relative to The Infinite Reality

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Such a topic is of little or no concern to a mind that only believe its way through life, because to know and understand the duality of Reality, is to know that Religion is only based upon an illusion.

    Religion is an illusion that prevent the Mind that is relative to the Divine Essence from Thinking, the only mind capable of knowing the interrelated difference of function, of both realities, one physically Finite and the other nonphysically infinite, the Divine Reality, where all is within the All of All, in which all things reside, it being the Infinite Universe that is without boarders or limit in its existence.

    The Nature of the physical universe require the Ethereal existence of the Infinite Universe, the Dimension that is without the appearance of Nature, but Nature serving as the verifier of a reality that is of the Infinite reality that serve as the Essence of All things physical, and is not physical.

    So the Nature of a Thing is the verified representative cause, for the Thing to be, which is the tangible things looked upon to be real, it is that reality which is the universe composed of what is referred to as Stars and Planets, and all things consisting of a body tangible, which is in various form with specific requirement of usage among the physical.

    Therefore, Nature is an expressed required physical reality, whose bodies interact with dependency upon one another, each having its on assigned dependency upon its own physical Reality.

    , the Nature of the Universe is the Universe composition, it being all things physical, it is the physical Reality that is verified by the Infinite Divine existing Reality, and it is that which is the Infinite Divine reality of the All that is, and is not, that which is the Infinite Divine Existence, it being that which the physical Reality is a verification of being relative dependent to the nonphysical Universality of the Infinite Darkness.

    It is the Infinite Darkness, the divine Infinite energy of Spatial Existence, from which all things physical is birth to become the universality of the physical Reality, all of which verify that there is no such a reality as nothing, that is residing in the presence of Infinite Reality, it being the Infinite Divine Essence, to the Infinite Energy Intelligence, which caused all things to be in motion, in Divine order..

    Before the physical Universe, there is the Infinite soul of all things that be, and it is the Spirit of all that become of the physical universe, it is the spirit of the physical universe that verify its Nature, thus being the representative of what is physical Reality, limited in its nature of a physical Reality, being not before the physical Universe come into being the Being that it is, physical in nature of its physical reality.

    So, what our Cosmic Divine first way Ancestors were in the know of, is that to gain full knowledge with understanding of both Dimension of Reality, one being physical Universal, and the other being Divine Infinitely Universal Existence.

    There must be an in depth Divine Knowledge of the Function of the Esoterical and Exoteric function and meaning, and knowledge of the function of the nature of the physical Body self action, an action that must Divinely correspond to the Functional Action, it being a physical part of the physical reality of the finite Universe.

    Therefore, all body physical, and such is being a part of that Universe physical reality, which serve as an illusion of that which is Infinite Divinely Real.

    Yet the body physical must gain command of being on the level of illusion reality, the level where the body life is to involve its life living, experiencing the body life illusion of peace and Joy, it being a part of physical reality on the physical Dimension to be experienced Divinely..

    So, on the Dimension of the physical Universe, its function is to be Divine, in order to know What The Divine Essence (GOD) Is, with its Divine Infinite Existence being the verifier of physical Reality, the meaning and purpose is for being in the know of the Being Nature, which is the physical Reality of the physical Universe, expressed Spiritually Divinely.

    Such a Divinity expressed, is the substance that serve as the gatekeeper to the illusion of life reality, life being physical, finite within the body of its life mental spirit action.

    Yet, it is the Soul of all things physical that remain reserve within Divine Reality of its Infinite existence, being in the Dimension of Infinite Reality, as well as on the Dimension of illusion of physical Finite Reality.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Therefore, within the confine of physical Reality, Finite it is, The Black Divine Being, you, with a relationship to the Divine Infinite Dark Universe, you carry a quality about you that require for you to use the Mental process of Thinking, such an action of the mind will reveal all things that appear to be of a mystical nature to a believing Profane Mind, a mind limited to the dimension of only physical Reality.

    It is the belief in physical reality, a level of Mind that keep Black people to be a prisoner mentally, to the created Religion of Lucifer himself, he that thrive on misrepresenting the physical reality, being unaware of the Divine Reality of both level Universe, both being a result of the action caused by the Divine Essence Energy Intelligence, that which only Divine Thought must be the prime action flowing from the Brain Mind ability to Think, that is if your desire is to Know Thyself, Beloved.

    To Know Thyself Divinely, is to be qualified to elevate thine Mind action to a Divine Level of knowing and understanding about all of that which require for you to remember, in order to return to the level of your Divinity, a level where your Body Proper Resided before Lucifer entered the Mind of Black People, a People once were Divine in Thought with a Divine Mind and not with a religious mind.

    It Is The Knowledge With Understanding Of Both Universe Realities, Which We Must Become Once Again The Master Of Knowing About, In Order To Gain Once Again, Respect From Both Universe.

    A Fool Know Nothing, And To Believe To Make Fun In The Presence Of The Divine Truth, Is A Virtue To Be Wanting, By A Believer That Is Devoid Of Divine Thought, Which Qualify You To Know Divinely, Thyself.

    Be Kind to Your Self Beloved Mind.

    Chief Elder
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