Chief Elder Osiris : The Reality Of Today Will Bring Solace From The Truth About Yesterday, And Tomorrow?

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    The Reality Of Today Will Bring Solace From The Truth About Yesterday, And Tomorrow?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    You Black people go running around not having any thought about your life of today and you lose sight of the action that took place in your life yesterday, you not realizing the solace that can and must come from the Divine Truth that now verified your life on yesterday, and merging the two together will determine the condition your life will experience on the Day that come to be Tomorrow.

    Meaning that, you Black people should take Divine Thought about what is happening to your Life today and how you are treating your Life today, which determine your life action by the way your life now Divinely verify the way you did act toward it on Yesterday, and if you can not gain solace from your life action of yesterday by acting with respect toward your life on today, then you are lost about what you must do to determine how your life is to be introduced to the Tomorrow that will become the Today by Tomorrow.

    You waste Time of a Divine Nature by taking for granted Today and quickly lose connection with Yesterday, not knowing that it take an interaction of the action taken place on yesterday with the action taking place today in order for you to determine the quality of action your life is entitle to experience on the Day Tomorrow will become.

    In other word beloved, cherish the Time you are assured of Today and learn from the Time you have experienced on yesterday and based upon that Divine Time of Reality, do what ever you need to do, in order for your life to be able to know of its need, for the Day Tomorrow will be in your life.

    You Black People have been conditioned to take no notice from your past and you take for granted the Divine Time of your Life that is experiencing Today, by attempting to determine what the Today Tomorrow will be for your Life, when that Day is not an assurance for your life.

    So yes, in life, it is wise Divinely to live it for the moment, which cause you to be obligated to provide for your life the Greater Good for your Life Today, by taking Thought concerning your life action you took on yesterday, that day serving as a guide for your life Today, but you are not to attempt to make plan for your life for a Day that is in Tomorrow, which is not a guarantee for your life to be on the Tomorrow becoming Today.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Anything that will serve as a distraction to you that will prevent you from taking advantage of the Time you are assured of and have been assured of, is the thing that serve to the detriment to your life, because it have you believing about the Day tomorrow will bring while you need to be concentrating on the things Today your life is being confronted with.

    We are meant to enjoy our Life Today and anything that come into your life to prevent it from being of Joy Today, then know it serve to be an enemy to your life Today, and if Today, then more than likely the same thing was an enemy to your life on yesterday.

    So to not learn from the assured action of your life experience on yesterday, in order to Divinely prepare your Life for Today, by you concentrating on a Day to become Tomorrow, that you are not assured of, does in fact serve as evidence as to why you no longer Enjoy your Life action Today, and it is such Life action of Today that reveal the quality of Mind that is guiding your life Today.

    So a profane Mind is not qualified of enjoying Life Today, because it teach you to despise your Life of Yesterday and give not Thought of your Life Today, and occupy your Mind by contemplating on a Day that is in Tomorrow, which has yet to become Today, and Life of Today and Yesterday is what constitute your Life Divine reality, Beloved.

    You Black People go running around placing restraints upon your life by trying to anticipate your Life, when you need to be doing what will determine your Life to be, not by trying to make plans for a Day that is in Tomorrow, but from a Day that was Yesterday and the Day that is Today, the Two Dimensions of Time that your Life is only assured of, and yet you waste such Time by trying to dictate to a Time that has not yet become involved in your Life, the Time of the Day that is to become Tomorrow.

    Such an anticipation of Time come from a people who have lost all knowledge of Time and a people who have no knowledge of Time is a people that have lost all knowledge of Self and the people Today are those Black people who are now living a Life of dependency, and such a Life status has no respect for Time in its Divine Order, Present and Past, Past and Present, the alternating Cycle of the Life Time while in the presence of the Body Life Living.

    You see, a Life without the Knowledge of the Theology Of Time is a life wasting Time, and to waste Time, is a disrespect to your Life, Beloved, so that is why it is a Need of you to regain your Divine Mind, because the only way to experience your Divine spirituality is to be qualified to Divinely Think with respect to Time.

    The Link below will take you where you can begin to be introduced to your Divine Mind, so if you are not confused about what Time we need to associate with, and to respect, then you need to be in the possession of the book, Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You.

    The Link:

    Be Kind To Your Self Beloved, And To Divine Time.


    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    through our past we for some reason live in today's time from it not thinking
    about tomorrow's future but live for today which not promise...I hear you clearly