Black People : The reality of non duality

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    Once digestion of material regarding the metaphysical,spritual aspects of creation, existence etc.The duality of all things(physical) is an important realization hot cold up down etc. However the over all goal is to experience complete oneness with all things. I would like any one whom has attempted to take this final step towards our reconnection with creation and realization that we never left,never will return and have allways been one with the creation as being a product of it all. I would like to discuss various meditation and dietary techniques. Any and all imput is necessary and important. We must begin to complete our transtion back to our state of oneness. If it was not important the very being in the wholly bi bull(Tammuz) would not have thought it was important to come down and confound our lanquaqe and seperate us across the face of what we now call earth. We were all functioning at such a high level . Because we were all communicating and vibrating on the same tone nothing in our image nation was impossible to do. Creation works as one we must re member how to do the same.