Black Poetry : The Real Story

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    And now we know
    how this is gonna go
    heard it, breathed it
    birthed it, refuse to repeat it
    Cant take no more
    being this paramour
    when push comes to shove
    i never get your love
    now, this seed you planted
    you took for granted
    and now you recanted
    im not disenchanted
    we always kept it real
    now i have to deal
    my swollen belly
    is my achilles heel
    my feelings neva concealed
    worn on my sleeve for you to feel
    cant talk about it
    cant think about it
    ignoring it aint making it
    go away
    even though i cry and pray
    gonna have to wipe it all away
    got two cant do three on my own
    this never was your home
    your words and actions neva shown
    cant keep this on postpone
    to continue to dream on a wishin bone

    and this is the real story
    with all the pain and none the glory
    my first brush with death
    false baby's breath
    i caused this pain
    she'll slide from me in vain
    a hard lesson learned
    with no value returned

    and theres not happy news
    no little baby shoes
    no wishing for a baby girl
    with soft beautiful curls
    know how this is gonna go
    already breathed it
    already birthed it
    can't afford to repeat it

    made the calls
    cant afford no longer stall
    cant recall
    feeling so much hostility
    feeling such irresponsibility
    feeling so much inaccessibility
    to you when you was there too
    i aint the only one that caused me to be overdue
    yet here I am alone cryin over you
    and this crime against no one that I am about to commit
    from where I sit while i should throw a fit
    instead i resolve to spit this rhyme and split
    you shoulda recognized a real women
    when you laid down with me
    recognize that choose not to lengthen your family tree
    realized that you pushed me into this decision
    cuz you refused to envision
    im movin forward with this excision
    aint nothin more that i can do
    i already know how this plan plays through
    i already breathed it
    i already birthed it
    cant afford to repeat it

    rescheduled two times over
    wishin on a four leaf clover
    that you'd come to your senses
    laying down defenses with no pretenses
    and offer assistance to help with her existence
    so i gots no choice but the path of least resistence
    roe v. wade a straight up joke
    we do what men provoke
    even through these tears i choke
    no choice no voice and certainly no rejoice
    as i walk through the door
    my face hard to ignore
    painted in red, the word whore
    really, it dont matter anymore

    terrified of whats about to come
    instinct kicks in, mind and body numb
    i know what would happen should i go the other way
    should i choose to run and hide away
    see, i heard it, breathed it, birthed it
    refuse to repeat it

    stripping down removing my underwear
    caught unaware of tears i start a prayer
    father forgive me for what Im about to do
    to take a child away from you
    cant cry now i did this to me
    but **** it, im scred lord, cant you see
    please help me
    give me a sign let me know
    that you knew too how this would go
    you watched me breath it, birth it, love it
    you know i cant afford to repeat this

    thirty minutes and its over through
    while part of me is relieved done misconstrue
    i will firever hear that noise
    suctioning taking a life destroyed
    i cant even look at you annoyed, avoid
    lest you see the pain in my eyes
    it right there it will not hide
    i needed you and you refused
    my pride, my ego, my womb bruised
    leave me alone, let me be
    let her spirit emancipate me
    free me from your hold
    so the real story can be told
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