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Feb 15, 2001
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It's morning. A few dreams still linger
at the edge of almost awake and nearly asleep.
A dull throb of reality finally tapers into unspoken resignation
and the death of self confidence and control to chance
a new face and hard-body at the cost of my soul
is immeasurable but unstoppable.

It is clear that life is more than a seven second series
of spasms and shallow breathing, but now it becomes a lusty obsession
especially when denied and there is no numbness in my maleness.

I am digusting to myself, a fractured and desperate man
who stands to the side and watches with a sneer
as that other genderless piece of me carries on with life
as if everything is perfect, lusting, lurking and living life
on the edge of almost and just on the tip.

Often it seems that there is little use in living
without self control and moderation but, I now
know what is the truth. It brooks no argument
and that truth is what has long been known
--a woman who can make a dick hard
is a woman with enormous power.



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