Black Spirituality Religion : The "Real" Moses/Muses"

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    "...However, there came a time when a man by the name of Musa (or Moses) left Kemet and came to this land to "civilize" them. He taught them how to live respectful lives, how to build a home, and some forgotten tricknowledge their father, Jacob (Yakub), gave them. The forgotten tricknology consisted of 1)Devilishment; 2)Telling lies; 3)Stealing and; 4)How to master the Original man. It was Moses who taught them to wage war against us! He is also greatly responsible for the demise of ancient Kemet. Christianity wants you to believe Moses was good. But due to his "good" work, they came back to Kemet as the persianz, romanz, greeks, and now modern caucasianz (along with arabz and asianz) and currently have been on a rampant move to destroy the Original wo/man and the earth!..."

    The biblical messsge is shrouded and coded in european myth. The splitting of the Red Sea was the release of YT by this Moses/Muses from the Caucasus Mountains.