Black Poetry : The REAL McCOY


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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Director, Community Employment Strategies
I've been in search of him for quite some time now...
Do you know who he he is, or even where he might reside?

Tell me or allow me to further explain to you -

I'll take not imitations, acknowledging fewer limitations -
No pretenses
No magic in him can be found

For transcendentalism has been my best teacher
Showing me just the right type of brotha
I should look for...

In all ACTUALITY his ENTIRETY is filled with SUBSTANTIAL subject MATTER that is truly true~
when REALITY speaks; sistas may hear

I have learned to listen; objectively
You see, I've been well informed -
you are no PHENOMENON
I am wise enough to know
you possess a PHYSICALITY that is
so close...
yet far...

You resonate so intelligibly~
I've just got to know brotha....are you THE REAL McCOY?


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