Black Spirituality Religion : THE REAL "KING JAMES VERSION"


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Feb 3, 2001
New York
For over 300 years Protestants – from whom Black people got their Christian religion – have romanticized about being the successors of the Reformation that spawned the Puritans, Pilgrims and Calvinists. This is a massive historical irony. Many of today’s Protestants, under the title Christians of the various denominations, religiously use the King James Version of the Bible, or a Bible that is a mere revision of it...

The irony is that the Pilgrims, Puritans and Calvinists would not have been caught dead with a King James Version of the Bible in their time. They, as well as so-called luminaries like Shakespeare and Milton, used the 1644 Geneva Bible, as did King James himself prior to authorizing a version that bears his name.

After quoting the Geneva Bible in his own writings, King James later endeavored to disavow any knowledge of it whatsoever. This was a clumsy attempt to disassociate himself with his earlier Scottish beliefs in order to win the favor of his English churchmen.

Notwithstanding the commonly-held notion that King James authorized his version of the Bible to enlighten the common people, his sole intention was to further his capacity to exploit them – courtesy of what was known as the “King’s Rights.”

The “King’s Rights” was actually known as “The Divine Right of Kings.” This philosophy held that the King’s power was a grant of God. This grant of power meant that the King had no one to answer to but God. This overwhelming lack of accountability even applied to evil kings because of the rationale that “if a king was evil it was a punishment sent on the subjects from God.” In this case the people were expected to suffer in silence...

The marginal notes of the Geneva Bible, which King James and his subjects had used up until the point of the King’s version, did not conform to the philosophy of “Divine Right of Kings.” By supplanting the Geneva Bible with his own version, King James effectively denied the populace those marginal notes, and, by doing so, denied them their inalienable rights as human beings...
Marginal notes such as: “When tyrants cannot prevail by craft they burst forth into open rage” in the popular Geneva Bible – placed there by people such as John Calvin – really upset and disturbed King James. The irony goes further...

King James did not encourage a translation of the Bible in order to enlighten the common people; his sole purpose was to deny them the marginal notes of the Geneva Bible. The marginal notes were what made it so popular with the common people. Thus, for all intents and purposes: The King James Version of the Bible was a government-sanctioned publication...

King James I, among his many other faults, preferred young boys to adult women. He was a flaming homosexual. His activities in that regard have been recorded in numerous books and public records; so much so, that there is no room for debate on the subject. King James was as gay as the days of summer are long! The very people who use the King James Version of the Bible today would be the first ones to throw such a deviant out of their congregations!...

The depravity of King James didn’t end with sodomy. The King enjoyed killing animals. He called it “hunting.” Once he killed an animal, he would literally roll about in its blood. Some believe that he practiced bestiality while the animal lay dying...

King James was a sadist as well as a sodomite. He enjoyed torturing people. When he was King of Scotland, he personally supervised the torture of poor wretches caught up in the witchcraft trials of that country. The King would even suggest new tortures to the examiners...

Once a certain so-called “witch” was acquitted. That event so-angered the King that he wrote personally to the court, ordering a sentence of death, and had the jury called into custody. To make sure they understood their particular offense, the King himself presided at a new hearing – and was gracious enough to release them without punishment when they reversed their verdict...

History has it that King James was also a great coward. Once, when the King was in Edinburgh and emerged from the toll booth, an entourage followed that included noted Dukes and Lords. An argument ensued for some reason and they pulled their swords. The King looked behind, saw the steel flashing, and fled into the nearest refuge, which turned out to be a skinner's booth. There – to his shame – he “fouled his breeches in fear”...

In summary, King James I was the kind of loathsome creature honorable men despised, real Christians would not associate with, and the Bible itself orders to be put to death (Leviticus 20:13). Knowing the truth about King James, any intelligent person can easily discern motivation behind his machinations regarding “his Bible.”

When he ascended the English throne, he wasted no time in ordering a new edition of the Bible in order to deny the common peoples the marginal notes they so-valued in the Geneva Bible. The fact that King James wasn’t going to have any marginal notes to annoy him and lead English citizens away from what he wanted them to think is a matter of public record.

In an account corrected with his own hand he ordained:

“That a translation be made of the whole Bible, as consonant as can be to the original Hebrew and Greek, and this is to be set out and printed without any marginal notes, and only to be used in all churches of England in time of divine service.”

King James even ordained that “if a word should be translated a certain way, let’s deliberately mistranslate it to make the people think God still belongs to the Anglican Church – exclusively.”

Today's gullible Christians who believe that men have not tampered with the Bible need to research this for themselves...


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Feb 9, 2001
Aqil, thank you for answering my question and so thoroughly. This certainly helps me to understand better how the KJV of the Bible came into existence.

Africa is a huge continent made up of about 50 countries. Before Christianity was introduced there, was there a single religious philosophy practiced on the continent or did it vary from country to country? Is Islam the original religious doctrine of Black (not Indian) African people and is that why many Blacks in America have converted?


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Feb 3, 2001
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54 countries on the African continent to be exact Queen...and none of the Africans who were brought to this country as slaves were Christians...

Religious philosophies varied from country to country in earlier times, but now Islam is the predominant religion of Africa...and this has definitely influenced some African-Americans who have become Muslims in this country...


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Apr 19, 2003
Islam and Christainty are both not really africa

Religious philosophies varied from country to country in earlier times, Queen, but now Islam is the predominant religion of Africa...and this has definitely influenced some African-Americans who have become Muslims in this country...''

Christianty and Islam are nothing more than variations of an even Older spirtual tradition which is rooted in the Nile.

Montheism has it;s origins withing Kemetin cosmology,and many of the so called concepts of Christainty spring form thsi very place.

Why whorship a pale imitation of a even older and more puerer source.

One more thing is that many of the slaves who came to America were Yoruba and praticed a relgion called Ifa.

Islam was not forced upon Western Africans,but many willing converted to secure trade routes to the Northern African countries which the Arabs did force islam upon.

The Arab invasion brought Islam to Egypt,and at this time Egyptians were mostly Christain,and soon because of the heavy taxiation the Egyptians eventually coinverted to Islam to avoid getting taxed. Islam was forced upon the population of egypt,but not Western Africa.

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