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info-moetry said:
peace River,

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Info,

Haven't conversed with you in a long time.

This thread seems to have gotten off track and turned into a go nowhere dialogue of the um excuse me ,,.deaf. Can we get back to where we left off with intelligent discussion before we went astray?

See when you told me that the Bible I was reading is not the real Bible I thought you were hinting at some ancient text or some conspiracy to hide the truth. I know that inerrancy in the Bible can only be applied to the original text which don't exist any more. So there is really no way to compare the copies that we have to the originals.

So unless you have some information that I don't the real Bible does not exist. But why don't the original manuscripts exist? Aren't there ancient manuscripts of Kemet or Asia that have survived just as long as the Biblical manuscripts should have survived?

With these questions I hope to steer this thread back on the right path.



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