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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
Brother Info,

Some time ago you told me that the Bible I read is not the real Bible. I did not ask you to elaborate on that at the time. But I would like to know what you meant.
river said:
Brother Info,

Some time ago you told me that the Bible I read is not the real Bible. I did not ask you to elaborate on that at the time. But I would like to know what you meant.

Peace my sister,

Good ?...........what I meant was that the bible is not a book. If it is said another way it becomes BY-BILL which most can only elude to William (bill) Shakespear whose name can be found in the bible (by-bill). Also, as I have said that these so-called holy books or some of the knowledge therein were given by OUR people to get those New beings on the right path as they were cave dwellers. Which is why you find Muhammad/moses/Jesus in the Mountains/Wilderness for long periods of time................& all of a sudden they come back with something new!!!!!

- Not too mention the fact that there are so many books that were in the bible that were taken out on purpose. Not for our sake, but for theirs (the New-beings) because they didn't want their own people to know who we REALLY ARE...........Their Gods!!!!!!

- The bible is called by Christians "the true & living word of god" - also, "JESUS is the word made flesh" OK, if the word manifested itself by GOD into a man/woman, then GOd him/herself is also flesh because God can not create anything other than a God/Goddess...............(is this debateable, YES) but it will take us back to deep waters where everyone is not comfortable swimming in!!!!!

Suffice it to say that the original Bible is YOU!!!!!!!! ( I was called a blasphemer last time I said this, but here I am saying it again!!) meaning from our divine nature we took 33 degrees of our knowledge and put it in a book/scrolls for THEM which is why THEY SAY JESUS DIED AT 33 in the BY-BILL. They are symbolically telling us that once we gave them knowledge on how to live in peace, they had already decided to turn our knowledge against us!!!! THe same goes for the false Masonic story of Hiram Abiff, for Hiram Abiff is the BLACK MAN!!!!!! The Master builder..........................

I humbly leave you in peace my Queen...........................................
The Real Bible ?

At the time of Prophet Jesus there was no such thing as "Bible". Then what was the Holy Scriptures then? The answer to this question is, Prophet (Isah Yusef) Jesus says, "I did not come to distroy the law, but I came to fulfill the Law". The "Old" testament or (Torah) is the same book that Prophet Moses supposetly gave to the so-called "Jews" and that part of the Bible is the same as their (so-called-Jews) Torah. At this time in history there was no such thing as the Bible.
Ware did Prophet Moses get his learning and teaching from? The answer is, Prophet (Musa) Moses was an Egyptin or Black African Man who was learned in the ways of the Black People of (KMT) Kemet, Egypt or Africa at that time in history.
This is all in the stories told in the Book, Bible old testament and Torah today. The learning Prophet (Musa) Moses received was how to speak Egyption, how to write in Egyptian and learned the Religen of the Egyptians or Black Africans.
THE BOOK OF LIFE - WHICH REPRESENTS THE ORIGANL SACRED WRITINGS AND THE WORDS OF LIFE AND PEACE. The ancient African sacred writings were known as the Medu Neter (Medu - meaning words; and Neter meaning G-d). Hence, the Medu Neter was and should be called "G-d's Words" or "The Word of G-d".This is what Phrophet (Musa) Moses was learned and tought from and he taught the Children of Israill, and this is what Phrophet (Isah Yusef) Jesus came to fulfill to the people in Rome who had Lost their way and became Un-Civilized and who today are the so-called Jews and Catholics (Christians, all 666 different denominations) who are called Protistents or People who Pro-Test againts the "Roman-Catholic-Church" headed by the White Pope today.

The bruthaz dropped a lot of knowledge so let me just add....

The word bible is a Greek word that simply means a collection of books so there's not really a "false" bible.
It's the books and doctrines the Bible contains that is subject to falsehood.

For example, it is said that Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Bible or the Pentateuch.

But Deuteronomy chapter 34:10 says--

"And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses, whom the LORD knew face to face"

Not only does this suggest that Moses couldn't have wrote those scriptures speaking of himself like that; but it als shows that these books were written much later than when the events allegedly took place.

Also, the Bible that the Protestants use is different than the one Catholics use and both are differnt than the Bible the Jews and early Hebrews used.


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