Black People : THE RE-ACTION

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    we've been taught that for every move there's a counter move or reaction,what i'm speaking of is the white flight[BACK]into the inner cities which started about ten years ago and is in FULL swing and i don't think that many of us[BLACKS]saw it coming,the goal of intergration wasn't to live around white folk but to live wherever we wanted and alot of us wanted to live in the[BURBS]and why not,the schools were better as was the shopping and who doesn't like peace and quiet,so off we went as fast as we could afford it[yes me too]so the good liberal minded white folk said sure let afew of em in[they didn't want us of course but they couldn't stop us] but lo and behold the[few]became the many as we went to school and got higher paying jobs and could afford to live in the burbs and they said[whoa we didn't mean for THIS MANY of you to move out here]but you see the man is ALWAYS thinking and planning his next move so he says ok y'all want the burbs we'll take back the inner city,we'll take our resources and rebuild the schools to suit us,we'll repave the streets and rebuild the old movie houses[although they wouldn't put much money into the city when we lived there-hmm i wonder why?]it doesn't matter that there are MANY who can't make the move or who loved the inner city and chose to stay,it doesn't matter that there are still thousands of children who go to ragged schools[the ones they haven't gotten to yet]and live in dangerous neighborhoods but of course that's gonna change slowly but surely...what i'm really getting at black people is now that the man has REACTED where are we who CAN'T AFFORD to leave gonna go?