Black Spirituality Religion : The Rastafarians Who Call Themselves Nazarites ?

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    What About The Rastafarians Who Call Themselves Nazarites ? There's A Group Of Rastafarians Who Think They Are Nazarites . Let Me Tell You Right Now That They Are Not !!! The Nazarites Were Dedicated To The Service Of The Most High . In No Way Can The Nazarites Be Compared To Present Day Groups Who Do Not Cut Their Hair . The Nazarites Followed Such Laws Like Abstaining From Strong Drink , Not Marring The Corners Of Their Beards , Etc . There Are 2 Groups Of Rastafarians , One Group Is Known For The Amount Of Marujuana Also Called Ganja Or Refeer That They Smoke . The Other Group Who Are Considered The Real Rastafarians, Live In The Mountains And Pratice A Pure Way Of Life . They Refer To These Who Sell Drugs And Smoke Marijuana And Hashish As Rascals. The Rastafarians Use Ezekiel 44 ; 20 And I Quote . Neither Shall They Shave Their Heads . Nor Suffer Their Locks To Grow Long ; The Shall Only Poll Their Heads , ;... To Justify Their Wearing Dreadlocks ;.... The Hebrew Word Used In This QuoteFor Poll Is TheRoot Word Kacam Which Means ''' To Cut Clip . To Trim , To Shear '' . This Is In Reference To Keeping The Excess Hair Growth Neat And Intact . The Scriptures State That You Should Not ShaveThe Beard ; Yet It Is Law To . The Above Quote SaysTo Keep The Edges Trimmed ( Polled ) . Not Mishkawth Which Is The Hebrew Word For Marred Meaning ''' Disfigurement Of The Face Corruption '' From The Root Word Shawkhath Meaning '' To Destroy , To Corrupt , To Be Marred '' In Addition To Polling The Hair , TheQuote Sates ... Nor To Suffer The Locks To Grow Long ... Suffer Means '' To Endure Or Tolerate ''' . The Scriptures Again Confirm That The Locks Should Not Be Allowed To Grow Long ( Extreme , In Excess ) . There Also Use The Quote Number 6 ; 5 And Leviticus21 ; 5 To Justify Wearing Dreadlocks. On The Scriptures , You Should Seek A Clearer OverStanding Because The Locks Mentioned In The Scriptures Were SomeThing Totally Different And Has Nothing To Do With ''' Dreads''
    If You Choose To Wear DreadLocks In Your Hair Is YourBusiness . HowEver , When You Try To Use The Scriptures To Try And Justify Your Beliefs And Miguide Innocent Souls While Doing This , Thats When I Have Problem . So There Is No Proof In The Scriptures That Rastafarians Are Nazarites . And No . Nazarites Did Not Wear DreadLocks In Their Hair . Haile Selassie Didn't Even Wear DreadLocks . Is It Possible To Combine Customs Or Ceremonies Of Christianity With Hebraic Customs Or Ceremonies ? It Is Said That Haile Selassie Cononation In 1930 A.D. Which Was Held In The Cathedral Of St. George In Addis Ababa , Was A Hebraic - Christian Ceremony . THERE IS NO SUCH THING ! The Original Hebrews Do Not Hold Hebraic - Christian Ceremonies . The Original Hebrew Do Not And Never Have Believed In Jesus Christ As The Messiah . Haile Selassie Was A Christian A Coptic Christian , Not A Hebrew If You Have Seen Any Of His Pictures . And Have Notice In His Hands He Holds The Coptic Cross In His Hand . TheCross Of An Original Hebrews Is The Menorah Because It Symbolizes The Tree . The Tree Goes Back To The Tree Of Life , Or The Tree Of Good And Evil ( Agreeable And Disagreeable ) . It Can Also Be Seen Where The Christians Got The Concept Of The Christian Tree , In The Hebraic Religion There Is A Seven Candle Menorah And A Nine Candle Menorah . If You Were To Overlap These Two Menorahs , It Will From A Christian Tree . The Word ForTree In Aramic / Hebrew Is ' Atsa Which Is Also The Syriac / Arabic Word For Stick Is ' Asaa . In Deuteronomy 21 ; 22 - 23 It Says That A Man That Has Committed A Sin And Is Hung On A Tree , Is Cursed Of Eloheem . David's Downfall Was His Disobedience To His God Yahweh . He Disobeyed The Commandment That Was Given To Abraham Which Was Not To Mix His Seed With The Daughters Of Canaan . David Violated This Law When He Married Bathsheba Daughter Of Eliam , Who He Had Committed Adultery With , And Then Sent Her Husband Uriah To The Front Lines Of Battles To Be Killed . For This Act Committed By David He Was Cursed . Crucifixion On A Tree Was The Manner Of Death According To The Law Of The Scriptures Deuteronomy 21 ; 22 . This Shows That The Israelites Knew That David Was Not Crucified On A Stick ( With A Cross Beam ) , But On A Tree . More Proof That Haile Selassie Was A Coptic Christian Is The Definition Of His Name . According To The World Book Encyclopedia , E Volume , On Page 296 The Name Halie Selassie Means '' Power Of The Trinity '' . And The Word Trinity Means ''' Triad '' And '' Tri '' Means Three , AndBy Three , Christians Means Three Separate Gods Into One God. The Father , God His Own Son , And God The Holy Ghoist ; Called Three Person In One . FOOLISHNESS . As A Matter Of Fact . When Menelik ll's Grandson Lij Yasu ( Isa ) Began To Oust Britsh Infuluence In Ethiopia , It Was Haile Selassie Who Restored Them . Lij Was The Son Of One Of Menelik ll's Daughter And Ras Michi Who Was The Chief Of Wallo - Gallas , Muslims People. Lij Yasu Had Strong Pan - Islaamic Tendencies . This Led Him Into Constant Conflict With The Amherics
    And His Other Non - Muslims Citizens . When TheWorld War Broke Out , Lij Began To Give Open Political Expression To The Muslims Sympathies By Plotting With Turkey , Germany And The Sudan Again Great Britain . The British Found A More Sympathetic Ally In Haile Selassie . With The Aid Of The British And Entente Powers ( Countries With A Common Agreement ) . Selassie Mobilized An Army Among The Amherics And Declared A Revolt Against Lij Yasu . A Bloody Civil War Followed Which Cost Over Fifty Thousand ( 50,000 ) Lives . The Forces Of Lij And His Father Were Completely Defeated At Segono In 1916 A.D. Lij Yasu Was Captured And Made A State Prisoner . So As You Can See , Any Threat To Haile Selassie's Religion Of Coptic Christianity Was Met With Hostility . The Original Hebrew Also Do Not Use The Scroll Of Revelation . TThey Don't Care About A Man Named John Receiving A Scroll On The Isles Of Patmos , Let Alone . Reading A Greek Book When You Have Our Language . I Say Greek Book Because The Apocalypse Is Called A Greek Book . Hebrews Definitely Would Not Read The Tales Of Matthew , Not Mark , Luke Or The Book Of John And Definitely None Of The Books Of Paul . No Real Hebrew Follows These Books . Why Do I Say That ? Because To The Real Hebrew Or IsraeliteOr Jew Or WhatEver You Want To Call People Who Live By The Laws Of The Torah , The Last Book , Is The Book Called Malachi AndAnyone. Be They Christian Or Otherwise , Who MakeA Sincere And Honest Study Of The NewTestament Can Plainly See That It Is Merely Copied . Largely From The Old Testament , As They Call It And The Bible In ItsEntirety Was Plagiarized From The Ancient Sumerian Tablets Called The Enuma Elish And The Gilgamesh Epics . The Stories Based Around The Life Of The Man They Call Jesus , Are All Copied From The Old Testament . This Can Only Be Seen If Read Witout The Spell . No Real Hebrew Believe The Messiah Was Already Here . They Believe The Messiah Was Already Here . They Believe That When The Messiah David Comes . He'll Rign And Bring Israel Back To Its Glory . The Jesus That Was There 2,000 Years Ago Didn't Do It . The Jesus That Came 2,000 Years Ago Was Not THE Messiah . In Case You're Not Informed There's Two Messiahs In Israel . The Messiah Son Of Joseph And The Messiah David Son Of Jesse . So If Haile Selassie Was Not The Messiah Son Of Joseph Which We Know He Wasn't Because His Father's Name Was Ras Makonnen , Then He Must Be The Messiah David Son Of Jesse . However , We KnowThat Was Definitely Not His Name , Because He Was Suppose To Fulfill Certain Prophecies Which He Didn't . He Did Absolutely Nothing For The Upliftment Of The Children Of Israel In The Land Of Israel Or In Ethiopia . So For You People Who Worship Haile Selassie , You're Living Under An Illusion Of Grander . You're Afraid That The Messiah Might Have OverLQQked You . So You''re Creating A Messsiah . You Need Somebody To Leand On Being That You Can't Stand On Your Own Two Feet And Hold Your Own , Then You Say That The '' White Man '' Is The Devil And That He Fear The Dreaded Rastaman . Well , Guess What ? Your God Was At The Funeral Of President Kenndy '' The Devil '' As You Call Him . Haile Selassie Was A Traitor , He Betrayed As Sayyid Al Haadi Abdur Rahmaan Al Mahdi Who Is Now Dead . Now This Is Real Story . After All Efforts To Keep PeaceIn The Sudan Between The Ansaars And The Opposing Party . Which Consisted Of The Khatmiyya. The Communists AndThe Egyptian Had Failed , As Sayyid Al Haadi Abdur Rahmaan Al Mahdi Had Decided To Leave The Country For Ethiopia , In The Year 1970 A.D. He Was To Meet With The Ansaar Leaders Oitside Of Sudan
    ( Many Of Them Who Exiled ) At Alraduwk Mountain Camp . 22 Kilometer ( 12. 4 Miles ) East Of The Sea Of Alkurmuk . Unknown To As Sayyid Al Haadi Abdur Rahaan Al Mahdi . Haile Selassie Betrayed The Ansaars By Making This Know To The May Regine . An Agreement Had Been Reach Between Him And Haile Selassie , To Allow The Ansaars To Secretly Immigrate To Ethiopia And To Maintain Training Camps On The Border ; But Haile Selassie Betrayed The Ansaars . He Informed The British Goverment Who Worked With The Americans And The Anglo - Egyptians . And Who He Had Always Had A Pact With . Of This Plan On The Way To The Border , On March 31 ; 1970 A.D. A Police Force Surrounded As Sayyid Al Haadi Abdur Rahmaan Al Mahdi And His Companions , Sayfuddiyn Anaji And Muhammad Ahmad Mustafa , As Sayyid Al Haadi Abdur Rahmaan Al Mahdi Was Shot In His Right Leg And Two Other Companions , Were Assassinated And Their Bodies Were Buried In Aldown Vally ( Near Bawu In Ingasana Mountain ) As Sayyid Al Haadi Abdur Rahmaan Al Mahdi , Was Then Taken To Jail By The Police . Haile Was Inforned That He Was There In Jail And There Is Where You God Haile Selassie Had As Sayyid Al Haadi Abdur Rahmaan Al Mahdi Killed , He Was Shot Repeatedly In The Back Of His Head . His Body Was Later Taken To The Same Place Where They Had Buried His Other Two Companions . THIS IS A FACT THAT ETHIOPIANS TRY TO HIDE . So I'm Not The Least Concerned With This Dead God . We've Had Enough Dead Jesus Matthew 24 ; 5 . We Don't Need Another False Messiah Or Fake Savior , After His Dead His Son Organize His Own Little Group . In Fact Wouldn't His Son Be The Son Of God , If His Father Was God ???? To The Rastafarian . Haile Selassie's Crowning As The Emperor Of Ethiopia Was Symbolic Of The Day Of Repatriation . Repatriate Means '' The Return To The Country Of One's Birth Or Citizenship '' . They Say A True '' Rasta '' Really Wants To Go Back To Africa And Create An Universal Brotherhood For All Nubians . The Very Reason They Call Haile Selassie Their Prophesied Savior Is Because Of The Statement Marcus Garvey Made Concerning The Crowning Of A Black King . Although Marcus Garvey Was Not Referring To Haile Selassie , The Rastafarians Mistakenly Accepted Haile Selassie As Their Leader Because Of The Timing Of His Coronation And His Titles Such As Conquering Lion Of Judah , King Of Kings, Elect Of God , Etc . They Also Consider Marcus Garvey To Be Their Founding Father , And Second To Haile Selassie , Is ''' King Of Kings '' In Revelation 17 ; 14 Also 19 ; 16 , First , Let Me Address Revelation 17 ; 14 , This Quote Clearly Says That The Lamb , Whom You Are Calling Haile Selassie , Will As The Greek Say Nikao ''' OverCome , Conquer , Prevail , Get The Victory '' . And As Modern Day History Proves , If You Do Any ReSearch At All You Will Find That Haile Selassie Was Born In 1892 A.D. In Harar , Ethiopia And Died In 1975 A.D. AndI Mentioned Earlier . The Italian Invasion Of 1935 - 1936 A.D. Forced Haile Selassie To Leave The Country . He Lived In London Until 1941 A.D. When The British ( Who Are Caucasian ) Drove The Italians Out Of Ethiopia And Restored Him To HisThrone . So , The White British Are TheOnes Who Put Haile Selassie On His Throne In The Year 1941 A.D. So Your God Was Chased By The Italians Out Of His Country In 1936 A.D. Not To Another African Country Or Jamaica , A Land Where He Was Loved , But He Chose To Live Amongst The British , Who Eventually Gave Him His Throne ,Then Again The Rebels , In December 13 . 1960 A.D. While Halie Selassie Was On Vacation In South America Overthrew The Country . After Four DaysHe Regained His Throne . Then Again In The Year 1974 A.D. His Reign Ended When A Military Coup Of His Own Ethiopian People Who Did Not See Him As Any Lamb , OverThrew Him AndThen One Year Later He Was Dead . There Were Several ! Other Occasion That Haile Selassie Deceived His People . When He Went To Jamaica , He Didn't Even Recognize His Namesakes The Rastafarians . Yet To This Day . They Still Adopt Him As Their Leader And God . This Does Not SoundLike Any '' Conquering Lion '' To Me He Can't Even Save His Own Country . HowCan He Save The World . So Again This Quote Was Not About Halie Selassie , Because He Lost The War In Ethiopia And Fell Into The Hands Of The Enemy . No King Has He Yielded . You Can Call Yourself A King If You Want ? . You Should Be Ruling Where The Ark Of The Covenant Is . Let's Address Revelation 19 ; 16 And I Quote , And He Had On His Robe And On His Thigh That Which Was Written , Ruler Of Rulers , The ADONI Of The ADONAIS .
    And If You Have A Picture Or Have Seen Picture Of Haile Selassie With A Vesture / Himation - A Greek Word Which Mean '' Garment , Raiment , Clothes , Cloak Robe, Apparel , You'll OverStand Where I'm Coming From Here , And The Reason Why I Refer To The Greek Is Because Of What Revelation 1 ; 9 Says About The Man Who Wrote The Book Of Revelation And I Quote ; '' I John Who Also Your Brother And Companion In Tribulations And In The Kingdom And Patience Of Jesus Christ , Was In The Isles That Is Called Patmos . For The Word Of God AndFor The Testimony Of Jesus Christ '' This Quote Tells You Where John Was When He Received The Book Of Revelation . The Place Was Called The Isles Of Patmos . Patmos Is An Island In The Aegean Sea , 20 Miles South Of Samos And 23 Miles West Of Asia Minor . Which Is In Greek . And Read Revelation 1 ; 8 Where The Greek Letters Alpha And Omega Are Found And Also In Revelation 16 ; 16 Where It States And I Quote And He Gathered Them Together Into A Place Called In The Hebrew Tongue Armageddon '' This Make It Quite Clear That The Book Was Not In The Hebrew Tongue , Because It Says '' In The Hebrew Tongue '' . This Quote Is Not Referring To Halie Selassie . The Foolish Among You Call H.I .M ( His Imperial Majesty ) . The '' Elect Of Yah '' In Isaiah 42 ; 1 , And I Quote , Here Is My Slave , Whom I Uphold My Elect , In Whom My Spirit Delight , I Have Gave My Soul Upon Him He Will Bring Forth Judgement To The Goyee Gentile Nations .
    You State That Haile Selassie Is The'' Elect Of Yah '' And Then Say Read Isaiah 42 ; 1 . Well As You Can Plainly See No Where AreThe Words '' Elect Of Yah '' Found In The Quote . You Do Find The Hebrew Word Bachayr. Which Means '' Chosen , Choice , One Chosen One '' But The Word Yah Is Not There In The Hebrew . That's Called Innovation Or Simply Adding To The WordsOf The Scriptures , Which Is A Grave Sin . And While You're In Isaiah Chapter 42 . Don't Forget They Are Speaking Against You Stargazers In Isaiah 47 ; 13 Which Talks About Your Astrologers Stargazer And Prognosticators . You Use A Symbol Of A Lion AndSay That Haile Was Born '' In 1992 A.D. On July 23rd In The Month Of The Solar Lion '' Leo Which Means That You Believe In Astrology Which Is A Greek Practice . You Refer To H.I.M . ( His Imperial Majesty ) As The Conquering Lion Which Means Your God Believe In Astrology . The Greek Pratice Which Your Scriptures Openly Speak Again Isaiah 47 ; 13 And I Quote . You Are Weak Wearied In The Multitude Of Your Counsels . Let Now The Astrologer , The Stargazers . The Monthly Prognosticators , Stand Up . And Save You From These Things That Will Come Upon You .
    So , If You're Going To Talk About The Truth , Talk The WholeTruth . Halie Selassie Was An Ethiopian And He Could Be Your Christ , For Christ Is A Greek Word ; But It Has Nothing To Do With The Hebrew . He Was Not The Messiah As Used In The Aramic / Hebrew Language And Prophecied In Daniel 9 ; 25 . And The Original Hebrew , Are Not Concerned With Your New Testment Prophecies . He Had No Power , He Ruled Nobody . And Was Overthrown By HisOwn People Because Of Manipulation Of The Government . NoWhere In The Scriptures Does It Say That The Messiah David Son Of Jessse Was Going To Get Married AndGive Birth To A Bunch Of Kids . If You WereIn Ethiopia Now . You Wouls Find His Familt Still There . Why Aren't You Not Exalting Them ? Aren't They The Children Of God . Or The Children Of The Messiah ? You Also Have Pictures Of Him With A Family . Does That Mean God Had Sex ? Also Remember . Halie Selassie Was Suppose To Be '' The Conquering Lion Of Judah '' HowEver He Wasn't Much Help When Ethiopia Was Invaded By Mussolini In 1935 A.D. And Was Occupied For Five Years During Which The Italians Killed , Rape And Beheaded Thousands Of Ethiopians . Mussolini Was Really An Assistant To The Adolph Hitler . It Was During This Time . That Halie Selassie Went Into Exile In Bath , England . Why Didn't He Go To Israel ? Because Of Fear . He Deserted His Country Men And Even Those Jamaicans Who Would HaveWelcomed Him , With Open Arms . Not To Mention The Many Other African Nation . Why Didn't He Go To Jamaica Where He Was So Loved ? Because He Did Not Acknowledge Them As His Disciples . Eventhough They Saw Him As A Christ With Divine Powers . Why Didn't He Use His Holy Powers To Save His People ? BECAUSE HE HAD NONE .

    And Say The Facts Beyond Any Doubt Have Come And False Ways Were To Vanish In Time < Pharaoh Jaheer > :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:
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    Well, this was definately an interesting read. It was a bit much to take in on the first try, though. This is a lot of information. Thank you for the insight. Do you have websites, books to refer to? I would love to read the facts for myself. Thanks.

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