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    Many Christians believe that there is going to be a rapture when their Jesus comes back to earth.

    What is the rapture?
    The Christians say that the rapture is when Christ will remove his believers from earth in the twinkling of an eye. One moment they'll be going about their business, and the next moment they'll all disappear, taken by Jesus. Only the non-believers will be left on earth, according to this Christian teaching called the rapture.

    Where did this idea or teaching come from?
    You won't find it anywhere in the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. And you won't find it anywhere in the old testament prophesies either.
    The old testament prophets talked at great length about the end times, the times we're living in now. They talked about pestilences, earthquakes, droughts, starvation, wars, etc that will occur at the end time.
    Jesus did the same.

    In Matthew chapter 24 and 25 he talks for a long time about the end times. He mentions all the things that we see happening today, such as wars, famines, diseases, etc. Then he says after those tribulations, the sun and the moon will be darkened, and 'the sign of the Son of man shall appear in heaven, and all the nations shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and glory'.

    You'd think he would mention such a momentous event if it was part of the divine plan at the end time, since his entire long speech in those chapters were exclusively about the end times.
    But he never mentions it.

    The same is the case with all the prophets of the old testament. They talk at great length about the end time, but not a single one of them says that God will take believers off the earth by making them disappear. Moreover, this idea of the rapture is not mentioned by any of the contemporaries of Paul who were preaching with him, such as Peter, James, etc.

    So where did this idea come from?
    It was introduced to Christians by Paul.
    The Christians call Paul an apostle. If you know anything about the story of Jesus, you'll remember that Jesus had 12 apostles. There were others also who followed him and his teachings as he moved from place to place, and some of them perhaps could be called apostles, especially if Jesus gave them permission to spread his teachings.

    But all these apostles, the 12 that are known as well as any others there may have been, were all people taught and authorized directly by Jesus while he was still alive on earth.
    Anyone else who discovered his teachings after he died, and taught them, cannot be said to be an apostle because he was not one of the chosen 12 or authorized directly by Jesus to represent his teachings.
    If you look at the encyclopedia definition of apostle, you'll notice that it lists the 12 apostles (or 13, due to the Judas event), and then as a side note is says, "St. Paul is always classed as an apostle", without giving the reason why.

    So why do the Christians insist that Paul is one of the apostles?
    Because by doing that they automatically make it seem like he's authorized to represent Jesus's teachings exactly the same way as the 12 apostles.

    Why do they want to give this power and authority to Paul?
    Because Paul says many things that they agree with. In other words, the teachings of Paul suit them very well, and they bestowed artificial authority on his teachings by making him an apostle of Jesus, even though he clearly was not. He discovered the teachings of Jesus after Jesus was dead. He never met him. In fact, he was a persecutor of the followers of Jesus, calling for their slaughter, until one day his guilt got the better of him and he joined the very people he was persecuting.
    This turnaround appealed to many Christians of his time, and they reasoned to themselves, "This man Paul, who was formerly Saul, was a persecutor of the Christians, but now he has repented and joined the people he used to persecute. Therefore he must have been overcome by the spirit of Jesus, causing him to repent. Therefore what he teaches must be true."
    They were won over by his repentance and complete turnabout, and he became the most respected authority of his time among the Christians.
    How did Paul come to be 'filled with the holy spirit'?
    According to him and his companions, they were traveling on the road to Damascus one day on their way to hunt and persecute Christians and all of a sudden a bright light shone on him and blinded him. Then a voice spoke and told him to stop persecuting the Christians and join them instead. Later he was healed of his blindness and he started teaching.
    What was it that he taught that the Christians liked so much that they gave him the title of Apostle, thereby conferring the authority of Jesus on his words?

    For one, he taught this false idea of the rapture, where believers are to be taken off the earth to heaven. He and others of his time, and many Christians even today, quote the words of Jesus in Matthew 24:40 and 41 where Jesus says, "Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left."
    If you read the verses before this, you'll see that Jesus was not talking about a rapture. He was talking about how the natural disasters of the end times will take people from their friends, brothers from their sisters and so on, exactly as happens when there is a major earthquake or tsunami or other cataclysm. Children are taken from their mothers and fathers from their sons.
    He said this quite clearly by comparing the coming disasters to the time of Noah, when there was a major flood and people were taken from their loved ones. In Matthew 24:39 he says, "For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage... And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

    In other words, he was comparing the catastrophes that are to come with those of the time of Noah, where people were taken away (killed) by disasters, not taken away by God.
    But Christians, led by Paul, misinterpret his words to mean that the Son of man will take people away by making them vanish in the blink of an eye, with no trace left of them except their empty clothes, their jewelry, wallets, their shoes, and everything else they had on them left in a pile following the rapture.
    I'll talk more about Paul's idea called the rapture.
    First let me briefly address another false teaching of Paul that the Christians like very much. It's the false doctrine of salvation by faith alone.
    This false doctrine claims that you'll live eternal life in 'heaven' with Jesus if you only accept that he died for all your sins. You don't have to do anything else. Just believe that, and you're free and clear to fly all the way to 'heaven'. It doesn't matter if you were a murderer or rapist, a child molester, a slaver or a genocidal maniac. All you have to do just before you die, is to say, "Jesus, I accept you as the son of God who died for all my sins", and off to heaven you go.

    This doctrine is the chief cause of all the evil that Christian white men and women have committed against black people, especially the twin evils of slavery and colonialism. They committed unspeakable crimes against our people, knowing fully well that they were sinning, and at the same time planning to accept Jesus as their 'savior' just before they died as a way to buy their ticket into heaven.
    This doctrine is nothing less than a license to commit crimes.
    It tells them they can commit every kind of despicable act and sin, even as Christian priests continue to sexually molest young boys, as long as they repent just before they die and believe that Jesus already took all their sins away when he died 2,000 years ago. So blatant is their attitude about child molestation that these priests have named their place of living and molestation as a 'seminary' and 'rectory', alluding unashamedly to the rectum and the depositing of their semen.

    These and much worse and vile acts have white Christians committed and continue to commit in the name of their Jesus and their doctrine of salvation by faith alone.
    As harmful as this doctrine is, even potentially more harmful to Black people is the idea of the rapture.
    Where did Paul get this idea that believers in Christ are going to be lifted off the earth and taken to 'paradise'?
    He got it from extra-terrestrials. If you're familiar with the story of Paul, you'll remember that he was temporarily blinded by a light from 'heaven' and told to stop persecuting Christians. He was taken by the extra-terrestrials and given information over a period of three days, while he remained blind. They communicated the doctrine of the rapture to him, which he then taught to all the disciples and the founders of the Christian Church.

    This doctrine is crucial for the survival of the extra-terrestrial races. Without it, they will not survive the coming 1,000 years. They need it to prolong their lives until all the made races perish from the universe at the end of their allotted time, which has only 1,000 years left.
    How will the doctrine of the rapture help them to survive?
    As I mentioned before, the extra-terrestrial races need genetic material from the light-skinned races in order to survive. They would take it also from Black people if they could convince them to believe in the idea of the rapture.
    There will be an event equivalent to the rapture in the near future. But it will not be performed by the Son of man (Yahweh) as Paul has claimed. It will be performed by the extra-terrestrial races.

    They have prepared many planets across our galaxy and turned them into paradises. They have prepared them for all the people who expect to be raptured and taken to paradise.
    In the near future, as the tribulations that are happening on earth increase, as the wars increase, as the diseases and natural disasters increase, the extra-terrestrial races are going to appear in the skies over the world in order to perform their rapture. Many people have already been conditioned to expect such an event, especially Christians, but also many other people of different religions as well as those without religions.
    Many of those people who expect to be lifted up to heaven when the troubles on earth increase, will indeed be lifted up into spaceships and taken to the paradises prepared for them. There they will live an ideal life, with no more wars, no starvation, no pain or suffering. It will seem like heaven to them when they first arrive there.

    Unfortunately, the 'honeymoon' period in their new 'paradises' will not last for long. Soon, the extra-terrestrials will begin their true mission, which is to milk them for their genetic material. This will continue for the rest of the coming 1,000 years, because they need it to prolong their physical existence. Their bodies are weak, having been made from bodies that were themselves weak (the bodies of the light races). Hence they desperately need a constant renewal of genetic material to replenish their depleted gene pool. They believe that as long as they have a constant source of genes, they can prolong their existence forever.
    That's the real reason for the so-called rapture, which has been in planning and preparation for over 2,000 years.
    Now, many Black people are going to fall victim to this deception. Many will choose to accompany the light-skinned races to the new paradises promised by these 'angels'.
    The responsibility will be on each individual of the Black nation whether he/she chooses to go and live in these temporary 'paradises' prepared by the extra-terrestrial races, or whether they choose to stay on earth under the rule of the Son of man (Yahweh) when he returns.
    The former choice will delay their ritual education and conscious ascension, and eventually cause them a great deal of suffering when rebellions and wars break out on these paradises. The latter choice will guarantee them timely education and ascension to the true heavens of the Black nation, which is in the minds of the Elders.

    The 'paradisiacal' conditions on these prepared planets will be very short-lived. As soon as the people discover why they were brought there, they will rebel. Their true natures and the true natures of their masters will soon show themselves. In the end, their masters will have no choice but to use force to put down any insurrections and to get what they need. The paradises will then be turned into hells of the worst kind. The inhabitants will live under severe oppression. Their only reason for existence will be to provide the needed genetic substances. They will be no better than cattle.
    Some time after those events have started, all the Black people who chose to be raptured along with the light-skinned races will be removed from their misery and brought back to earth - but after much suffering. Many will wish they had remained on earth with the rest of their people under Yahweh's protection. Hence it's extremely important to inform Black people, especially Christians, about the truth behind this great deception called 'the rapture'.

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    Powerful statement my Brother!
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    Isa: 8:
    14: And he shall be for a sanctuary; but for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offence to both the houses of Israel, for a gin and for a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.
    15: And many among them shall stumble, and fall, and be broken, and be snared, and be taken.

    Stolen from these verses:

    Joel :2:
    10: The earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall tremble: the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdraw their shining:
    11: And the LORD shall utter his voice before his army: for his camp is very great: for he is strong that executeth his word: for the day of the LORD is great and very terrible; and who can abide it?
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    Ase brother Omo.

    Not stolen, brother...merely repeated.
    This is the most important prophesy of this age for the true Israelites (Blacks of slave descent) repeated time and again by all the prophets of old and of new.

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    In this particular case I would have to say stolen because it is out of context as referring to GOD and morphs the idea as referring to the Son of Man.

    Servants of Jesus will be the ones to fall in this rapture; any Servant of lesser gods or demigods will be the ones to suffer in the rapture. It will basically be a changing of ruler ship in the earth.

    Monotheism will once again become the leading theology as the people of Polytheism try to destroy the earth.

    Isa: 8:
    14: And he shall be for a sanctuary; but for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offence to both the houses of Israel, for a gin and for a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.
    15: And many among them shall stumble, and fall, and be broken, and be snared, and be taken.

    Those passages is referring to how Jesus and leaser gods are for a sanctuary to many of the descendants of the original Israelites, African Americans, EU Africans and others practicing a theology of lesser gods.

    ; but for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offence to both the houses of Israel is showing how in our rejection of GOD to serve Jesus and lesser gods how it is an offence to GOD and causes us to stumble in right knowledge of self and even the offence of being omitted from Scripture and omitted from history.

    15: And many among them shall stumble, and fall, and be broken, and be snared, and be taken.

    is talking about how several of the original Israelite descendants today will die right along beside Servants of Jesus and how they will be taken and broken in the trap.

    It is basically referring to the cleansing of the earth of people that reject GOD.

    Jesus is not the savior of the original people called Israelites; Jesus is the energy GOD is using to purge Israel of the rebels so that when HE builds HIS Nation HE will never, ever have to destroy HIS own people because of religious corruption and the will to serve the gods of the heathens.

    We shall return to power as a stronger and more loyal people of the Supreme Being.
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    right on target brother.
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    Native American warning against the Rapture and aliens

    Greetings, Brother Afrknroots

    A powerful message you've given out regarding the "Rapture", especially important to our christian Brothers and Sisters.

    I will add that the 'native Americans' have been given this same warning. Here is their widom:

    Nohu Na'uyi'yta
    "The Secret of the Mystery Egg"

    “Haliksa! There was a kind landlord, his name was Masau'u. Masau'u was very good to all his
    tenants, he asked no rent, just that his tenants behave well and take good care of the Land.
    Masau'u lives in a cave in the Earth center. His tenants were not rich, but they were content
    with what they had and they were grateful to their kind landlord. Among his tenants there were
    some dissenters who gossiped and quarreled among themselves and if they could they would
    try to involve the peaceful tenants, but the peaceful tenants greatly outnumbered the
    dissenters. It did not appear to be this way, it appeared that there were many dissenters and
    very few contented tenants, that is because nobody noticed the actions of the contented
    tenants whereas the actions of the dissenters disrupted the lives of almost everybody. For the
    most part the peaceful tenants avoided the dissenters, even pitying them and wishing there
    was some way in which they could share their own peace with the dissenters. Whenever there
    was disturbing news about the actions of the dissenters, the peaceful tenants would try to
    avoid getting involved and wait for the trouble to blow over. A few courageous ones would go
    among the dissenters and try to restore balance to their community. A few exceptional ones
    even made their homes among the dissenters in an effort to try to keep a kind of balance in
    that disturbed community.

    Time passed by and everything continued as normal with the dissenters causing problems and
    the peaceful tenants going about their lives without disturbing each other, while a few
    courageous souls mixed with the dissenters trying to keep law and order amongst them for the
    benefit of everybody. From time to time one of the peaceful tenants would go to Masau'u and
    complain about the dissenters saying that the gossip and politics and disturbances they were
    causing had increased with the passage of time and had become unbearable. Whenever one
    of them came to him with this complaint, the kind landlord smiled and said, "It is not more
    difficult than it was in the beginning. The problems are a little different but it is no more difficult
    now than it was before, but in fact it has remained very much the same. It seems to you that life
    is more difficult than it was when you were a youngster, but that is because when you were a
    youngster you were not disturbed by the issues that affect you now, your father and mother
    dealt with these issues, and your life was relatively undisturbed. Do you know that your father
    came to see me with this same complaint over fifty years ago after the Great War? At that time
    your father thought life had become almost unbearable and was greatly more difficult than it
    had been when he was a boy. And his father before him came to me with the same complaint
    over a hundred years ago. Don't trouble yourself unduly about the dissenters, if they involve
    you in their disputes and you are innocent, your innocence will prevail. My advice is, stay away
    from the dissenters, take care of your family, conserve your strength because one day life will
    become truly difficult and your family will need all your strength." Masau'u said these same
    words to all the peaceful tenants who came to him with this complaint, and they all left him
    feeling comforted but at the same time wondering what he meant when he said "One day life
    will become truly difficult and your family will need your strength."

    One day all the tenants woke to the feeling of the whole world shaking like a wet dog shakes to
    get water out of his fur. They had experienced earthquakes before, but nothing like this. The
    Land would not stop shaking, everything was in turmoil. Even the dissenters stopped agitating.
    Everybody ran to Masau'u. On the way, as they ran to the cave where Masau'u lived, the Land
    started to open in places and molten rock poured out. They had experienced volcanoes
    before, but nothing like this. In a great panic everyone ran to Masau'u. They encountered
    Masau'u walking towards them, for he was on his way to his tenants. This was the first time he
    had left his cave at the centre of the Earth to come to his tenants, in the past they had always
    had to journey to his cave to see him. This unusual behavior of their landlord troubled his
    tenants for by it they knew something was coming, something for which none of them were
    prepared. Masau'u sat down on a rock and his tenants gathered around him all talking at
    once. He put one finger to his lips and instantly his tenants fell silent. His first words were
    reassuring to his peaceful tenants, but brought no comfort to the dissenters because it was in
    their nature to be suspicious. "Don't worry. Everything will come right in the end. The time has
    come for me to explain to you the Hatching of the Hidden Egg."

    He had with him a bucket filled with stones and sand. He asked one of his tenants to shake the
    bucket vigorously and this tenant did causing all the stones to move to the bottom of the
    bucket and the sand to rise to the top. Masau'u said "Notice how the stones have fallen to the
    bottom of the bucket? This process is called differentiation. This happens with all materials of
    mixed weight, during motion the heavy material sinks while the light material rises." As Masau'u
    spoke the Land around him shook and rumbled and steaming, hissing geysers erupted,
    gushing their scalding contents into the air and creating clouds of dense steam. He continued
    unperturbed "You have all noticed how the weather has become unpredictable and many of
    you have come to me to ask me why this is so. Some of you have suggested that your Mother
    Earth is sick. The weather has become unpredictable in much the same way as the
    temperature of a pregnant woman in her last stages of birthing is unpredictable, your Mother
    Earth is pregnant and soon she will give birth." The tenants were mystified, pregnant? How
    could the Earth Mother be pregnant?" To what could She give birth? It was inconceivable!

    The dissenters started arguing fiercely that this was not a logical explanation for all the
    weather changes and for what they thought of as disasters. Once more Masau'u put one finger
    to his lips and they fell silent. He continued "We call our Mother Earth by many names, and for
    the purposes of this explanation I am going to call Her Huru'ng Wuuti (Hard Substances
    Woman) because her body contains a great deal of hard and heavy material, especially iron.
    As I showed you with this bucket of mixed materials, so it is with the body of Huru'ng Wuuti. We
    are not at all aware of the movement of Huru'ng Wuuti, so it seems to us that she is stationary,
    but she is always on the move. She rotates like a spinning top about her axis, and she flies in
    her orbit around the Sun. All this movement causes heavy material in the body of Huru'ng
    Wuuti to move downwards and to gather in her womb where it forms a heavy metal egg.
    Unbeknown to you Huru'ng Wuuti has been hatching her egg and it has been developing
    within her womb. The changes in the weather are changes in her temperature, and the
    increase in earthquakes and volcanoes around the world are the result of her labour
    contractions as she draws ever closer to the hour of her delivery. Huru'ng Wuuti is in the final
    stages of her delivery, soon her Divine Infant will emerge. The emergence of her infant heralds
    the arrival of Great Purification, and it is for this reason that the Great Purification is called
    "Nohu Na'uyi'yta" "The Secret Of The Mystery Egg".

    While Masau'u spoke to His tenants the Earth heaved in her turmoil, geysers hissed their
    scolding contents, volcanoes spewed forth lava, and tornadoes swept across the Land. The
    frightened tenants wailed "What shall we do? What shall we do?" Masau'u said, "Some of you
    may decide to leave your Mother, but most of you will remain here with me. When Huru'ng
    Wuuti has delivered her Infant she will fly like a Phoenix and settle in an orbit closer to the Sun.
    In this new orbit closer to the Sun, your Mother will be crowned as Paradise, and those who
    have remained with her throughout her worst throes of birthing will live in Paradise with her.
    Those who stayed with their Mother will meet again with their ancestors and gather their loved
    ones in their homes and sing joyous songs to celebrate the renewal of all Land and Life in its
    highest state of being." Masau'u said "The children who want to stay with their Mother can do
    so, and whoever wants to leave can do so." The dissenters looked at each other, the whole
    world was shaking with the birth pangs of their Mother, there was no place to go. One of the
    dissenters said "Landlord, we only know this Land and Life, this Mother Earth, we have no
    other place to go. If there is some other place which is not shaking and boiling as she is please
    tell us! I would like to take my family there now!" Several dissenters cried out "Yes! if we can
    escape this disaster, please tell us where to go!"

    Masau'u answered "I am not here to tell you how to leave your Mother who has always loved
    and nurtured you, she needs you at this time to surround her with celebrating and the uplifting
    of your voices at the joyful Advent of Her Infant. I am here to protect you from strangers who
    may come and tell you how to leave your Mother. I am here to be with those of my tenants who
    will stay with me and await the Paradise to come. Strangers may come and entice you to go
    with them, they are not your brothers and sisters, they do not have your best interests at
    heart. Be warned, these strangers will take you with them, but they are not sincere, they will
    harm you." One of the dissenters asked Masau'u "Why will they invite us along when we have
    nothing to offer them. We should go with them! We have nothing to give them! They can take
    nothing from us, look around, everything we have is being destroyed!" Suddenly a woman said
    "We can gather all our jewelry and offer it to them in return for taking us with them!" Masau'u
    said quietly "These strangers have no need for the gold and silver trinkets which you offer to
    them, they will demand a much higher price."

    Can you think what price you will have to pay for leaving your Mother planet, the Earth who
    has nourished you and your ancestors before you? Can you even begin to imagine what these
    strangers would take from you? The only Star brothers and sisters who love you and wish to
    serve you are those brothers and sisters who have evolved to the perfect form of being in their
    Solar System, having completed their own Pattern of Migration they would never try to entice
    you away from yours. Your evolved brothers and sisters have visited your world, but they have
    never removed a child from the natural Mother planet because they have no wish to interrupt
    anyone's evolutionary development. Would you expect your Star brothers and sisters who
    have completed their own evolutionary development to swoop down on your world just as you
    are about to complete your own development and snatch you off into Space, thereby cheating
    you of your final reward? Of course not! What then could be the purpose of strangers who
    arrive very soon before the moment of your last developmentary step and take advantage of
    your fear? What do they stand to gain by taking you away from your home planet at the hour
    of your advancement? You look up at the Stars and you know you feel a bond with someone
    out there, but you don't know why and you don't know who. This mysterious bond you feel is
    between you and the Star brothers and sisters who have completed their evolution and
    evolved to the last stage of development. It is they who love you and long for the moment when
    you will be united with them in your glorious completed form.”

    All this and more is written at this website:
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    The meaning of "Rapture"

    To me, the word 'Rapture' sounds like a combination of 'capture' (to take by force or stratagem; take prisoner; seize) and rupture (to tear or split apart).

    Indeed, the etymology of 'Rapture' betrays its true meaning: 1600, "act of carrying off," from M.Fr. rapture, from M.L. raptura "seizure, rape, kidnapping," from L. raptus "a carrying off" (see rapt). Originally of women and cognate with rape (v.). Sense of "spiritual ecstasy" first recorded 1629.

    As for "ectasy": 1382, "in a frenzy or stupor, fearful, excited," from O.Fr. extasie, from L.L. extasis, from Gk. ekstasis "trance, distraction," from existanai "displace," also "drive out of one's mind" (existanai phrenon)

    Remember, the first or original meaning of a word is always the true one.
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    There is a series of movies on this topic entitled "left behind" w/ kirk cameron as the lead actor...

    generally speaking, it's difficult to believe in any religeon which states either you believe in our beliefs or your going to hell...

    great post roots...

    one love
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    Great post, Amuneter... heads up. The importance of this warning to Black people cannot be overemphasized.

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