Brother AACOOLDRE : The Raising of Lazarus and Osiris

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    The Raising of Lazarus & of Osiris

    The story of the raising of Lazarus is the most striking of all miracles performed by Jesus see john chapter 11. John narrative was lifted straight from ancient Egyptian themes.

    In the Egyptian book of the dead, in the city of Anu, called Heliopolis in Greek (meaning city of the sun), was the theological name of an actual city where the rites of the death, burial, and resurrection of Osiris or Horus were enacted each year.

    Anu was called the place of multiplying bread. (Significantly, Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, means “The house of bread”. The Hebrews added their prefix for “House”, Beth, to Anu and produced Beth-Anu, or the house of Anu. But because the u and the y were interchangeable in antiquity, we ended up with the New Testament counterpart Bethany. The point here is that when we read the Egyptian text, we find that the Egyptian Christ KRST, Horus, performed a great miracle at Anu, or Bethany. He raised his father Osiris (El-Ausar), from the dead, calling unto him in the cave to rise and come out.

    So who was Lord Osiris? Any links with Lazarus. The ancient name for Osiris was Asar. The name of Lord Osiris they used the Hebrew “lord”, el-hence El-Asar. Later on, the Romans, speaking Latin, of course, took El-Asar and added the us ending used for most male names. The result was El-Asar-us. In time, the initial e wore off, a linguists describe it, and the s in Asar changed to z, its constant companion in language. Therefor, the raising of Lazarus at Beth-Anu (Bethany) is nothing but Horus raising Osiris (El-Asar) at Anu. But one is an allegory and the other a perversion of the myth trying to come up as literal history.

    The Egyptians even had made little cookies of Osiris to eat (Eucharist/John chapter 6) and created circumcision as a reenactment to Satan cutting off his Phallus=making erection as resurrection. The penis was never recovered because it was eaten by a Nile fish. I’m not trying to debunk the New Testament myth/plagiarism but to ground it. Take it down from its high horse of transforming allegory into literal His-story.


    Josephus War of the Jews book 6 chapter 3:201-217 reports a Mary from the village of Bethezub

    Who eats a baby Eleazar when Titus creates famine after encircling a wall around Jerusalem (Luke 19:43-44/ War of Jews 5, 12, 499-501). Eleazar is the Greek name for Lazarus. Where do you think Josephus got the idea of the Eleazar story from? He reports that they ate the “fine portion” of the infant which would be the equivalent of what the fish ate=manna/mushroom/penis. Hey, they say ‘they made him (Lazarus) a supper” (John 12:2-3)