Chief Elder Osiris : The Racist Assertion Of Black Magic

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    You know my dear beloved, whether we accept it or not and no matter how hard we wish or decide to believe about america, the fact remain that america is under the control of a Racist despotic regime, which change not, regardless of who might sit superficially in the american white house, a description that receive no objection from americans.

    Racism is a mental thought that harbor Prejudice Racial superiority and is expressed overtly as well as covertly by those who gain from such action, using Race as their main focus of motivation and in our case in america, it is the Black Race which has been and still is the target of Racist abuse.

    It is the Racist who can not accept the Justice Reparation represent, with head held high, with a willingness to correct by acknowledging the Racist act of ChattelSlavery and the responsibility owed to our Enslaved African Ancestors.

    I concern myself not with anybody else, my focus is on the mistreatment of the Black African Nation by members of the Hue-man family that has an undeniable record of disrespecting, abusing and rejecting the Hue - Man Rights of the Black Nation, wherever we are located in the world.

    Such is why I master the knowledge of a people with a pigment that has been categorized as being a representation of 3/5 of an intelligent Being and is what the Racist say is Bad Luck and is an association of Black Magic.

    Such a statement coined by Racist white folks and now is an acceptable term used by many societies if not all, to represent evil in all of its form.

    Black Magic is the epitome of which ignorant and uncivilized people of Race differences, to the Black so call African, as the Racist describe the behavior, action and Theology of the Black Nation, regarding God, Universe and Life Being, as Black Magic, an Evil in the Racist Eye.

    Black Magic denote the knowledge of the Higher Sciences, with an understanding of how to apply such knowledge that would bring Mankind within alignment in Harmony with the Universe bodies, the elements and the Self of Life Being.

    Now with such how level of knowledge and to be able to see it being put into practice, to the uncivilized, it looked like Magic, a seem to be Magic, practiced by the Black African Nation and the Racist unlearned, in order to disguise the ability and True knowledge known by the Cosmic Carbon Beings, about God, Universe and Being, they set out and successfully so, to get the world to associate anything not understood by the Racist, as being Black Magic and to label things in the Good and Bad category, which the Racist created, thus describing all thing Black as evil and all things White as Good, yet they are such a people we Black Folks gleefully bow to and look to for our guidance through life, be it Social, Political and Religious, how foolishly Mental Lost have we Black Folks become.

    Black Magic is the highest compliment given to the Black Woman and Man ability to interpret the mystery of God, Universe and Life, the Trinity of Time and now we have allowed Racism to describe us, without objection and now we have become a victim of our own ignorance, about that Trinity we have willingly adopted and embraced that lying Trinity introduced by that same Racist Religion, which is called the Religion of Belief, Faith, predicated upon Hope and Charity, without any basis of Truth and Reality.

    Yet we Black Folks get fighting mad at such assertion of fact, when such fact condemn the Lie and Elevate the Truth, about the History of those Racist behavior toward the Black Carbon Man.

    The Universe has now moved into the position whereby excuses is no longer redeemable for ignorance for our action.

    It is now Time to Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth and the Devil will be Damned, as the Black Nation is Resurrected from the abyss of Lies and Deceit, back to the position of being able to perform Black Magic again.

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation

    Chief Elder
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    Pan - African Inter'National Movement

    Author Of The Controversial Book, Lies About God, Please, information regarding this book can be obtained by contacting, Voices Of Truth Publisher, Mr. Robert Miller, [email protected]