Black People : The Racism of feminism (Theory)

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by torch, Nov 5, 2006.

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    As a black man, to me..femimism is racist, and sexist as you notice when you see feminists you see suburban white middle class women shooting off about "women's right" and since feminism is now mainstream (or forced on us to believe in reality) america has hidden its guilt under our people being there workers and making america as rich as it was our ancestors who did it...yet on tv all you see is pampered white women wanting to be pampered more and giving more for doing nothing and putting down millions of innocent men (white and black)...I'd like to know what slavery, lynching or the total annihilating of our history, languages, or lands these white women's female ancestors went threw..oh wow they couldnt speak, write, or own anything...our ancestors went threw a hell of alot worst and yet people in the media blare women's (white women) rights over civil rights or black people's rights..we have yet to be respected in america, and we got these rich pampered white women crying over nothing when everything is based around them..what does everyone else think?
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    Peace Brother!

    You have a very legitimate concern. Allot of us aren’t really taking it seriously. But we should. When you consider that one of richest Black Women in America- Oprah supports Feminism, is backed and sponsored by Feminists, and by all means is a Feminist herself, as Black Men especially we should be bringing up this issue allot. Militant Feminists have particular interests that affect our communities. These issues are often hidden under the banner of “Women’s Rights.”

    For the record, African Men historically and traditionally adhere to and respect the feminine principle. We are “womb” people; Africa is the womb of the Earth. White Males however usually have strong dislikes for their Mothers. This is not a general rule, but it is obvious by “their fruits” Whites are destroying the feminine principle and the Earth itself, because they resent the Earth- this is another reason they resent us because we are result of an Earth & Cosmic love affair. If this is true, this it must be interesting when Black Women become Feminists and start to adapt to Lesbian culture, or so-called culture. The White Woman has a legal reason why she should be a Lesbian. She can use any piece of history to justify her choice. Before Africans came along she was the slave. She was the one saying yes Massa, no Massa. She was the one having to dress up as a Harlot for his pleasure.

    When Africans came into the picture, that energy was transferred to us. The poor Whites and their poor Mothers were somewhat removed from the equation of White slavery and were promoted as our Overseers. But it was actually the African Slave Woman who freed the White woman. While Women were still oppressed, they were still allowed the freedom to be Oppressors themselves. This is why it’s so interesting to see a Black Woman like Oprah fighting for White Female issues. It is a clear attempt to treat all Men White and Black as the same Male energy, and that is an incorrect judgment.

    Culturally Black Men have always been “the Mother’s protector”- say something bad about a Black Man’s mother and see what happens. In today’s Pop Culture, you’ll find White Rappers like Eminem talking bad about the Woman who produced him into this world- his Mother. Some Black Women are being physiologically and psychically attacked by mainstream Media that insists that all Men are the same, out to hurt them, kill them- so the best option is to fight like a Man, think like a Man, there are commercials telling women to “be the man.” Lesbians have basically taken over the Television and other forms of media, and as Men we sit back and get turned on by it not realizing they are selling our Women a program that involves the demise of our communities and survival. It revolves around population control & Eugenics. Are we Black Men at fault in this equation somehow? In many ways we have allowed a set of programming to clutter our minds. Some of us believe in Male Supremacy too, but its actually better to have balance between the male and female principle that for any one of them to have total power and domination.