Chief Elder Osiris : The Race Is On For Afrika And Black Folks Are Not A Contender-A Respond to Rustam

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    The Race Is On For Afrika And Black Folks Are Not A Contender-A Respond to Rustam

    Hotel Beloved Rustam:

    Beloved as I was reading your reply, it open me up to say this to you, even though I had decided to close the window that allow me to see and hear you, but with you revealing this side of you, now prompt me to address you as a yes, Black so call Afrikan Warrior.

    Beloved, apparently you have not been keeping up with what I have been sharing with us regarding Afrika and the Black so call Afrikans and yes, I emphasize Black, because I defy everything the Human Being has taught us, because they have proved to be nothing but A lair and an artful deceiver to Black People and if you decide to dismiss that face about them, then so be it, I will not, knowing that they now have conditioned us to become extremely sensitive about our Pigment, which is the most expressive element that tell us whom we are, anybody can confess to being Afrikan, a name assigned to us not by Nature but by a Liar and deceiver, which has succeeded in getting Black folks to become self guilty in acknowledging what Nature has so assigned to us in the way of our pigment and now the Human Being has succeeded in having us to denounce our Soul, which is your Blackness, but be that as it may.

    Let me proceed with why I am responding to your latest Missive Beloved, as I have said, if you had been keeping up with my Missives you would have known that I have and often do condemn the very same thing that you speak of, concerning the so call Afrikan attitude and behavior toward each other in Afrika, and every where else we are as for as that matter is concerned.

    Now, I have also indicated what is needed to happen to correct the situation in Afrika and that is All I will say on that at this moment, but allow me to deal with the Arab, and I am aware of how they got to where they are in Afrika and let me inform you that the Honorable Chancellor Williams informed us how that process was performed, which was by the action of Arab -Black Assimilation, which the Honorable Chancellor Williams so stated was the greatest weapon of Mass destruction ever used against the Black so call Afrikan, so no, beloved, do not present yourself as if you are attempting to justify the Arab occupation in northern Afrika and they now is beginning in acceleration to control other parts of Afrika.

    Beloved, in northern Afrika, who is it that control those States, where are the Nubian's of that land in those States, what is the level of participation do they have in those states, sure I know, there are Black so call Afrikans now parading themselves around in Afrika claiming to be Arab, before being Black and so call Afrikan, that my beloved, become the evidence of the success which the Arabs have had in confusing your Mind, Black man.

    I invite you to take Time out and Think with your Divine Mind for a Moment, the process that you label as an act of Hip Hopping, but for a moment, come and Hip hop with me and see yourself as it Divinely really is, so that you may know and understand how what you so vividly share with us about what is going on in Afrika, started, and who it is that is the Cause of the Black so call Afrikan attitude and behavior we now display toward each other, no Beloved, that behavior did not come to us by osmosis, we acquired such barbarian behavior you now describe of us.

    Beloved, the Arabs now in control of Northern Afrika do not in any way identify with the Black so call Afrikan Proper, so how can you excuse the behavior they display toward the Black Afrikan, mind you now, I am not speaking about those confused Black so call Afrikans that now wear the claim of being Arab by conversion, they are the most confused of the Black Afrikans there are, thus can become and is the most dangerous unto themselves.

    I am speaking about the " Afro-Arab, those that are the result of Black Arab Assimilation, they are those that chose to be loyal to their Arab Father and denounce their Black Mother, those are the Arabs that are in control of Northern Afrika and declared themselves a separate Ethnic Group different from the black so call Afrikan Proper, calling themselves Egypatians, they are those that once were able to ease their deceiving behind into the Dynasty succession as was so started by the Black King Warrior Menes, whose motivation was to united the Two divided Lands so caused by the Arab Caucasian Invasion.

    No, no beloved, do not pretend to justify something that you do not know the complete story of happening about, but I pick up your energy and it tell me that you can be a Truly Devout Black Afrikan Warrior in the action to liberate Afrika and the Black Afrikan people, that is if you have not burned out from all of the Black Evil you have witnessed and I might add, I have only given you a small Narrative of what has happen on that Land now referred to as Afrika and to those Black people, now calling themselves Afrikans, an identity in no way coincide with what our Ancient First Way Ancestors so identified themselves to represent.

    Beloved, Black Women and Men such as yourself, I need the Time and opportunity to sit Eye ball to eye ball with and in such an environment, the Divine Truth can be told about that land call Afrika and those people that now hate to be referred to as Black, they that occupy that land in greater Number than all others that are there, that wear not the coat of such Blackness.

    Beloved Rustam, I hear you, but most of all I know and understand what you believe you know about what is going on in that place call Afrika, and the Divine Truth about what is the cause for Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan present condition, is way more than what the eye is looking at, my beloved Rustam, you whom I Love very dearly, because I know whom you are Black Man, now calling yourself Afrikan.

    When You do Not Know, You Leave Yourself Open To Believe Anything !!!-osiris

    It Is Experience That Is The Verifier Of Divine Truth and Reality !!!-osiris

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder

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    i did not mean to offend the elder,let me tell you my story maybe you will understand why iam so explosive on this issue,i was once i licensed killer for a certain gvt in africa and was realy misused till it dawned on me that iwas not serving my people but a couple of political misfits,who cared less about their people and more of themselves to the point that some of us were used to eliminate opponents who posed a threat to their power triangles,in this process i saw young charismatic potential leaders go down the drain brought down by the very worriors who had sworn to protect them,after that i joined rebel groups thinking that
    maybe,these leaders thought differently but only to find the same vicious cycle innoncent blood spilt on racial grounds, black against black,and one thing funny they all sang the same tune "we have to remove white influence in Africa",but the funny part it was the fellow
    blood brothers and sisters who were falling in large numbers,i have felt and understood the meaning of black leadership with a rifle on my right hand and a machete on my left,so don't
    anyone tell me about african problems for they know nothing.
    Look at what happened in Rwanda,how many innoncent African children went down,who were the perpetrators, or who was holding the matchete that slaughtered half a million "blacks" as mr Osiris fondly calls us, the whites? the answer is NO it was black against black how many have gone down since somalia lost a gvt and who's responsible, the marines?NO the same brother against brother look at Liberia, and the reason is so absurd "RACISM",that how ihave come to conclude this whole problem,Africa has the worst problem of racism than probably any other continent,in Rwanda it was Tutsi against Hutu,in Somalia it was Darot against Hawiya,so when chief Osiris mentioned Arabs in the north he touched the wrong side of me he reminded me of African leadership in it's purest form "RACIST"leadership, Arabs are in the Middle East and gulf countries not in Africa what we have here are arab speaking Africans who are neighbouring the arab states and because of this there has been along history of intermarriage, just like the Turkana of northern kenya and the karamojong of neighbouring uganda,or any other state in Africa that neighbours another,what is going in Darfur has nothing to do with Arabs thes are Africans, it is the same situation as Rwanda, Somalia and Liberia, foolish people being used by a few individuals, and from this ,outsiders have found a haven for exploitation, a free ground,just buy the ruling family and do whatever you like to the people and their land.
    So lets not waste time babbling about Europe or China, the real problem lies here with us,that's where we need to focus our attention on.