Black Poetry : The Question of Yin and Yang

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    The balance in life
    Does not depend
    On codependence
    But some sort of
    Security therein exists

    A balancing act
    Of yin and yang, bad or good
    Hot or cold, pretty or ugly
    As some personalities go
    Is my craving of you

    The scales of justice
    Life tettering on one side
    My joy on the other
    Equalized and
    Meeting in the middle

    Phone calls and meetings
    Your withdrawl from which
    I feel imminent at times
    Sending panic bodywide
    And me running for the hills

    Because you are my habit
    My counterweight
    Which I am accustomed to
    If I am yin
    And you are yang

    The question therein lays
    But what does yang do without yin
    And where would I go to be
    Folded within loving arms
    If not in flight to you