Black Spirituality Religion : the Question is are you Happy ,Free and walking in light,Living

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    Hi everyone.... :grouphug:

    the reason why i put this question down here...
    because ,some thimes people misunderstand me..
    and i am shure that a lot of people here have feld that they where misunderstood to.
    In sharing our thoughts advices ,wisdom ....
    we al have been misunderstood .....''thinking about the song of nina""
    our intentions are good....
    of course that of the devil are not good.....

    i,m sorry to say it ...
    but this is his role..
    on this planet ....

    i Would like you to know sumthing before i get to what i wanted to say...
    so that you dont put me in a box ..but know a little where i,m comming from

    I always had a personal relationship with ,the birds ,the trees ,the wind ,the earth ,the sky ,the water ,people,........with god...
    the last two years it became personaly stronger because i experianced things that drawed me closer to him than before ...
    and in april i have been bapsist in the name of the father the son and the holy ghost (jezus christ became my savior ,goroe ,teacher ,best friend more than ever,invisable dance partner).......please dont put me in a box now ...again by saing this cause i am still human ....not perfect......have my ups and downs .......cry tears just like anyone else ........have my joy and fun like everyone else.........I love people with all kinds of races and religion ,
    and some of them i see as a friend (a friend is someone who sticks with you untill the end nomather what )

    and .....

    here it comes ......... :flamet:

    SEEK Trough WISDOM and BEHOLD ......the GOOD......

    (i will continue what i wanted to say but i first have to post this please come back and read what i wanted to say)
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    youth volunteer

    This was beautiful Sister. I think a lot of us are misunderstood. Me, myself sometimes don't understand people but I guess that's part of our uniqueness.
    I just wanted to say we love you Sister and I hope you will be around for a very long time :heart:
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    People tend to put others in a box because it's easier to group them that way. While it's great to understand what's going on with people in general, it's still also great to see the individual and their own actions, rather than assuming they'll act like another who shares something of a kind with them, such as skin color, gender, or even faith.:D

    As a woman, a sista, and a Christian, I get a lot of people assuming the absolute worst of me, but that's more of a problem for them, than myself, though it can affect me. However, whichever way it does affect me, I'm grateful because I know nothing is out of the Father's Will, especially with my faith.

    Since persecution is expected, just as the Son was persecuted and hung up on the tree so that His sheep would find salvation, I don't get upset that people don't understand my faith, so much as I just am saddened so many would turn away from the truth.

    *Sigh, but such are the ways of the world, while those who seek redemption will follow, have faith in, and believe in the Way of the Father, who is the Son and one resurrected from the dead the 3rd day.

    And yes, I'm happy in my faith, free in my Savior, and walking in the Light and Glory of my Living Father.