Black Poetry : The Queens of Destee - The For You Series - Pt. 4 (N2UrSoul)


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Mar 19, 2001
I swear Nikki was your first
name but when we met you said "that
time when the sun rises, is named after me"

I thought "**** maybe she is Nikki
cause Nikki said she was Ego Tripping
when she drank nectar with allah and
the tears from her birth pain created
the Nile"

And now morning is synonymous to her
name....maybe I'll call you

give you a full name

"the appearance of firstlight in the morning"

so I can listen to
silence give way to sound
and read you again
on a new day...

it just dawned on me
that the morn has to go away
with time just to return again
in another revolution

and I'm not really speaking but spinning
along the axis of the earth
to see you rise again
and again.

(c)2001 blakverb
You sure know...

the directions to get ya'
into my mental.....
and when you get there
you know the right things
to say, a mime for my
mind ~ Blakverb's way ... Now this one's for YOU my sweet!

I read from some
humbler poet
whose songs
gushed from
his heart
as showers
from the
clouds of summer
or tears from eyelids
that part
You Are
the impalpable mist
...The whole man
that I seek ~
YOU are the cause
of the Sphinx
Blak Sphinx
YOU were at
the first of things
and, YOU will be at the last
the top piece of a Nile obelisk
holding your pen-thoughts
forefinger and thumb
ready to speak ~
Be free...scribe ME
as I, silently listen
dripping wet from
your speech
~~ Shine drying
heated by
moving me
to valleys
raising me
to peaks
My Amber Suns
wrapped around
the base of
your tongue ...I Am...
- faded to Blak -
the feel of
your ocean
changing its waves--
Your language is
mountain effluvia
which brushed
blowing winds
that broke and
shaped my thoughts
like eulogizing
my poetical baptism
or an expression of
a lyrical marriage
............part ~



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