Black Poetry : The Queens of Destee - The For You Series - Pt. 3 (Afridancr)


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Mar 19, 2001
I know you
from another land

head in hands crying you were
for the past had placed it's weight on
your shoulders and I told you
"just be free" and you began to
give birth to wings and caught a wind
of seafoam green and....
......took flight.....................
You were majestic........
yet your tears continued to fall
raining on the world
and the soils bled
cause time had to heal the wounded spirit
and God placed you on his clock so you
did it in his time
to learn his lesson

transferred fiber optically
and dancing on my retinas
and resting in my mind I saw
you donned in another vibe
God gold tipped your wings
and your pen tips told me
"Aminata's gon' be all right"
and I smiled
as you flew

on God's breath
as the tears evaporated
with time.

(c)2001 blakverb
Trying to fight the tears...

You have deeply touched me. I find myself speechless, unable to find words to express just how much I FEEL your scribe. I thank you for the encouragement you've given me and I'll have you know that YES...

Aminata's definately gon be alright cause she's got God as her guide!!!

Love you!:)
BlakVerb ... another AWESOME peace!

the very small interaction that i
have had with our Aminata ...
and i too saw the things that you see
she is beautiful ... so very beautiful

this is love




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