Black Spirituality Religion : The Quality of our Fate depends on how we treat Black Women


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Apr 2, 2011
You have a very condescending tone. You constantly tell us what we want, and why we don't agree with you.
That being said, I sense a big ego in all the praises that you give. I had a lot more to say but....stuff happens. Huge's amazing that you dont see it.
The Quality of of future depends on how we treat our Black Women. In many instances, very few understand how deep that goes. This applies to some of our Sistahs and Brothas. You know there's this big disadvantage you and me have here in the West. Because we are in constant contact with forces in opposition to us, the hatred we have for our individual selves and each other is at fever pitch.

There are a few Queens here who may think that I don't know that they wait patiently, with some Brothas, hoping one day that I show a part of me which isn't consistent with what I write. They're the ones who hope to seize an opportunity to do a "gotchu" when it comes to me disrespecting our Black Women. Or, they may try and engage in another system by "liking" an oppositional post thinking this will throw me off my square.

Last year I held a class on these very same issues. It was entitled "When some Black Women turn deep respect into dislike." Along with some solutions to the issue, basically we discussed how some Black Women are intimidated by unprecedented love shown her. We came up with a number of symptoms expressed like sometimes they want a good Brotha to fail because they may not have one in their lives. It's understandable.

Sometimes they do it because they may have just recently lost a good Brotha for certain reasons and now they just want to attack another good Brotha. Sometimes they may have a bad day or week. But it never surprises me when a Brotha or a Sistah attempts to attack me because I know it's not really them that's doing it...but rather the mindset derivative from the system that we're all caught up in.

If I ask you for permission to speak, you don't try and turn that into a negative. You don't say something like "You just say what you have to say." You see this indicates that you are unaware of how you should be treated and so when you get it you reject it not knowing the good thing which is happening to you. You're not being reasonable.

Remember what we stated earlier on about people treating you like they see you. This is a generL rule. If people see you like a savage, they will treat you like a savage. If people see you like a persome who can make things happen, they will treat you as such like you have power. If I ask permission to speak on the message board, which all Brothas should be doing, this is demonstrating how I see you because as you are on your throne my head could be served on a platter if I bypass this standard act of respect from the Ancient World.

For those reasons, you will never hear about will never see will never see my words disrespecting Black Women no matter how you come at me. You don't try and shut somebody doen who is trying to protect your interest. If someone comes in your house and says that the women in your house are worthless. You don't step in the way of your guard dog (yes, I will call myself that) to offer a demonstration of your power to let the individual know the nature of your home which is a zero tolerence measure against disrsepcting your domicile.

You see, if I disrespect you, I give them knuckle headed Brothas --who don't even like you...who tries to find any excuse to mingle with women who don't look like you-- an even better excuse to throw you under the bus. Their atttiude is if Brothas like me turn their backs on you, then their goes the ranch.

I know the respect that I offer you Black Woman is unprecedented. Most Black Women who understand the legacy from which she comes, desires a Brotha to adore her. I don't care what you 'say' but you want a Brotha to treat you like royalty incorporating sweet words, adoration and the highest respect in his system with you.

Black Women, as a collective here in the West, are used to being put down, not elevated. I get it. So yes, I also know it's unusual and can be very intimidating at times. You're being asked to reconsider what is being said about you. You're being asked to reconsider all the negatives about you. You're being asked to resurrect yourself out of the dungeon that many of us put you in.

You receiving our unconditional love is so unique, it can become so intimidating at times, that your brain patterns can be disrupted to a point with confusion and you start wanting to attack the very men who wants to protect and love you. Now, when Queens do this to me on a personal level...I just ignore them and try to avoid all contacts. I love you but that does not obligate me to be in your presences.

I am allowed to respond to your unkindness by walking away from you.

But in all, I understand Queen as this is how you are taught to respond to a black man who loves you. I didn't see any of these certain Queens come out against other accounts which dogged them out and called them horrible names. Not one. No Queens came out. In fact, some of the Queens participated in the dogging out of herself (her fellow Sistah)!!

But again, I'm not surprised at these types of actions and this is not a criticism. It's just I think maybe it was time that I write something like this to remind our Queens what they should be doing as it relates to supporting good Brothas. I'm not asking you for money...I'm asking you for kindness...I'm asking you for that which I have given you the first day I walked into this Garden. And I'm asking you to extend this to me based on me being consistent by never once disrespecting one Black Woman. I know you're hurt. And I know we, black men, hurt you the most. But don't exacerbate the problem by attacking the good Brothas. Learn to know the difference because nothing good can come forth from that type of scenario Queen. You are better than that.

So what am I saying? I am saying that like it or not... I'm forreal. I'm genuine. I'm exclusice pro Black Woman till the end and beyond. Now I never said that some Black Women can't scale the walls of my patience and strike a missle at my last nerve lol. Happens all the time. But I still love you. I still respect you. Don't try and push away one of the few Brothas who advocates your glorification because I guarantee you this would be a move you will later regret.

It doesn't matter who you are...if you attack me, those who really know me will spin the bottle in your direction because they know I am committed to Black Women. And even though I know you may not have this type of energy in your circle, may I ask that you consider standing with me rather than against me. Because in the end, you want a black man like me to remain in whatever circle you create.


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Jun 18, 2004
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You have a very condescending tone. You constantly tell us what we want, and why we don't agree with you.
That being said, I sense a big ego in all the praises that you give. I had a lot more to say but....stuff happens. Huge's amazing that you don't see it.
few people can see themselves…..fewer still are aware of that


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Aug 21, 2012
You have a very condescending tone. You constantly tell us what we want, and why we don't agree with you.
That being said, I sense a big ego in all the praises that you give. I had a lot more to say but....stuff happens. Huge's amazing that you dont see it.
Who is "we" Queen? I only count a small section of you all who wish to attack me for no reason. Surely you're not under the impression that there are not those in the house who can appreciate and understand my position.

A condescending tone? C'Mon Queen put something out better than that. You reaching. You say that I "constantly tell us what we want." Like for example Black Women want to get treated with respect? Or, Black Women would like to have a black man to adore her? Or maybe Black Women don't wanna get thrown under a bus? Is that whatchu mean Queen? Or me telling a member Sistah here that she really don't wanna call her daughter "stupid" for wanting to bleach her skin because that will destroy her esteem even further? Is that whatchu mean by telling yall what yall want? Well, you right...I'm guilty. What else you got? What else do you have to try and make me like a gangstah rapper Queen? That I give yall too much respect? How dare me? Please tell us how I am this loathesome Brotha who came to this house bringing misery and strife and unhappiness to Black Women. Go ahead Queen give us the list and show how I am on the same level as the most evilest male who abhors Black Women. Show us Queen...please you two or three give us the evidence.

Because if you don't give us the evidence then we are allowed to start thinking about motives aren't we? Why are these Black Women attacking this Brotha with a pristine respect for Black Woman record?

Interesting that I didn't see you call out any of those Brothas who demeaned Black Women in them other threads. But somehow you found a way to wanna attack the Brotha who attacked them for attacking you. Think about that.

As far as the "ego"? Hmmm. By "ego" do you mean confidence in my skill sets? Absolutely Queen I got one then because I was taught these skills sets by Black Women...but at least I use it all in defense of you...even when you try to find any kinda reason to attack me, I'm still saying that you and the member Sistah who calls her daughter "stupid" should be glorified because yall in pain and you would rather direct it towards me than the ones who really deserve it.

And I still love me some you :)


Apr 7, 2013
but how often do you see an asian man with a sista..indian man with a sista...I have with that said..I ask on behalf of all sistas...brothers do not abandone us....
About 5% of black women marry outside the race.
Among brothers, almost 9 out 10 when they marry, they marry a girl who looks like the girl that married dear old dad.

Don't believe the devisive hype in the media. Every census since 1970 has reported almost the same number of black men marrying outside the race. They are not abandoning us for any race of woman.


Apr 7, 2013
Kieta was blunt, but real and not many men will carry that weight of being responsible for our situation today...I must offer some balance by saying perhaps there have been things we as black women have not done correctly,but with patience all things can be corrected and people can heal....
Keita was blunt AND real when he noted:

this dirt all started with the Black man and there's no way to get around that. It was we (the black man) who allowed white people into Afraka. It was we (black men) who began sleeping with those other beast and then elevated them above our own women...
No black woman queen or head of state did the above.
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