Black Spirituality Religion : The Quality of our Fate depends on how we treat Black Women

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Feb 7, 2004
You know...when I talk with people about our history and other things, I often get a question asked of me...and that question goes something like this. "Keita, if our people were so great and did all the things that you were talking about, how did we fall?...I mean, how did we as a people suddenly come from the top to the bottom"??

Now back in the day it used to take me a while to answer that question...simply because I was going all into specifics and other stuff, thinking that I had to draw out a picture for them to understand. Now in my ripe young age, I've learned to simplify that answer...and here's the answer. We as a people began to fall the very minute that we as men began to think that we could excel or that we were greater or above that which gave us birth.


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Aug 21, 2012
We as a people began to fall the very minute that we as men began to think that we could excel or that we were greater or above that which gave us birth.
This is certainly a legitimate response worthy of our attention. But I would argue that your observation is more symptomatic rather than causative.


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Apr 14, 2012
There is simply no escaping the fact that in order for the social climate of black people here, especially in the West, to increase its individual and collective quality of existence then there must be a return to the acknowledgement, acceptance and practice of her glory.

For those who may try and evade the Perfection thesis, they may want to consider the realization that it should be understood the glorification of Black Women is merely a single modality among pre-existing menu-related elements to the Black Woman's Perfection. Put another way, your glory as a Black Woman is an aspect of Perfection just like your beauty is and your intelligence is and your sophistication is. They all come under the same umbrella of your Perfection, as they are all intimately related. Therefore, the quality of our collective future will ultimately depend on whether Black Women are treated as Perfect--not average-- beings, by us black men, and she herself must come to see herself as she truly is, a Perfect being. This is our assignment as great people. This is your 'balance.' This is the essence of 'black power.'

OK, one of the pressing questions which is usually ask concerning the Black Woman's glory is, Why is it not done more frequently? To answer that question, we must examine certain variables which influence one engaging in the activities of our Black Woman's glory like how one is studied in the historicity of the Black Woman's glory, the personal desire to yield to the actuality and the existence of calcification in the pineal gland. Let's you and I first discuss the historicity of the Black Woman's glory as it relates to some black men possessing feelings of inadequacy. On our way there, we should be reminded of what Dr. Barashango stated:

Unfortunately, some brothers may be a little less than comfortable with the resurgence of this knowledge. Nevertheless, I suggest an awakening to the historical reality---that all available scientific evidence reveals---that it was the Black Woman who first came to the understanding of and implemented the principles of civilization should not in any way cause the Black Man to feel the need to indulge the machoism of male chauvinistic insecurities." ---quote from pages 2 and 3 from Ishakamusa Barashango's Afrikan Woman the Original Guardian Angel. (bold is mine).

With that in our left hand, let us review what's in our right which is a powerful observation from our Queen, Chevron Dove. Initially Queen Dove had paused to some parts of my analysis in the other room about the glory of Black Women. She stated there also that, after she had read through my entire analysis she concured with the theme of my critique but she reserved her rights to advise me not to underestimate the precarious scenario which some black men sometimes face. She advises:

I would like for this to be considered as well; Maybe it would be difficult to glorify Black Women if you as a Black man have been harmed by one in a powerful position and then, from a psychological POV, it would be impossible for such a Black man to value some type of balance, even if he professes this. In that type of situation, it would be hard for a Black man to see a balance because if he is made to worship a dangerous type of Black woman in power, it would mean that he is DEMEANED!!! His male being has been comprimised. He will have been effiminazed if he has been forced to accept that type of woman as being superior. You may find this difficult to believe but there is such a thing as abusive women who have been placed in powerful positions to throw down the Black man. I believe that in order to have a blaance, this issue needs to come out, and it has not come out yet. That issue is the gem of White Supremacy.

I agree with the Queen's powerful, insightful and empathetic analysis adding only a clarification for the Black Woman's glory in defense of us black men. I do recognize and say this often in my work and I speak it here in this Garden that there are, like Queen Dove points out, in her words, black women who are "abusive." She also points out those Black Women "mistresses" who are the handmaidens of the eurocentric seek-and- destroy machinery. I concur, like I always have. It would be illogical, as well as immoral, if I try and argue that there are not Black Women amongst us who may not exemplify certain attributes which would be considered harmful to the black collective.

It is not a habit of mine to share negative personal stories about Black Women but I will for the purposes of the current discourse. There is this Queen who works at this gas station who always treated me bad. No matter how nice I would be, she just wasn't going to offer me an olive branch. She is one of the rare Queens who was able to scale the walls of my patience lol. But to make a long story short, after two years, (2 whole years) we were able to come to an understanding about the friction she was giving me. I wont go into the details but suffice to say I understood and now we are on cordial speaking basis whenever I'm there at her station. I could have gone to another station but she is our Queen and I know we all go through things.

So yes, I can provide you with some horror stories about Black Women. I also can provide you with similar--and worse-- horror stories about other races and cultures. Black Women can have bad days just like anyone else can, right? Is anyone here trying to persuade us that other races of women don't do many of the things that Black Women are accused of doing in their relationships (and more)? Why is it that when our Black Women do things that others do she is brought to the gallows? That's not fair to her and I won't participate in that because I love Black Women.

You have a brotha here who called a Black Woman a "dirtbag broad." But why did he do it? Perhaps he was encouraged by the title of that thread? Then, in the same you have someone who uses the words "what a shame" and then you had a Christian position which reads "lawd have mercy." Now what happens when we put all those words together about Black Women? There is the following expression:

"What a shame we have a dirtbag broad Black Woman who is a hot mess...lawd have mercy."

I thought the theme of this Garden was:

We Are About Loving, Encouraging, Embracing, Teaching and Building With Black People.

What category do we place "dirtbag broad" in? Is that encouraging? Is "what a shame" building or tearing down? It seems to me that this is a formulae for self-hate and the perpetuation of Black Women not being anyone special. I humbly submit to you that these are some of the instances that the Perfection of Black Women thesis are not embraced and her glory denied. So you see, this is why I do not see any utility whatsoever in speaking negative, for any reason, about Black Women because it encourages others to do the same as we constantly see in our everyday world.

Now don't get mad at me if this applies to you. Instead, let's you and I come together and become the theme of this Garden while understanding what we need to do in order to treat our Black Women like Queens. This brings us to the calcification of the pineal gland which we will get into later.
I believe this and feel that this is the very thing that the enemy is using against us in order to cause great chaos and division between us.


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Aug 21, 2012
Too expand on my post more, we as Men do not see the greatness in our females till another take interest in them then, we want to go ballistic almost degrade our women to a point that we both look for love from other ethnic groups; this goes both ways but in the defense of our Queens we leave them no options or alternatives.
I understand too that some not all can do some down right treacherous things to us, but sooner or later we got to Man Up and overlook that flaw.
These are some very important points you bring to our attention. Certainly, as I am not reluctant to point out, there will be instances when some of us may experience negative interactions from our Queens. That can't be denied. However, in the larger context of healing and in the name of holism--like you point out-- :

sooner or later we got to Man Up and overlook that flaw

Personally I would not use the word "flaw" to describe anything about Black Women. I know you didn't mean anything disrespectful when you used it. But may I ask that you consider when we as black men begin to understand her original essence it becomes that much easier to reject such a term regarding her. Think about this. If you are taught to hate small animals since your birth and then when you become about 25 years of age and you get worse and start throwing small animals off the cliff can we actually say you have a "flaw" or may we use an alternative concept to describe this phenomenon? Perhaps we can use Carter G. Woodson's "Mis-Education"? You see when we say "flaw" we capitulate to something which articulates an inherent characteristic unable to be overcome. Black Women transcend "flaws" but it takes a certain mindset to be able to truly appreciate this reality. Angels don't have 'flaws' but they can be misguided into behaviour which does not comport to their essence.

How we black men, great men like you, who can see the hidden we can help is to remind our Black Women that she's worthy of glorification. Yes, we may not approve of some of her behaviours she may sometime display but we need to assure her that this will not be a cause for us or a justification for us to neglect her divinity as we all have issues we need to work out.

Black men must begin to love our Black Women back to us.


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Aug 21, 2012
In the ancient epics, folklore, mythologies and legends it is Black Woman who shape their meanings and elucidate their abstractions. We have a glorious story to tell thanks to the detailed record keeping of our Black Women as griots.
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