Black Spirituality Religion : The punishment purifies you from all bad effects and the boon will pollute you with e

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    The punishment purifies you from all bad effects and the boon will pollute you with ego and ignorance.

    Generally, one worships God through practical devotion (service) in order to avoid the negative results. Such attitude is a failure to achieve the real love and permanent grace of God. You must learn to enjoy the negative results also like hot dishes in the meal. In fact, due to the divine knowledge attained by the grace of God, try to find out more benefit in the negative result so that at least the negative result can be enjoyed equally with the positive result. Whenever, you start to do a work, you pray for the blessings of the Lord to get victory and benefit. The defeat and loss are never expected even in the mind.

    The elders always bless you to succeed and get the profit. They will never bless you to enjoy even the negative result, if attained.

    They feel inauspicious even to utter the possibility of negative result even as the next alternative. But Lord Krishna says to Arjuna in Gita “If you die in the war you will enjoy the heavenly pleasures and if you win you will enjoy the pleasures on this earth” (Hatovaa Prapsyase Swargam …..Gita).

    The Lord is giving blessings with the negative result in the beginning and the positive result is mentioned as the next alternative only. The Lord is showing more happiness in the negative result than the positive result because the heavenly pleasures are more superior to the pleasures on the earth. It is just like saying that if you are defeated in a work you will get a treat in the five star hotel and if you win you will get a treat in ordinary hotel. The Lord says that He is giving the analytical faculty to laugh at results of the deeds (Buddhyaa Yukto…..Gita).

    The ignorant fellow may laugh at the statement of Krishna, but a scholar will laugh at the ignorance in analyzing the welfare in the positive and negative results. Actually the negative result giving you misery is for your welfare only to become near to God. The positive result is for your loss by which you are far from God. The punishment purifies you from all bad effects and the boon will pollute you with ego and ignorance. You must have faith in God that He is always doing everything for your welfare only. In such case, you are never upset in the life and hence there is no need of linking your devotion to the favor from God.

    You are mistaking the favor of God as His anger and the anger of God as His favor. The divine knowledge, which is harsh to you, is always in your welfare and Satguru who gives such divine knowledge is the human form of God. Majority likes the sweet, which harms in long run and welcomes the knowledge preached by the preachers who are the human forms of Satan.

    At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

    Anil Antony
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    The Father chastises whom the Father does love, so man should not ever view punishment of the Father on High as a bad thing, but as a blessing. And blessings that are not chastisement shouldn't pollute a person's thought nor values so long as one keeps the works and faith of the Holy Son who has come and died for us, and so long as they keep their belief in His resurrection for our redemption and salvation. If they don't have these things, then they allow themselves to be polluted by greed, covetousness, lust, and so on in this world of corruption and sin.