Chief Elder Osiris : The Psychological Power Religion Has Over The Mind Of Black People

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
The Psychological Power Religion Has over The Mind Of Black People

By Chief Elder Osiris

There Is Much More Where This Come from.

Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe,Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

Without being conscious of it, religion has woven its way into the subconscious fabric of Black folks mind, a mind that is of the development by Lucifer the Human Being.

Devil, Satan, Lucifer, such are spirits synonymous to each other in action, being no different in intent than the other, which is to lie and deceive you, and to have you acting like a child under restriction to remain ignorant of self, the three being no more than a behavioral attitude which is developed by the power of influence.

There is Divine use of the Energy that is the Divine Essence(GOD) and there is profane use of that same energy, and it is that Divine Energy intelligence that has caused all things To BE.

Divinity does not have an agenda of purpose, nor of desire, it does not participate in carnal level of activity, it does not have a meaning or purpose to lie and deceive, nor to influence or to prove to the profane believes what is Divinely true or what is profanely a lie.

The Divine Essence is Truth and Reality, and all that it has caused to be and is with the capability to reason logically, is also with the potential to know or develop a choice to believe in that you should know.

Divinity is a choice for you to make which present the law of opposites, it being that which is Divine and that which is profane.

Divinity representing all action functioning in Harmony, Order, and is well balance in the flow of life living.

Profane represent all action functioning with an intent to cause disharmony, disorder, and imbalance in the flow of life living.

Divine Spirituality is the attribute of a Divine Mind, thus there is a mental action while in the flow of life living, functioning using profound Reasoning and being Rational in reaching decisions about that being reasoned about, and is always balance in recognizing the facts about God, the Universe, and Self, all because of the use of a spirit that reveal the power of knowing and knowing is Divine.

Profane spirituality always have a selfish vane agenda, which is to use the power of influence over you, by being able to mimic the Truth and not knowing the Truth of a Divine kind.

Profane spirituality is a behavioral attitude that trick the mind of the weak, and it is that caliber of mind that embrace lies and deception, and is without the desire to reason rationally, but to believe and to be influenced by that which look to be as proposing to be, but is not what seeing will allow you to know about that which is To Be.

Divine Spirituality is predicated upon knowing, while Religious spirituality is based upon believing to pretend to know, and it is religion that has to continuously fight to defend its attributes, which are lies and deception.

When you know that which is Divine, you need not to fight to defend its Divinity, you can not destroy nor tempt Divinity, but when you are under the influence of religion, you have to always be in a fight to defend it, because if not, the Divine truth presence, will be magnified, and in the presence of Divine truth, Religious lies and deception become very obvious to the Divine Thinker that is not hogtied down in belief.

Religion will have you referencing everything about your life action, with what religion has taught to you to be its Truth and reality, when in fact, all that religion teach to you are lies and will have you looking for illusion to be your reality.

But because of the psychological power religion now has over your profane mental practice, its influence have you getting religion approval about everything that your life is involved with, which guarantee religion is what control the lives of Black people and now have Black people to be afraid to acknowledge their Divinity. that which involve your life.

When you Divinely know about yourself, then why should Divinity lower its Reality to the level of Religion, just to engage it in debate, when the Divine truth is not in need of proving what is , only religion attempt to prove what is not.

Religion created the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, and such a spirit is the defining reality of a Human being, because only Human beings are under the psychological influence of Religion.

Be Kind To your self, Beloved

Chief Elder

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