Black Short Stories : The Psychiatrist & The Patient


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Jul 26, 2001
By Andre Austin

The patient Mr Debt has just 72 hours to convince the state psychiatrist Mr. Lein Bankhead that he isn’t crazy and that there is a conspiracy to suppress 95% of the population and to super suppress people of color into hibernation of a deep coma. This coma prevents the Blackman from reaching his full market value and spiritual consciousness. The 5% wants everyone to be quasi-slaves and miss use entertainment, music, sports, TV and religions to trap them in darkness.

Two guards dressed in all white from top to bottom escort Mr. Debt to chief head doctor at the local sanatorium in a Nevada state facility.

Dr. Bankhead: thank you guards, you guys can take the handcuffs off and wait out in the lobby until I call you or push the red button (panic alert button).

Guards: Are you sure. Patient Debt is unpredictable?

Dr. yes it all good and cool and I think 26 years of experience I can handle myself.

Guards: Yes sir, its your call

Security leaves locking the two inside all alone and ready to chat.

Dr. Now if you want to act a fool I can make you famous. You keep running around talking all this bull **** about an conspiracy of international bankers. Your future will not be worth a bucket of spit if you keep up with all of this. You don’t get it. You don’t have to threaten nobody. The Justice department only needs to learn of dissatisfaction and dislike of authority to make a move on you. You see they jump the gun. They equate dislike as two steps away from violence and overthrowing the government. So that now I got you by the balls. And now you just got 72 hours to convince me of this conspiracy before I put your black monkey *** in the rubber room zoo. This is where you don’t pass go and neither collect money or any personal items just naked like an ape in the wilderness.

Mr. Debt: I’m all ready in the wilderness here in North America.

Dr. Sit down

Mr. Debt: if you don’t mind I like to pace while I talk. Yeah you can call me an ape today, but after this 72 hours is up I will be the upright homo-sapiens and you will be the Simionian breed from another planet. I’m a part of the 95% that will be like the great apes making that giant leap in telling the international bankers “No”.

No more debit fees,
no more shopping fees,
no more dough,
because we are not playing with Bank kingpins anymore.

The banks and Wall street manipulated the Housing industry and started the ripple effect that lead to this great depression.

This mighty bank revolt started against bank of America charging $5 dollar bank fee per month. We got black people playing both sides of the fence. Russell Simmons down there with the Occupy Wall street. Ain’t that a *****. Simmons owns the Rush debit card and charges $1 per transaction. Is he playing dirty pool. Simmons, I think might be a Jewish name, anyway he’s the black mediator between blacks and Jews having economic/religious tensions here in North America.

Dr. This is going to be easy. Please continue

Mr Debt: Anyway, I was at the Million Family March (MFM 0f 2000)sitting up in the press box eye ******* Whitney Houston and Rush and Bobby brown was staring up laughing at me. If Houston had a real man giving her real love she wouldn’t of turnt to crack as a substitute penis. Farrakhan chastise me for a couple of seconds for suggesting a book title of “My black *******”. I mean he looked me dead in my eyes. And now ***** and ***** is out of my vocabulary.

Dr. So what happened with “My black *******”.

Mr. Debt Well you see I never wrote it. I was thinking about it. I’m now focusing my work on two books in the making “My Poemology” and “Poor Dre’s Almanac” You know just thinking about some things are dangerous. Jesus said in the good book just thinking about adultery was just like doing the deed. Well In some degree when I was young and dum I betrayed my own race. Which we all do by drugs, making harems, and not buying and sell with each other. In the end of times we can’t buy or sell unless we got a bar code of 666 but black peoples impose this upon themselves by buying from everyone except self, love everyone except self. But now I try to defend the black woman from crazy white folks cutting off black females heads. Charles Manson was crazy but he still knew right from wrong. Whites are shooting us and burning up our bodies. And Miss Badu running down Elm street butt naked must be repudiated. The whites made some of the slaves work butt naked on the plantation so they would not run off. We can’t turn our Nubian queens into a freakneek show like they show off horses at the Kentucky derby. Now I like Rush but his debit fees were worser than what Bank of America.

Dr. So how are you coming with these two books?

Mr. Debt: Well it’s a one in a million shot at publishing in the literary world. Now its not politically correct to say Jews have a monopoly over the press so we code it with the word “Liberal press”. But facts are facts majority of Jews live in 4 states of Florida, California, New York and New jersey and that’s precisely where the literary agents are located. To publish anything and being black you have to be a mega super celebrity now. The rappers have lost their art in part due to the internet. Its not music anymore but an noncommercial trying to sell you products for white corporate America. The Jews bought up:

1. Ebony now Jewish Chase Bank owns
2. Jet Chase Bank
3. Bet Jewish owned by Viacom
4. Phat Pharm now Jewish owned by Kellwood company took it from Rush
5.Essence Time inc owned by Jews
6. Def Jam records three founders LL cool J Rush, and Jew Rick Rubin now owned by Mercury a Jewish company

So it seems everything black and successful the Jews take from us by putting us in debt, freely loaning us money then dropping the bomb with a hostile take over of its stock.

Dr. So how did you learn about these so called hostile taker overs

Mr. Debt: Brother Farrakhan press conference on the 16th anniversary of the MMM on Oct 16. I just look it up on wikipedia for verification.

Dr. Wasn’t that also the commemoration of the MLK big statue on the mall of DC.

Mr. Debt: Yes so now every Oct 16 these two big events will coincide. Now you can’t talk about one without the other. Farrakhan and Obama talked at the same time. It was the case of Obama having The Plan and Farrakhan having A Plan for economic development. Farrakhan’s plan was more into reality because it was more easier to do. Farrakhan is my brother from another mother. However, I’m down with his economic plan I disagree with some of his religious teachings. Blacks don’t need to link up with the identify of being original Jews. Although many of the Jewish myths came directly from the Egyptian religion we need to connect with ancient black Egypt not with Israel. The international community decided that Israel be back a state again in 1948. Now the international community except for America wants ancient Palestine to have a state. Now the Jews want total peace before the Arabs get a state. There will always be a fringe that will do acts of violence. This would be like America telling Mexico we will not issue out any more green cards until no more Amigo’s cross the border illegally without a pass. I think it was unwise to associate with Gaddafy because he bragged about blowing up private, civilian airplanes that was transporting Americans. Hey a relative of mine could have been on that plane. The deceased Libya leader made a gold statue of a fist smashing that airplane. I’m a radical, but I’m not that radical. However, I’m black and I’m that Black. Most blacks are passive and will tell white folks “I’m not that black” which only applies to blacks. Black slurs against each other are permitted in music and TV but not other races.

Dr. The Jews deny having a monopoly of the press but they own up to running Hollywood.

Mr. Debt: Well its seen as negative to admit to having a monopoly of the press and banking because people will think your manipulating your mind through press and your freedom through economic control.

Dr. What do you mean by economic control

Mr. Debt: Well you need a bank to get a house, car and go to college. Those three things are the American dream. Can’t get the American dream without a Bank. What to open up a barber shop, well you gots to go see a bank. I remember watching the movie The Harder They Fall on Youtube. Go to the scene where payday arrives and the account goes through all the fees, Travel expense, promotion, hotel expense, clothing allowance, food expense, petty cash, and miscellaneous. After the funny books were doctored up the boxer got $49. And 7 cents. They could hire and top notch CPA and IRS agent and come out squeaky clean making millions then paying someone less than a hundred dollars. When I saw that movie I thought about the black man and woman in entertainment and sports. Singing out their vocal cords and until they almost popped. Being ran like a horse in the Kentucky derby until your legs busted and had to go to skid row, the human glue factory for a horse that couldn’t be exploited no more. How much can you take of this. I saw take no more of it. But in this day you single out not groups or people you just saw Wall street or the Liberal press. You have to identify the problem in an abstract format and not name groups of people that represent big time corporate gangsters.

Dr. Why?

Mr. Debt because they will use their religion to discredit you and scare people away from your evidence. Hollywood comes in to sedate the masses of the poor from their plight. The Republicans fall into the trap of helping the massive of the people overthrow the bank barons.

Dr. How is this when they are opposite of each other.

Mr. Debt: Go study revolutions in the past and basic necessity of food shortages, homelessness go hand and hand. The GOP have a get tough policy on the poor and can’t stand for poor people to eat food and have a roof over your house. The only equality Republicans believe in is in taxes and fees. They want everyone to pay the same amount. There are many people out there making less than $12 thousand a year. We pay the same amount for cable, taxes utility, insurance, food, clothing that a person who makes $90 thousand does. However, there is no equality in the pain in paying these taxes and fees. The poor white people are being manipulated by the Republicans by race baiting and religious mythology. Democrats believe in making the working poor standard of living more livable but its focus is just on women and not fostering a family cohesion. Now I could have broken bread with the Catholics on the abortion issue. I believe in a common ground but they stole too much from the ancient Egyptian religion and don’t want to give the blacks any credit along with the other religious sects that were in on the theft too.

Dr. So what solutions would you like to see put out there.

Mr. Debt: Well now your putting a burden on me now. I’m just a radical writer and not a radical. Well I would like to see more blacks get into the same rage when blacks kill blacks as when whites do. I recall Spike Lee’s flick Tales From The Hood. The last scene where it shows the KKK killing blacks were the same as Blacks killing blacks as the new employees of the KKK. I would like to see a change in the one way street of whites buying up black companies. Blacks need to take over white companies and start their own black national interest free Banks. I would like to see blacks master Math, English and business distraction. Blacks should master Shakespeare and debate because its an avenue to improve public speaking.

Dr. Shakespeare?

Mr. Debt. Yes and no. When I read the Autobiography of Malcolm X I learned that Malcolm read Shakespeare and listen and copied Paul Robeson acting skills who played in Shakespeare plays. X didn’t believe Francis Bacon, a freemason ghost wrote for Shakespeare. While Tupac was in high school he played in Shakespeare plays. Even Isaac Hayes who did the music score for Shaft got inspiration from Shakespeare. The Arts and music are great resources to make Math, science and English more interesting. Now black people can’t be free unless they are economically free with their own business and banks and have a correct understanding of religious myths. Those that expose the religious myths are demonized and even go after your family members. Blacks make the mistake of not associating the Civil Rights movement along with the Gay rights movement. Whites justified slavery, Jim Crow and segregation by saying Ham had homosexual eyes looking at Noah whose real name came from the Egyptian Nun. Yeah they had Ham eyes rolling, and popping in Hollywood movies along with kinky, hair, big lips all coming from the Ham myth the Jews told about. But don’t get the wrong idea I’m a big fan of Hollywood suspense, crime movies of the 1930’s 40’s and 50’s I watch as many of them, as well as Westerns, for free on YouTube. Kids now think black and white movies are kryptonite but comparison today’s show from yesterday, as well as in music, I can see how I’m being cheated out of seeing real art and real actors. I’m now being pimped as a customer for one big infocomerical. Rap now is just teaching black men to be hostile towards other black men and use women for sex. They are like the sport characters using their fame and fortune to make harems. However, one rapper I admirer is Jay-Z who’s on track to be the first black rapper billionaire. it’s a shame we only have one black billionaire in America when our population is almost 50 million people. There are six million Jews living in the wilderness of North America and they represent 50% of all the billionaires.

Dr. Well they are blessed?

Mr. Debt: Yeah right and we are cursed by the mythology of Ham? Yeah they want us to be gay and barren and castrated in gulag prisons. The sun shines on everyone. The library is open to all, you just have to let the sun shine on you. NAACP is carrying the water for the Jews and being suppliants to the democratic party who just use the black masses to vote for them so they can represent Wall Street and International bankers. They make laws for the bank where its almost impossible to file bankruptcy. If they were for the poor they would allow bankruptcy for student loans. We are only one step away from debtors prison. The majority of all laws are against poor people and for rich people.

Dr: Okay our first day of three day session is coming to a close. We still have 48 hours to go. I must say I had a closed mind when you first walked in. For the rest of time remaining I think I’m going to keep an open mind.

Dr. Bankhead rings the buzzer for the two white Guards dressed in all white to escort. Mr. Debt back to his room. As the three walk down the hall the two guards are looking more like white angels than security guards.


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