Black People : The prophet; as requested...

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    Prophets are not "chosen", but choose to remain a child of God instead. As all within "the all" naturally is just that. And thus co-exist with the doer of all (that is all at once), which in truth is the greatest normality in life-actuality... What else do they (prophets) speak other than the common in fluid sense? ...The worship of any prophet is the greatest blasphemy in the trailing non-sense called religosity, that only means self-mutilation into one's very own God-self. Leave those "doctrines" and "secret" tablets the hell alone, as the internal one in God has no need for any of them that must be internalized. As the doer in God respects no "educated" fool that denounced the master teacher of God in thy very soul that unifies, naturally so. God only leaves "them" all right "there" within the boundaries of a "living" contradiction of a lost, redundant and conflicting wonder with no true answer. And then...the chaos "in the name of" ricochets and begins... To see the dumbest...person(s), then look into "the mirror" of, with no internal reflection of the pre-existent one that is ever-present and also here and now. No prophet, no prophet needs an indoctrinated fool by his/her side in flesh or in spirit... For only the soul can teach... Question answered. Kevin D. Ervin 2008 c.