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    Because our people were never healed or deprogrammed from the experience and trauma of slavery that treated them every way but human, they have lived a reality that goes beyond words. Once they were released from physical slavery they attempted to try and live what they would call a "normal life." The truth however is that there was "nothing normal about their experience or their reaction to it", and as such, there could be nothing normal about how they were attempting to live their lives or their relationships with their women or children.

    The experience of slavery had a physical, emotional and psychological effect upon them all that would affect everything they thought, felt and did in life. Did it affect how and what they cooked for their children?...of course it did. Did it affect the life lessons that they would teach their children?...of course it did. Did it affect how they saw themselves?...of course it did. Did it affect how they related to each other as black men and women?...of course it did. Did it affect how we as black people related to each other?...of course it did. So what does this all mean? It means that we have been living out a legacy of life as dictated by the sickness of white people that was passed down to us and that we in turn took as being correct because we got it from our parents who in turn got it from theirs straight on back to slavery.

    Aren't the things I just mentioned a form of sickness that requires some form of healing?...of course it is. When did we as a people begin not trusting each other? It was during slavery that this happened as white people began using certain black people against the others by giving them privileges that he did not give the others as a means of making them feel that they were different or that they were special. Basically this is called the "divide and conquer method" by using one of the same group of people against the others. It worked during slavery and after physical slavery as well.

    We witnessed this with the downfall of Marcus Garvey, of Malcolm X, of the Black Panthers and more. Imagine a people so sick and in need of healing that they are not man or woman enough to name themselves according to their reality instead of one imposed upon them. Imagine a people so sick and in need of healing that they can not and do not possess enough love and determination to even educate their own babies...and yet complain about how poorly our historic enemy and oppressor is miseducating us.

    Imagine a people so sick and in need of healing that they desire to look, act, live and support any and all people as long as they do not look as they do. Imagine a people so sick and in need of healing that they will worship, uphold and support the practices, the values and the interest of all people except their own. If any of this is touching home at all, don't feel bad because the one thing I have discovered about sick people is that they very rarely will admit that they are sick.

    If we were to be sitting down with our family watching television on the nature or animal channel and saw any of these actions done by animals, it would blow our minds. We would be so confused as to why the lion is teaching the leopards baby how to hunt and how to stalk...while their own baby lion sat in the den learning nothing. We would be confused as to why the lion is helping the leopard to build a nice cozy little den while it lives in shambles. We would be confused as to why the lion is seeking out some form of natural nature dye to dot itself up to look like the leopard when we know it's a lion. We would be confused as to why the lion is suddenly hanging out with leopards instead of its own kind. We would be confused about all of this and more when it comes to nature...but when it comes to our own selves?....we have all kinds of excuses, defenses, explanations and everything else. It takes "intellectual ignorance" to be able to justify actions that logically have none at all.

    It was the so called "intelligent Europeans" who came up with explanations, excuses, defenses and rationalizations for the enslavement of our people. Normal people didn't do this. The normal person was able to look and see for themselves that "this was not the way humans are supposed to be treated". It took "intellectual ignorance" to come up with something to make their ignorance appear to be justifiable....and we as African/Black people do the same exact thing today.

    In our intellectual ignorance we come up with everything and anything under the sun to make our state of ignorance justifiable when it comes to how we are, who we are, what we should be doing, how we're living or not living and everything else. In fact, we now have one of the most supreme illnesses I have ever encountered in my life or read about. This is the illness that recognizes that we are falling down the stairs as we now have the unique ability to "blame ourselves for falling down the stairs...instead of admitting that we were pushed and who pushed us. The point is that, once we were pushed, we never stopped falling!

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    So true. This is one circle that needs to be broken. But how? Education is usually the key. Are those of us who have been privileged to move away from this...not doing enough? What's the answer as you see it?