Black People : THE PROCESS OF HEALING Part One

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    In having been on the internet for a minute and in recognizing the condition of our people all over the globe, there is one thing that tends to stand out above all things...and that is that "WE ARE A SICK PEOPLE"!! We have been infected with a cancer that has historic roots to them and has spread through the hearts, minds and souls of our people like a run away virus.

    This is a very painful reality for our people to admit and face...because to do so challenges the illusion of our manhood or womanhood. The truth of the matter is this. "It is impossible for our people to have been imposed upon the way that we were and presently are and think that "WE ARE OKAY"...THAT WE ARE EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY AND SPIRITUALLY STABLE." We have been raped, beat upon, miseducated, culturally alienated and spiritually co-opted....but we're okay...we didn't get no bruises...we're okay. NO, No, No...we're not okay...not by a long shot. We have been through a 2500 year trauma and have yet to be healed or to be deprogrammed from it.

    What does this mean? It means that every so called African centered or black website is going to have to change the center or focus of their website to one of HEALING...because if they are not focused upon the healing of our people then they are clearly not working in the best interest of our people on several levels that are badly needed. Healing is going to mean that we will have to come to grips with and face realities that many of us have long been trying to ignore or pretend away as if it didn't happen and that we aren't victims of it. All of us are victims...ALL OF US!

    The greatest manifestation of the fact that we are a sick people is in our children which is being manifested in their own self destruction. I'm going to start this off easy because we are not all suffering from the same degree of illness but we are indeed all suffering. What is the process of healing and more importantly, healing from what? To even imply or speak of any kind of healing also implies that there must be some kind of sickness present that requires healing.

    The question therefore becomes, "are we a sick people in need of healing?" Do we have physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and perhaps historical wounds that require any form of healing? These are questions that we must honestly ask ourselves as a people collectively and individually. After reviewing our past and present reality as a people I have reached the very sound conclusion that "we are a damaged people in need of serious healing". Many of our people may not even consider that we are damaged people but we are. Our ancestors who were enslaved in America went through a 400 year trauma that they were neither healed or deprogrammed from. As a result of that experience, they passed down to their children the trauma that they went through. Their children in turn passed it to theirs until we in this time frame learned many things from our own parents that had its origin in and from slavery.

    Let us take for example our diet or what we now call "soul food". The truth of the matter is that it was a diet that our people inherited from slavery in their own quest to survive and to feed their babies. The result of this so called "soul food diet" now has many of our people walking around with clogged arteries, high blood pressure, heart attacks and many other diseases...and all started from slavery. Because our people were stripped of their culture, names, language, history and reality of who they were, our people in slavery had no real image of "what a black man was or what a black woman really was."

    The only examples of so called manhood or womanhood that our people in slavery had was of the white man and woman. I want you to think about that for a minute as we begin to understand that our people could do no more than "imitate what they saw and experienced". Our people were not allowed to be black men or black women. They were not allowed to be responsible and to properly raise and be an example to their own children or to the woman that white people decided that they should mate with. They did not own any children any more than they owned themselves.

    The end result of this was that they as black people began to look at and have relationships with their women the same way that white men did with theirs. Suddenly "they was the man and she had to do as we said or else." This is not an African reality in terms of relationships. Suddenly they as men "had to be the provider and their manhood was judged by that in terms of their relationships with their women." This was never the African way where both parties understood and did what was needed to maintain a household or family. Those of our people who have read the "Willie Lynch Papers also called The Making of A Slave", understand how our people have been played and divided against each other. We understand how the old and the young were the light skin and the dark skin were played as a means to keep us divided.

    We understand how the natural nature of the black woman was reversed so that she would raise her daughters different than she raised her sons. It is not a question of if those documents are real or not, the fact is that they reveal a reality amongst our people that is real as of today as it was during physical slavery. Dr. Joy Leary does an excellent job dealing with the issues of "post traumatic slave syndromes" whereby she reveals to us how and where we have incorporated issues in our lives that clearly go straight back to slavery. Because we are not aware of these issues we in turn take them into our relationships, how we raise our children and even how we perceive life to be. This in essence reveals that we are indeed a sick or damaged people who have never been healed as we carry baggage in our daily lives that began hundreds of years ago.