Black Poetry : The Problem (Erradication)

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    The question was aroused if I may allow
    how when and now that I am the problem
    I am a problem?

    But you know I got 99 problems and I thought I wasn't one
    The city I live in got 99 divided by five and I thought I wasn't one
    Not me
    Couldn't be
    Like I was stealing cookies out the cookie jar

    But I guess I didn't think right about it from afar.
    This problem am I but I was only born naturally
    Not from...from this synthetic jar
    That makes breaks and takes social security numbers and makes me a mathematical statement

    So am...I....A...Problem?
    I've been evolutionized
    and doomed to despise
    the day I breathed artificial air
    And didn't care
    and thought it would be fair because 2004 is like a newborn without hair
    But my decision and my worth hangs in the air
    But we can't even go there because

    I've been told of evolutions and lynchings and hearings of children being charged as adults at thirteen
    and you expect me to be one of those innocence lost
    As if I don't have a voice
    But I have been screaming
    And crying and listening
    to your anthologies
    and yes even your histologies as to why my ideologies
    and your ideologies are not even the same
    You base it on biology
    and not philosophy that I...yes...even I read anthologies
    about how things came to be even though not even 2 centuries ago I was forbidden to read
    Even me...the problem....

    You see...
    The time is now to embark upon this journey of seek
    Not of meek like the Beatitudes speak
    But of a journey of self denial and intellectually keen
    To understand the oppression of what I have been seeing

    These words flow from my brown skin
    to your white brown Puerto Rican Hatian Jamaican
    Romanian Indian Pakistanian Indonesian Korean and Universean ears

    That's right Universean: To all that can hear

    I AM OPPRESSED and I keep that thought dear and some people in the world
    This they will despise because like that evolutionized cockroach that saw the pyramids and the fall of Nubia
    Rome and the inflation of the current times I'll be damned if I do not rise

    And stop running from what I am meant to be
    Those talents I couldn't have nourished if the year was 1963 through pre
    I see the bloodshed of the oppressed and I see that I have nothing more nothing less
    Except they had more because they had inspiration
    And they had more because the oppression they were facing
    Had no hold on them no comfortable suite like the Howard Johnson where a few years back we couldn't even step in the front door and greet

    I am oppressed both by race and nationality and I cant seem to shake the fact
    That you are here right in front of me
    With a gap toothed smile or even straight pearly white teeth saying that its all good
    When in reality we in the same heat
    Fighting for the same mark the same piece of concrete
    When the gold is on the other side...waiting for you and me
    But instead we chase rats in holes that deal with nothing serene
    And give weapons of mass destruction to those we thought were cool and would keep clean
    But ended up turning right back around and giving us a day of remembrance in September
    More precisely on the 11th
    Took so many people with them some heaven sent
    And now those soldiers are there
    Underneath a lie
    3 years of waiting finding nothing
    and all we find is a broken down man with a malnourished mind who was feeding on lice
    with 750 G's in his pocket and a spider down the line
    And after all that
    Those people are still crying because there land is dying
    There soil is red from their blood and ours
    Those mass graves are there
    And we're next door not too far

    And...election is coming up so what we gon' do?
    What we need to do?

    Remember...we are the problem the problem
    YOU are the problem...
    Are we to continue haphazardly along?

    I am the problem
    So I have no song

    If I am the problem...then there is nothing left
    Or a heritage sunkissed
    Of the beginning of the inept
    I am the problem...then there is nothing left
    Then the only solution there is to the problem is to...
    erradicate myself.

    Or is it.....
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    very well done i hear ya speaking
    felt da flow very nice write
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    Problem Solved

    No problem with what you do
    How'd you do that?
    I've got a few problems of my own- peace!
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    this is a cool problem..feeling your flow