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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    What I am about to share with you, will no doubt cause some of you to become angry,( Mad ) it is going to cause some of you to become sad and it may cause some of you to become Glad, ( Joyous ) and then some of you will not give a ****, because it is not what you want to hear and you are the most pathetic of us all, of course I am speaking to and about those of us that consider ourselves Afrikans and Black Human Beings, the most recent indication of our identity, since there have been many names and descriptions labeled to us over the course of our arrival to this planet, something again that most so call Afrikans Blacks Human Beings can not identify with, concerning the way we arrived to this planet, but that is a Topic required for another Time, the way we arrived to this Planet, I am talking about, but this Missive is to reveal the Divine Primitive Truth about those First People to arrive to this Planet and their Theology, Meaning their Knowledge and Understanding Concerning The Divine Eternal Infinite essence, The Energy Force of Intelligent and Power that Reveal all that we are Looking at and is capable of Seeing and such Knowledge coming from Divine Information, is not based upon some kind of a Religious Belief, a belief System that verify that the Divine Information that generate a Knowledge with Understanding is beyond the Mental Reach of a people who now have no desire to Know Divinely, the Truth and Reality about That Energy Essence, which the Human Being Refer to as God, but not those Wise Divine people that was the First to come to this Planet, they whom I refer to as our First Way Ancestors.

    When dealing with the Theology of a People who have Long since gone in the Physical reception, yet is always in the presence of the Children they Produced, while they were here in the Physical, as you and I are today, even though there was some slight variation that distinguish them as they were from the way we have evolved since the Days of our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors, they that did come from out of the Distant Location of the Spatial Universe, that Divine Reality that stretch into Infinity, so says the goddess and gods our Ancient First way ancestors, they that dealt not with a modern concept created by the coming of those that refer to themselves as Human Being concerning a God, as they so well defined whom they are on this Planet, they being a self confessed Liar and a Deceiver of whom the Modern day confused so call Afrikan Black Man now consider yourselves to be, which is a sure sign that you do not know your origin, as you have grown comfortable with a Religious Theology whose basis is that of the Human Being Religion, because you so call Afrikans Black People know nothing about yourselves other than what the Human Being has taught to you about yourselves.

    As I have so stated, All Religions are of the Devilish Human Being Mental path, which you so call Afrikan Black People have so chosen to Follow, because there is nothing else you know, and that which you do not know, you have chosen to follow that which you have been indoctrinated to believe about that Eternal Intelligent Energy you now have been coaxed to refer to as GOD,.

    you have been told all that you believe about your so call Afrikan Black self, external as well as internal, yet not knowing not one Divine Thing about that which you have been brain washed to believe and to accept it as being the Human Being Truth.

    All Religions are no more than an integration of opinions and developed precepts gotten from one another mixed with its creators opinions and perceived concepts, motivated by the Words of that which was discovered to be in the possession of our Ancient Ancestors of the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and so on tier of belief by our Ancient Ancestors, such information created by them, it being on the Level of Religion, absent of our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors Theology, the Human Being, after getting a fragment of our Ancient Ancestors recollection of a Fraction of that information that was left to us by our Ancient Divine First way Ancestors, the Human Being combined such Flawed Afrikan Religious information with their own perverted way of Believing and created the institution of European Religion, attempting to use just a residue of the Theological Information that come from those people that came to this Planet out from that enormous endless and absent of illumination Perfect Night, it being the eternal and infinite existence which we refer to as the Space of Night, Darkness, Blackness, the Dwelling place of the Omnipresent, Omnipotent, omniscience, the Eternal Existence of the Divine Essence, so say our first way Divine Ancestors, they from which all Religion received its ability to be, and yet resemble not the Divine Information that reveal the Divine Theology that emanate out from such Divine Information about the Wonders of that Almighty Space, with all of those regenerating objects which the Human Being refer to as the universe, but what it is, is the Ethereal Representative of the Divine Essence that require for you to know and not believe about all that you Look at and All you Must See, through the Wisdom Eye of your Divine Mind, a Process that dwell not in the profane Circle of Religion.

    Beloved, what we refer to as being Ancient Afrikan Religion is no more than That, and you can not rise to the Divine Level clanging to the absurdity of Religion, regardless out of whose Belief system it come From.

    So when we talk about the Meta Neta, the Book of Coming Forth by Day, commonly known as the Book of the Dead, which is an appropriate description, Ancient Egyptian Religion, all such information is gotten from the interpretation, opinions and concepts as been so perceived by the searcher and discoverer of our Forth and fifth Tier Level of our Ancient Ancestors, they which were a Victim of the Fall as you and I happen to be, so there is a much greater responsibility we have to involve ourselves in a more intimate way than what we now have with each other, that is if we are serious about getting to the Divine Truth that our Divine First Way Ancient Ancestors Taught to us during their Time and in their Day, concerning the Divine Essence and the Perfect Night, as well about our Internal Relationship to all of that Outer Perfection of the Universe, which most certainly exceed the Profaneness we now refer to as Afrikan Spirituality and the Mysticism of our Life relationship to that which we refer to as the Universe.

    Our Primitive Theology deal with what is referred to as the Science of Knowing, meaning if you do not Know it, you can not Rationally and Logically Reveal it within the Divine Circle of Truth and Reality.

    Our Divine Cosmic First way Ancient Ancestors required that the Divine Sacred Knowledge be not written upon stone or tablet, but upon the tablet and stone wall of your Mind, because all Divine Information Flow first not from Stones, Tablets, and Books, but from your ability to interact with those Divine First Way Ancestors thoughts which they may have Left for you in the Physical, as they departed from this planet,

    Yet they have never left you Soulfully, that which is the Element of the Body from which all Divine Information Flow, interacting with an Ethereal Action call the Mind, that which the Soul Action cause the Ethereal Action to be, and we refer to that Ethereal Action as being the Mind.

    So there is an intimate interrelated relationship that be of the Soul and Mind, the Soul being the Main Generator, yet is not Calibrated to interfere with the action of the Mind, though the Two being as One Energy Action and from that Two in One, there is another Element of Action that flow from that Dual relationship which we refer to as the Soul and Mind and that Element is Revealed by the Production of the Mind Action, which is the Receiver of the Soul Information as well as the interpreter of that Divine Information, and by the action of the Mind there is created what is referred to as the Spirit that arrive from that Dual Action of the Soul - mind interaction, from which is created the Spirit of the Body Action, revealed by the way we act and behave and the teaching of our Ancient First Way Ancestors are that, we Must Master the Knowledge of that interaction and Learn to physically interact with our Soul, mind- Spirit Development and such a Divine Development will inform you that intuitively the First Way Ancestors are available to interact with us as often we are qualified to engage with them, because it take a Divine Mind to Know the Internal Method of engaging in internal communication with those Wise Divine First Way Ancestors, they that teaches us about those Fiery Cyclical Element, gyrating and illuminating throughout the Perfect Night and those Moving Evolving and Rotating Elements, the Human Being refer to as Planets and give them Names, they making their way to the goddess that summon them and all of that action which we call the Universe, serve as an example of the way we are to Live our Life and Engage our Life with each other, we that serve as the Anthropomorphous Level of being a Universe contingent, knowing that there is no such thing as Black Holes and Universe Creation and only you who are in motion to elevate back into our Divine Mind has the Mental Elite Capacity To understand That which has just now been shared with you, that information which is an intricate part of our Divine Theology.

    To Master such Knowledge will enable you to internalize the Life of your Being and in so doing, it put you in communication with those Soul Particles we refer to as our Genes, an entities that are capable of recording all about that which has ever happen within the vicinity of the Eternal Infinite Existence, meaning that to master the Method of Internal Communication you will receive the Knowledge that there is no such a Thing as a Creation or a Beginning, as for as to that we refer to as the Universe is concerned, such information is considered as being Divine Theology 101 and such Knowledge elevate you above the belief system which Religion keep your Mind in captivity and prevent you from knowing the Divine Truth about God, Universe, and Self.

    There is no Greater Divine Truth than to know What God Is, because from such Divine Knowledge, it qualify you to venture out into the Mystical Realm of Eternity and Infinity and to know within such Divine Boundless Corridors there exist the Divine Truth about all That is for you to know and beyond, a Distance that Religion is not qualified to take you Beloved.

    To Understand the Freedom of Soul-Mind- Spirit Transaction, such will in fact compel you to know when the Divine Mind is arrested in such a way that you no longer know the avenues to travel in order to contact those that dwell within you and is qualified to save your Life by giving you the Motivation to do what is necessary to Free your Mind, because not until then will you have the motivation to protect your Mind and in doing so, you protect your Life and when the Mind is not Functioning Divinely, the Life of your Being is in Trouble because you become available for any and everybody to influence you concerning your once Black Divine Self and that is why you do not now have the ability to make independent choices, all that you choose is the making of somebpdy other than you, choices, how Mentally weak we have become and it does not seem to bother us not one bit and that is why we care nothing about Reparation nor anything about our Children, the attitude and Behavior of a Dead Mental People.

    The Prime objective of the Black World should be to Free the Black Mind, because the fact that we have lost our Divine mind, that is what cause the Life of Black People to be in the Physical condition we are in today, because without control of your Divine Mind, you become under the direction of somebody else other than yourself Mind, and beloved, You Are What You Think, and/ or Believe of That which Somebody else that is doing the Thinking for you, making you to be a creature without the Divine Mind of your Own and that is why you will not be able to accept this Divine Truth, because you Black so call Afrikan People have been made to be people that are guided by your Ego, Full of Envy, and Drunk off of Jealous, the Human Being Recipe that keep the Black World Believing, concerning the Physical Truth and never to Know the Divine Truth, which prevent you from knowing about your Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestor Theology Concerning God, Universe and Your Melaninated Self.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You



    Chief Elder

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