Black People Politics : The President Vows to VETO Palestinian right to statehood


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Oct 4, 2009
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With the US colonization,

of Libya entered into without
the support of either Democrats
or Repubicans, as the first military action of AFRICOM

the president has now vowed to lock Palestinians into perpetual
colonization under Zionism,
by vetoing at the UN any resolution to allow the Palestinians,
to form a seperate state to live in peace.

How does that effect the Black community?

Simply the amount of welfare given to Isreal, just to keep up
a police state over the indegenous people,
could keep every public school open, every teacher employed,
child care and day care maintained,
and bealth clinics open in every Black community in the 50 states


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Sep 12, 2009
How ironic.

You create this thread regarding palestine's being denied statehood,
yet just above is an ad asking for the show of support for israel, lol:


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Feb 7, 2004
This is our Black President isn't it?...I mean, he isn't the first one....more like the 10th Black President....and if the others didn't do anything for us, why would we suffer the illusion that this one would? Malcolm was right" "History is best qualified to reward all research" !! We simply fail to do the research for the answers that are out there.

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1619+400=2019 Jamestown Virginia...end of slavery. (Yes modern miseducation and injustices count as slavery) But no proper reparations will be given since the amount of contributions beyond humanity transcends generations. Our people have history that is equal to trillions of dollars including Melanin research and its supernatural power.
I want my people to be aware of this dilemma regarding the upcoming election... I know politics. Yes Trump is admitting the truth about Black People building this so called country corporation (The United States). But you must understand that what they're planning on doing is to divide and conquer. This is all just for him to get re-elected. He's going to promise reparations and reneg at the last minute.
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