Black Poetry : The preacher daughter speaks...........


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Jun 19, 2005
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Preacher daughter coming

Preacher daughter coming

Preacher daughter coming

Just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover

My baby has fallen into the system

My home is at peace

My life isn't spiraling for the moment

and my children seems to obey

But before the walls held countless of arguments, fights

and depression

I speak of a love all must feel

I spoke of a life of all wants to have

but on the inside was us

The devil roaming around like a lion had devoured us

Until you saw nothing left but our feet

Come Friday it will be fifteen days since we haven't been together

Nothing but the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures keeping

me sane

I haven't even complained

I just took charge of the house, the kids and the bills

I just man up so to speak

All around me is what I hear is despair

and the ones that are oppress

We all need faith in order to get to the next level

In the book of Hebrew it tells of many people that had faith and what their reward was

But what does my faith tells me

No I haven't stored my treasure upon this Earth and no I am not concern about getting to Heaven

My concern is now living what God has intended for me to live

Lord I use to say "Why have you forsaken me"

Why does my family turn a deaf ear?

Or why do my friends stab me in the back with their malicious gossip?

Lord give me a sign, give me a sign

and this is what he gave me

Matthew 6:33 says Keep on then,seeking first the kingdom and his righteousness, and all the other things will be added to you

I realized that I couldn't make it without my Lord

I realized that no matter where I turn I'd always call on him

I didn't want the wrath of Jehovah upon my house

Praying to him for deliverance, but still carried on like the fools he spoke about

He grew tired of us

He disciplined us, he showing us his true power that so many don't believe

He humbled us, he humbled us

So many of our love ones has turn their back on us

Our friends seems to talk down of us

But still we hold on to this rocky relationship

as I read on in the book of Matthew

It tells me of hyprocrites and then further down in the scriptures it says

Go in thruough the narrow gate, because broad and spacious is the road leading of into destruction, and many are the ones going thru it........

Yes we both went through it many times until Jehovah didn't want to hear

He knows our heart so therefore we are in this Hell

Things are no longer at our disposal

The sun beats our broken backs

Pleasure is no longer given but is earned

Whereas narrow is the gate and cramped the road leading off into life,a nd few are the ones finding it verses 14 of Matthew

Yes we are the few trying to walk in the narrow

You told me of a change

No more hanging out, no more carelessness of your money

Everything that I use to complain about I won't ever complain again

I dismiss it

I don't believe it because of your backsliding

Dividing us

once again with your broken promises

Don't promise me the world and can't give it

I don't want the world I just want you and the kids

Please my love don't let the world swallow us whole again

Let's change our far weather friends and embrace the ones

that are doing good and righteous in God's eyes

Let's do this for us, for our kids sake

They deserve a home of peace and love because God is love

Your coming home friday I anticipate

I can't wait and greeting you at the door will be a woman you have

seen in the beginning

No more of my disturbed spirit, but a peaceful one

I will not let the Devils evil demise get to us

The Devil want us to fail but through Jehovah guidance will we seek out his glory

This battle is not mine, this battle is not mine

I said this battle is not mine

I give it to you Lord

I give it to you Lord

I will stop leaning and having faith in Men

but will learn to lean and wait on you Lord

Oh lord thank you for the lesson we both are now learning

On the road to Damacus is where you had to blind us and lord

we know we will never regain full sight

But we ask that if you see fit to show your children some mercy

Some mercy

Some mercy

Because we need you, we need you, we need you

Now I am



and my running this race has just begun.........

to be continued.........

Copyright 2008


Continue to pray for me my friends as the real test is ahead!​
peace to you

this was a real eye opener
i appreciate how you put it all on the table

yes this race is ongoing

living and learning

seeing and growing

you are expanding

and that's peace

as far as i'm concerned

In the Spirit of Sankofa!

Baby Girl, we've all lamented the loss of benefits provided by GRACE. Amazingly, you have maintained a powerful faith throughout. Trials and REPROOF are necessary, prayer essential, GOD, priceless.


I must second 1peotsought for he through you has said it all!(The preacher daughter speaks........... )



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