Black Spirituality Religion : The Prakriti

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    Beauty. Intelligence. Sophistication.

    When you think about Black Women, one can't help but to think about the ALL.


    All that which is. Completeness...Perfection. No one--and I do mean no one--has ever in the past, now or in the future will be capable of disputing that fact. It's impossible to dispute the Black Woman's beauty, intelligence and sophistication.

    That the Black Woman is the ALL no one can deny.

    Know this. The Black Woman's essence of Perfection is a fixed, universal constant as unchanging and forever as the stars above.

    These facts regarding Black Women easily come together when you evaluate other words and concepts from the ancient world.

    Prakriti is the ancient Hindu word for "source." Its meaning is also "nature."

    In Volume 12 of the Asiatic Journal and Monthly Miscellany, the editors there explain Prakriti as:

    "The prefix Pra means 'pre-eminent,' Kriti means 'creating that [Queen] who was pre-eminent in creation is termed Prakriti: again, Pra means 'best,' or is equivalent to the term Safwa, the quality of purity..."

    Furthermore, they add that the Pra:

    also signifies 'first' or foremost, and Kriti 'creation;' she who was the beginning of creation, is called Prakriti

    [page 227; London:1833].