Chief Elder Osiris : The Power Of Propaganda!!!

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    The Power Of Propaganda!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From.
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    What sightless gullible people we have become, following behind White people, Arab people, Jewish People, never questioning anything they have ever told to us, labeling it to be True, Right, False, Wrong, such concepts are what we live our life around, knowing nothing about the fact of your Black Body life Divinity.

    Just as you do not question what was told to you about the event that happened on 911, so do you not question the action based upon lies and deception concerning Osama Bin Laden death, and when the man actually died, and it most certainly did not happen yesterday.

    Just as you believe the latest episode about Obama birth certificate that he released to the world, and whether it being original authentic.

    Black people, we are prisoners of belief, which come from the mind of Lucifer the Human Being, we being victims of propaganda that serve as the weapon that cause the Black Life to be in its living believing state that it is in today, and that is why we have no energy of Mind to act in defense of our Black Life self.

    Now, the issue of whether Bin Laden being Dead or alive, and in this instance, the issue is his death, which should not matter one **** to Black people, because
    Bin Laden as an issue, does not have an impact upon the Black life that will determine our Freedom, but more certainly, will have an impact upon us remaining in our state of ignorance, which have us not questioning anything a proven oppressors tell us about events that effect our lives in an unjust way.

    I have shared with you the need for Black people to reclaim our Divine mind, because as long as we function with the Mind that Lucifer the Human Being has set to be our Mental process, the level and quality of propaganda used to control the way we believe in life, about those events that have an impact upon our lives, not in a Thinking way, but in the way we have been made to believe about those events, we remain not in control of the Mind that now dictate to us today.

    Many events that come to have an effect upon our lives, happen to be caused by Lucifer the Human being, just as he has created the event claiming just now killing Bin Laden, and has pulled out all of his propaganda apparatus that will mesmerize the Mind that function under Lucifer the Human Being control, and not the Divine mind needed for you to be in control of of your mental processes, you remain in caress by Lucifer Mind.

    Only a believing mind of Black people jump with glee over the propaganda lies that Lucifer feed to his Profane Mind, which Black people today, are guided by.

    So Hell No, in no way Black people can generate the level of Knowledge and understanding that will energize the level of energy needed to cause the intensity needed to get up off of our do nothing behind and defy Evil coming to us in the act of lies and deception.

    Remaining to be such a victim of such evil circumstance, is what have black people not giving one **** about our enslaved ancestors and their Reparation, not one **** about Afrika and the level of ignorance we Black people display about not having a desire to be unified and free in Afrika.

    So Hell yes, we are ripe to be led by Lucifer the human Being, our oppressors propaganda, never questioning anything they tell us about the Divine Essence,(GOD) the Universe, and about our Black selves, and the events that effect our lives .

    Look at what they are doing, as I share this information with you about the tactics they use to push a lie and deceive you into believing such a lie without question, and we comply to them with submission, because we now are guided through life, by the use of Lucifer profane Mind.

    This Divine truth I share with you, the first impulse you get after reading this Divine truth, is to react in defense of the devil propaganda being used to have you to believe the lies being pumped out by the Racist Media, which we Black people worship and hold up to be in association with your religious GOD, WHICH YOU QUESTION NOT.

    You mean you wonder why it is that Black people status in the world is as it is?

    You do not even have a complaint, not even about that which has been done to your black lives, a status of the black life which has no respect for self life, but all of the respect for Lucifer the Human Being our oppressors, Lucifer disrespecting us at will, and all we do, is attempt to master the art of emulating the devil, Satan, Lucifer the Human Being.

    We are destine to remain as we are, in this evil world, as long as we remain submissive to Lucifer Propaganda, having not the Divine Mind to know the difference.

    How sad and a pitiful Black people we have been made to become, having no memory of your Divine Life living self.

    Be kind to your self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]